Janitor Franchise

Janitor franchises are cleaning businesses that can be bought for a fraction of the price of other franchise businesses with the guidance and instruction of a franchisor. Because the cost is often affordable and the work is somewhat familiar, many people consider buying and operating a janitor franchise. Operating under several different well-known and some lesser-known brand names, these companies can offer a good opportunity for someone to own his or her own business.

When investing in these types of businesses, entrepreneurs are often buying many products and services that are designed to help launch and maintain the business. For example, many janitor franchises offer complete training, cleaning supplies and equipment, advertising and marketing strategies, and different kinds of business forms. Most of these businesses try to protect their franchisees' territories by offering each franchisee set counties or zip codes that others cannot also try to get customers from.

As investors research various services, they should ask questions about their fees. It's important to know if monthly management or service fees are required. Many janitor franchises charge a set fee for a certain number of cleaning accounts. While this may be a legitimate business practice, investors should inquire further as to the nature of those accounts such as if they are close to the home base. It's also important to know if all are qualified customers. Entrepreneurs need to know if there is flexibility as to when the janitor franchise accounts are serviced. All of these details must be addressed.

When provided with an agreement from the franchisor, investors must be sure to ask a franchise attorney or another trusted business advisor to read it. Even people with lots of business experience find agreements to be long and complex. As with any financial decision, it is crucial that owners know exactly what they are getting into, specifically, their responsibilities and the franchisor's obligations. Also, it's best to be sure that all promises and guarantees that were addressed (either on the telephone or in person) are properly spelled out in the actual janitor franchise agreement.

Finally, the entrepreneur needs to know what will happen if the business fails. Of course, nobody likes to think about failure but, just like other businesses, janitor franchises sometimes do fail and it's best to be prepared for this possibility. Once owners get all of their questions satisfactorily answered and have the support of family members, trusted friends, and business associates, they can proceed with purpose and perseverance. With God, the possibilities are endless. "In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge" (Proverbs 14:26).

A janitorial franchise is a business that deals in the cleaning of commercial offices or buildings and includes the name recognition associated with quality in their field. Janitorial franchises typically include a "package" of cleaning accounts and the investment fee is directly determined by the value of those accounts. The fee is usually half the gross yearly income. For example: A fee of $10k would be required for a franchise that included $20k in cleaning service clients for the year. In additional to the initial start up fee, there may be ongoing royalty or management fees.

The parent company may or may not offer financing for the start up of this venture. However, it is best to determine if another avenue of borrowing money can be obtained before financing with the company. The interest rates for direct financing and the small print requirements may be better left unused. Banks are not as reluctant to loan money to those that are interested in opening a janitorial franchise as they are with those that desire an independent janitorial business. Janitorial franchises that have a proven track and success record, along with already contracted cleaning accounts help to guarantee repayment of the loan.

It is advised to thoroughly research a considered franchise before investing in a company. The FTC or Federal Trade Commission has required all janitorial franchises and other businesses to produce a UFOC or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. This UFOC contains information on the principals, background, financials, and their current agreements. This circular must be made available to the public and it is highly recommended that a potential investor of a janitorial franchise carefully review this information. It is also recommended that an investor contact other owners in the chosen company to determine the positive and negative aspects of operating within that particular group.

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19). When gaining commercial cleaning accounts through large businesses, it is wise to be aware that the accounts are usually predetermined and chosen by the companies themselves. There may be distance traveling issues or working time conflicts. A business owner should carefully review each account before accepting them. They must read the company disclosure statement meticulously to avoid any potential disasters. It is important to understand the responsibilities and obligations of the owners of janitorial franchises. This will include knowing what types of fees are required, how much is required, and how often they are required. Understanding this information helps to create a realistic budget to adhere to and ensure success in whichever company is chosen.

Maid Franchise

Maid franchises are becoming more popular, allowing cleaning professionals the chance to run their own company under the supervision of a brand name major franchisor. Everyone likes to come home to a clean house, even if they aren't able to do it themselves. When cleaning a house isn't a priority and is looked at more like a chore, people start considering maid services. After all, people who clean and know what they are doing make other people come back for more. Those who enjoy the business of making peoples' homes clean and tidy should consider a maid franchise. These businesses have been sweeping the country right and left. Anyone interested in investing time and money in a maid franchise will take more than a little elbow grease. If the entrepreneur is determined to work hard and build a good rapport, then the next step should be to look at all of the choices out there.

Starting a company such as this is the perfect fit for someone who has many years of cleaning experience under their belt. It is for the person who is very efficient when it comes to tidiness and sticks to the motto "a place for everything and everything in its place." These people should start by talking to current franchisees in this business to find out how easy or difficult the process is. They need to find out how successful these maid franchises really are and the going rates.

Owners of these businesses are successful because they always believe in a fair price and giving people what they deserve in a good home. People with the same philosophies should do their part to help busy America slow down and enjoy life in a clean house. They can help mom not to feel so overwhelmed with their maid franchise. Maids can be there to rescue Dad when mom's out of town and the house is destroyed and needing to be put back in order. Entrepreneurs should let the desire for running a company like this come alive and grow into something successful and helpful. Through such maid franchises, maids can reap the benefits of hard work, determination, and toil. Such a major financial decision is important to consult the Lord about. As the business grows, entrepreneurs should thank Him for their success and put His principles at the forefront. "I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving" (Psalm 69:30).

Cleaning franchises offer the chance for entrepreneurs to invest in a company that offers home, office, and other cleaning services. These are one of the top recommended business franchises for investors to purchase. Whether the business is created for residential or commercial purposes, when a person purchases a cleaning franchise, they may well be on the way to a successful business venture. There are advantages to buying into an established company rather than starting a business from scratch, but the individual should do much research before determining if this is the right venture for them. "And there shall be with thee for all manner of workmanship every willing skillful man, for any manner of service." (1 Chronicles 28:21)

These companies can vary greatly in the type and amount of services they offer. Some may focus on residential services, some on commercial and others may include both options in their services. A cleaning franchise may offer a variety of services, including general work, carpet care, flood damage, window washing, hard floor care and more. Cleaning franchises may also offer some general maintenance. Because these companies differ so much in what they offer, it is important to find one that includes the types of services the individual is interested in offering and those that would be most in demand in the local area.

By definition, this type of company is a business opportunity where the management of a firm, or the franchiser, is in charge of the planning and execution of all business strategy related to the cleaning franchise. The franchisee, or the one who buys the business, has access to the name, which brings instant recognition, as well as to the system of business that the company has tested and established. With cleaning franchises, the business is designed to specifications that match the others of the same business, the marketing territory is already picked out, and the plan and methods are tried and true.

There are advantages to buying a franchise as opposed to starting one from scratch. Most cleaning franchises offer the advantage of helping the individual with business start-up materials, training employees and marketing in a new territory. Buying a cleaning franchise also offers instant name recognition because the company is part of a greater network of businesses as opposed to an independent business. Customers tend to gravitate toward what they know, mainly a name they recognize, which is what franchised businesses offer. This opportunity will have higher success rates than other independent businesses, as they boast an 80% or higher survival rate after five years. Because there is so much uncertainty built into starting a business, some people choose the franchise route to help eliminate some of the guesswork. This can offer the franchisee a tried and true method for their business, as well as possible ongoing, support and the much needed name recognition.

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