Stock Investing

1. Individuals who are considering stock market investing should seek sound and wise advice from an expert or professional in the field.

When stock investing, it is important to gain access to sound financial advice from experts in the field. Having a long range understanding of this process can often mean the difference between making a sizable profit and losing a great deal of money. As with any financial decisions, this requires careful and wise consideration and planning. Jumping into something like the stock market too quickly can be financially devastating for an individual that is not well informed on how this process works.

2. When stock investing, an individual has the authority to make decisions regarding the management of that company.

When stock market investing, an individual must own a majority of the shares of the company that is on the market. Generally speaking, 51% of shares must be owned to have the authority to make decisions regarding how the company is managed or operated. This party is called the controlling shareholder. As the name suggests, this individual is very much in control of the situation.

3. Stock market investing is guaranteed to result in income over a period of years.

While stock investing can produce capital gains, many beginners lose their capital because these investors were uninformed about fluctuating numbers, prices, and markets. This is why it is important to gain knowledge and seek sound advice when considering getting into the game.

4. With stock market investing, a fluctuating market is the result of supply and demand.

The individual who is stock investing should understand that the process is much like an auction. Traders and buyers sell shares of companies, allowing prices to go up or down. The prices will be determined by supply and demand and this may result in fluctuating markets.

5. When a person trades on the market and is successful, God expects for this person to give donations.

Proverbs 3:9 - Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase.

Stock Trading

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