Binary Network Marketing

Since the mid 1990s, binary network marketing has become a popular multi-level business created to give participants an equal chance of financial success. Like other multi-level or network marketers sell a product or a service, but also recruit individuals to join as distributors under their team. Compensation depends on the type of plan as well as how the person markets the products and brings in recruits. Marketers are paid for the sales they make as well as the sales made by their distributors. The binary pay plan is one of many payments plans in the industry. Distributors entering binary network marketing companies have the potential to gain high earnings, but only by putting in some effort. As with any multi-level marketing business, prospects also need to be aware of how each company works.

Binary payment plans are popular because of their simplicity. Building on the number two, binary network marketing distributors begin by introducing the product or service to two individuals, who will each then introduce it to two more. Those four will introduce it to two each, making eight and so on. Theoretically, this process could continue until infinity, but in reality, most companies will cap how much each business center draws in, so the company's profits will remain intact. But this plan will not be successful without some work. As new recruits are brought on board, marketers place them in one of two business centers, benefiting the market and other recruits he has previously made. Payment is made according to the strength of the weakest center. The key is to balance both branches as much as possible. Binary network marketing plans are built on a team mentality. Distributors benefit from the work of everyone else on the team. At any time, a team member can help another by recruiting an individual to work under a weaker center. Within a few months or years, teams may exceed thousands of members. Money can be earned almost instantly, compared to other compensation plans that may take up to six months before marketers receive returns. In the Old Testament, the Israelites united to complete an impossible task that couldn't have been done unless they worked together. "So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work." (Nehemiah 4:6)

The team approach with binary network marketing is very attractive for individuals beginning in the multi-level marketing business, part-time and full-time, as well as for those who are veterans in the industry. Companies usually provide a lot of support for distributors not just at the beginning, but on an ongoing basis as well. Resources range from sales letters, websites, DVDs and CDs to free magazines, testimonials and other promotional materials. Many will also offer bonuses and other incentives to increase sales and recruits. This gives every member and equal opportunity to earn profit. Not every marketer will takes advantage of the help, but it is available. On average, industry payouts range between 38-42%. Companies who offer higher payouts tend to lower the quality of their products to compensate. Much higher percentages will eat into the company's profits and sink the business within a few years. Companies paying less than the average keep more profits for top level executives. Another attractive quality of binary network marketing is that sales over minimum requirements can be stored and carried over into future pay cycles, unlike other uni-level plans where the sales volume is reset at the end of each pay period, forcing the marketer to start each month from scratch.

Whenever people consider multi-level marketing programs, one concern is whether or not the program and compensation structure is legal. State and federal regulations have scrutinized multi-level businesses, but not according to their payment plans. All plans, including binary network marketing, have been evaluated. Illegal pyramid schemes sell products that have no significant value beyond qualifying for the payment plan. Many companies require large up front purchases of products that only new recruits would buy. Legal marketing companies only pay commissions on retail products that people would buy based on their actual value not just to get paid. When infringements are found, regulators will limit or cease operations while the company makes the changes it needs to become legit. Only then, can they resume business. The system can be a great opportunity to make money, but unfortunately, many companies abuse the system and leave distributors with products that have little or no value and bad reputations.

Regardless of legal problems with some companies, multi-level marketing is considered a safe, legal business. With over 30 years of history, binary network marketing companies have had no legal indictments regarding their payment methods. Before choosing a company, always consider the products or services, the business model, and the company's track record. Make sure the product had value and is marketable. If people don't want to purchase it, the program is not worth the effort. Find a program with little or no start up costs. Avoid those with high fees or expensive product purchases. Don't be lured into get quick rich schemes. Every successful multi-level business requires work. Some programs include consumable products or services that are renewable. These recurring purchases provide residual income, not just one-time sales, that earn money with minimal effort. These programs are a great way to earn extra income and build retirement funds that will last long into the future.

Internet Business Optimization

Targeting is the means to internet business optimization. In 2007, there were over 7 billion searches for something of interest on the internet. People searched for individuals, places, and things. A majority of these searches were targeted toward the products and services of local businesses. That means that even though the internet is on a world-wide platform, people still seem to migrate toward their own communities. This is good news to those who still have brick and mortar buildings and offices; yet the news is mixed for those who are exclusively online. Both types of business must learn how to target a marketing message to make an impact on the people most likely to purchase a product or service. The "yellow pages" have always been a dominant force in helping people to find what they were looking for, but in the internet age the yellow pages is just not enough.

What the internet brings to the fore is diversity of thought processes. Internet business optimization is a way for people to find these products and services in a non-traditional way. It is also a way for non-traditional companies to be able to compete against those more traditional business models on a more level playing field. Moreover, instead of a single playing field, there is a multiplicity of playing fields. The location of each of these playing fields is visible to some and invisible to others. Using the example of a pie chart, a typical business marketing model might indicate that there are 4-8 slices or four to eight top companies who offer a particular product or service. Other companies may also offer this product or service, but because these companies do not have sufficient resources to market their wares effectively, most people will never know that they exist.

When internet business optimization takes place, the pie is no longer limited to the traditional 4 to 8 slices, but is more of a puzzle cut out pattern. Some pieces are very tiny, but visible to those who are searching. Instead of a person saying, "Let me look for the longest, or most beautiful, or fattest piece of pie," they say, "I would like a slice with a slightly browned crust and a tiny dip in the center." Using cell phones as the industry, the searches using the old model from the yellow pages would look something like this: Cellular, Verizon, or Wireless. Online searches could look like this: best cell phone company, cell phones in mill creek, or family talk plans. In the new search model, the key words can be used individually, combined, even customized. The technology of internet business optimization opens up any industry to companies who don't even have a listing in the yellow pages.

Basically, when a person uses internet business optimization the playing field becomes a free-for-all. What used to cost an arm and a leg to achieve in marketing, now can literally costs only pennies. And the searches that are possible are limitless. This means that the ways to market a product or service are also limitless. Once restricted by the number of categories that were affordable, new marketing techniques through the internet allow people with little or no resources to compete evenly online. "If a man shall cause a field or vineyard to be eaten, and shall put in his beast, and shall feed in another man's field; of the best of his own field, and of the best of his own vineyard, shall he make restitution." (Exodus 22:5)

There is one caution, though. Complacency has no place in this arena. In the more traditional advertising arena, one well positioned advertisement could sit for months, sometimes even years and continue to call out to people. The internet is not ad driven. People do not search for ads. People want good information. Well developed content can pull in people just as good as, if not, better than good sales copy can in a well placed advertisement. Using internet business optimization is both an art and a skill. When people are searching for something on the internet and find good information about the topic, they tend to read first before clicking through to purchase. The more compelling the content, the more people will come and tell others. This behavior is very beneficial for the person who wants to develop a business online. By developing content that feeds into the keywords that people are searching for on the web, content developers can lead people to the pages and websites that offer the products and services wanted.

It is imperative that anyone involved in internet business optimization be aware that the top ten slots (or search results) are the most critical ones for any search. When the search engine returns the results of the search, all companies want to be in one of those top ten positions. Some companies pay good money to people whose job is to make sure their company comes out on the top of the list. Yet, the small company does not have to worry nor compete directly with the large company effort. People search the internet according to keywords. Because there are billions of people in the world and many ways of thinking about things, the keywords that they use may not be the same ones the big company is using to produce their content. Small companies and individuals have just as much opportunity to utilize the "right" keywords to pull prospective customers in with effective internet business optimization. Plus, the little guy has more motivation to produce more relevant content, because their focus is usually more targeted on a single or a few products or services.

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