Auction Fundraising Ideas

A search for auction fundraising ideas will lead from common, to fun, to outrageous activities that can bring money pouring in. An auction, by traditional definition, is an event where goods or property are bid upon by several people and then sold to the highest bidder. Using that definition as a base and then expounding on it, one could say that an auction is a process in which a price is set, then incrementally different values are placed upon the item of value until the value stabilizes. This type of event is often open to the public. This assures a variety of bids and the probability that the target will illicit the highest possible price. There are auction fundraising ideas of all types held by different organizations throughout the the world. The "English" auction probably has the most popular format for auctioning items. Individuals gather in a room. The auctioneer begins the opening bid at a price under which the lowest bid cannot go. Then, the bidding begins. Each person who is interested in the bidding process will place their bid, and re-bid over and over again until there is only one bidder left. That person has offered the highest bid and garners the item to themselves.

A Dutch auction works quite the opposite. Not very common when it comes to auction fundraising ideas, this type of activity is most often used to set the price of bulk items. The auctioneer sets a price, then incrementally decreases the price until bidders respond. Bidders stop the auctioneer when they hear the price they are comfortable with. This system works well when selling multiple units of the same item. It helps to set a specific price and then everyone pays that price. It would make sense to set a price below which the lowest bid could not go. Whether going up or down, an auction gives the price reins to the bidder. The bidder will not pay more than they are comfortable paying for the item. Some auctions do not allow people, other than the producers of the event, to have access to the bid amounts. These are frequently referred to as silent auctions. The process is such that people write their bids and either hand them in or mail them in. As auction fundraising ideas go, this process allows people to really value the item or service as they see fit. There is no peer pressure or other nudges that would cause a person to bid this or that price. In the case where they hand them in, the item or items being bid on are located in a facility; often in a party atmosphere. The bids are opened and the winner is announced to the public. People are frequently surprised when the winning bid is announced.

Anyone who has searched for auction fundraising ideas knows that those outlined above are the most commonly used fundraising processes for school fundraisers, music charities, and athletic teams. Although those are the types of bidding processes, the actual fundraising idea lies in the product, item, or service being offered. White elephant sales are quite prevalent. A white elephant is not an actual elephant, but an item that is not desirable to the person who owns the white elephant. A white elephant has a value to its owner that is out of proportion to its usefulness. Even though most people may not know the origin of the term "white elephant," the current usage of the term is when a person buys an item and their tastes have changed, or someone gave the item to them as a gift and it does not fit their decor. Whatever the reason that the item is regarded as a "white elephant." The person wants to donate the item to charity. White elephant sales often are at the top of the list for auction fundraising ideas and very common indeed.

A more fun auction could focus on a theme like one of the Disney characters. Say for example, the theme of Aladdin. Included may be unusual lamps, ornate tasseled carpets, Arabian-inspired furnishings, vacations to the Arabian desert, and Arabian cloth or clothing. All donated by members or corporate sponsors. The location would be all done up as an Arabian marketplace. The auctioneer could dress up as Aladdin. The presenter could dress as Princess Jasmine. Another fun idea would be a clown theme. Everything in the room would be very bright. All donations of items could be focused on those items whose colors are primary colors. Colorful art, balloons, children's toys and furniture decorate the auction hall. As far as auction fundraising ideas go, both of these themes would be a perfect fit to raise money for a children's cause. "And they cast lots, as well the small as the great, according to the house of their fathers, for every gate." (1 Chronicles 26:13)

An activity that is sure to raise money, is the idea of auctioning personalities, or personal or professional time. Generally, people are enamored with celebrity. If a cause has a celebrity spokesperson or a someone of celebrity is a member of the organization, instant auction fundraising ideas come to mind. The celebrity can agree to go somewhere or do something that a fan would love the opportunity to go or do with that person. For example, the celebrity says they will spend an afternoon boating with a person. The highest bid turns out to be $3,000. Though that seems like a lot of money to spend time with a person, if the fan is really committed, they will pay to get that time slot. On the other hand, when no celebrity is handy, babysitting, income tax preparation, house cleaning, garden planting, running errands, giving a teen driving lessons, organizing computer files, and changing the car oil are some of the more eclectic of possible auction fundraising idea. Ideas for this purpose are limitless. Though themes bring charm, celebrities bring big bucks.

Golf Fundraiser Ideas

Golf fundraiser events are among the most work-intense projects used to raise money, but continue to be among the most popular of events promoted. Perhaps this is because, time and again, this sport is typically a game played by those who are willing to pay for a spot on a foursome and also give to the charity or nonprofit hosting the event. Generally, fundraisers held around a golf game can yield in the thousands of dollars, making this type of event an event that should be used for large financial campaigns. But, simply deciding to host a game and expect players to show up will not equate to a successful venture. Carefully planning, dynamic promoting, and hard working volunteers are needed to make the day and the objectives successful. The following is a list of golf fundraiser ideas that can be implemented to help guarantee that the day will meet with not only financial success, but will also meet needs in promoting the ministry and creating an awareness of the work being accomplished through this agency or ministry.

The first step in planning for a financial development campaign is to gather a committee of dedicated volunteers. Typically, there should be a committee head that oversees all aspects of the event and a leader for every area of need. Team leaders should be assigned to address: marketing, player recruitment, registration, gifts or auction items, food, and location. Golf fundraiser events require a lot of man power, and each team leader will need two or three volunteers working under them, helping to get all tasks involved accomplished. When duties are delegated to several different people, the entire process will go much more smoothly, eliminating stressful situations from any one team member. The project chairperson or leader should be the one with final say and also one to share golf fundraiser ideas with the different committee heads, keeping everyone motivated about the upcoming day.

Where the tournament is to be held is an important matter. Private clubs or upscale public clubs are generally the best choice. Most avid golfers that are willing to pay players fees are accustomed to well kept greens and first class service. Also, selecting a course that is experienced in serving golf fundraiser events will be helpful in accomplishing a successful day. Generally, the courses that have experience will have staff that are familiar with the process, have menus and foods that fit budgets, and will offer all parties a nice level of customer service. Most private and public courses will need at least four months notice for reserving a course.

Promoting the event is another very important element in creating a successful day. Golf fundraiser ideas for marketing and recruiting players should include actively speaking with potential players and sponsors. Simply advertising a tournament will not attract the amount of players needed or motivate sponsors to cover certain costs. There should be a team that works with recruiting both players and sponsors and this team will need to extend each potential participant a personal invitation. Generally, friendly volunteers with lots of energy are used for approaching those who are targeted as players and sponsors. Marketing will also need to cover traditional advertising. Creating an excitement about the coming event will give sponsors additional advertising benefits.

There are additional events that can be taking place during the golf tournament. Auctions for items donated, raffles, and games can make golf fundraiser events even more fun and financially successful. Take advantage of the fact that people are coming and going during the course of the day, and try raising money with additional programs. There could be a tea party or fashion show for the wives and ladies not participating in the event, raffling an outfit or auctioning jewelry. Getting a team of creative people together and thinking outside the box will help with developing fresh and original golf fundraiser ideas.

Charitable ministries that are using golf fundraiser events as a way to support programs for needy people will also want to take advantage of having people at their disposal for the day. This is the perfect opportunity to share, through handouts or a brief message at the beginning, about the people served through the ministry. There could be statistics posted at each hole, or golf carts could have flyers or banners attached with vital information. The Bible teaches that we are to glorify God in all things, and there are numerous ways that His work can be promoted at events like these.

Every major event needs at least one celebrity on hand to create an exciting atmosphere. A professional golfer can be hired to give tips, play the course, or simply hang out with the crowd, answering questions. There are many more golf fundraiser ideas posted online, and those looking to host a tournament will want to research and gather as many innovative ideas as possible, while forming committees. Log on today and take the first steps to raising money with the game of golf.

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