Catholic Church Youth Fundraiser

A Catholic church youth organization fundraiser can raise money for active church youth for many different reasons or charitable causes. They may support missions trips, youth fun nights, camps, retreats, and these campaigns can support active ministries that give to those less fortunate. The reasons that churched youngsters may need to raise money are endless, and finding a good campaign can prove to be challenging as well as rewarding. Every year, there are hundreds of honorable causes and charities to give to, and each of these organizations or events is in need and deserving of financial support. So, it is important to take the time to accomplish them through ministries and make them known to the congregation. And, equally important, is to present the church youth fundraiser campaign in a creative and innovative technique, making sure that the goals and heart of the fundraiser are clear.

One of the first goals of getting a fundraiser off the ground is to recruit an experienced team to help organize and manage all aspects of fundraisers. Team members should be enthusiastic and well organized, preferably with experience in developing finances or in fundraising. Team members should also be planners that get events and schedules prepared ahead of time, giving students and families plenty of time to get the event or fundraiser on their calendars. Catholic church youth organization fundraiser campaigns should also have plenty of people, youth included, involved to maximize the outreach and networking potential. Of course, youth should have a significant say in how money is raised and what fundraiser ideas are chosen, giving the youth the optimum opportunity to get excited about the possibilities and heavily involved in the program.

The next step is to find a fundraising idea that fits the goals of the project. There are many different fundraising options and creative ways to raise money. When choosing a Catholic church youth organization fundraiser idea, the most creative members of the team should be selected to evaluate different ideas being submitted. First and foremost, all events and campaigns should be held or promoted in a safe environment, with plenty of adult support and team members. Selling products door to door should be discouraged, mainly for safety reasons. A church youth fundraiser should be presented to church memberships for support, or conducted in a safe community atmosphere. Only fundraising campaigns that require group activities or sales that target family members should be seriously considered.

Often, there are great ideas for these programs, but the communication or the marketing that promotes the events or sales can be lacking. People want to give to projects or ministries that are on their hearts and people want to be a part of what God is doing in their community. Getting the word out about a Catholic church youth organization fundraiser and sharing specific goals and ministry objectives will help people understand where the money given is going and how their donations will be helpful. Sharing information is sharing the opportunity for others to be involved in many ways, and this includes financially.

This can be a valuable experience for youth, as they learn to work or volunteer their services and begin to understand the rewards of giving to others. Learning to do for others is a valuable trait and a characteristic to be desired in us all. A Catholic church youth organization fundraiser could also include community help programs, such as cleaning up a community, or taking meals to those unable to feed themselves. Youths and team members could raise support, by obtaining pledges or promised donations for the activity.

Finally, do not neglect prayer when meeting together to make decisions about programs or other activities. The team that commits to prayer will find themselves working in unity and harmony. God's design for group projects usually includes learning, sharing, growing spiritually, and finally, the human objective of raising money. God's plans are multi-faceted and have many glorious lessons within our objectives. "Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

Once the church youth fundraiser campaign is complete, be sure and celebrate, giving God the glory for blessing the entire project. Those who supported the event or project should be notified of the success, giving them the opportunity to praise God for His work and grace through the fundraising program and its objectives. Too often, financial reports and victories are never told. Christians should take every opportunity to share about God's provisions and faithfulness, especially in their church youth fundraiser, with plenty of time for celebrating! "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." (Colossians 3:17)

Christian Fundraiser

Christian fundraisers can serve a variety of needs, from capital campaigns for the erection of a new church building or complex, to fundraisers to meet the needs of an organization within the church. When a program involves building a new church, it is often necessary to hire outside consultants. Their job is to work with members to help them determine who within the community might be able to give sizable gifts toward the project, then get the rest of the members to pledge enough over a three to five year period of time to cover the remaining cost. This usually entails several meetings with members and the architects before a good plan is outlined.

The most common program is the church bazaar. It is usually an annual event aimed at supplementing the Sunday collections with the funds going for routine operating costs throughout the year. These Christian fundraiser bazaars usually include a meal, music, and booths with various items for sale, and the public is invited. Often they include a raffle of some significant item that has been donated for this purpose. Years ago, it was common to see an automobile given away as a raffle prize, but today the raffle item is more likely to be a handmade quilt or motorbike. Because raffle tickets can be very inexpensive to obtain, and can be sold at a low cost, large numbers are sold for a substantial profit.

Auctions have increased in importance, and they are usually held in conjunction with the church bazaar. Businesses often donate something from their stores for Christian fundraisers, and individuals may offer homemade items, antiques, or white elephants that sell for prices much higher than their actual value because the buyer knows the money goes to the church. An example is a cake auction, where members donate homemade cakes, which are auctioned off. Many times, the person who buys the cake serves it at the auction to the other attendees. The costs for this type of Christian fundraiser are minimal, but they often generate a lot of interest and bring in substantial funds.

There are almost unlimited numbers of items available for smaller events. Products that can be sold for special projects (such as teens wanting to make a summer mission trip) and cover a wide range of products. A few Christian fundraisers are: holiday decorations, toys, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, cards, calendars, or books. This type of Christian fundraiser can be either a one-day event on the church grounds, or door-to-door sales, depending upon the community and the purpose of the event. These events may have stiff competition, especially in a small community. For that reason, any group or congregation would be well advised to pay attention to the items being promoted by others before beginning its campaign, and then search the Internet for something unique. But these events should never take the place of a Christian's giving to his church. Second Corinthians 9:7 gives us the standard for our giving: "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." Christian fundraisers, held in the right spirit and for the right purpose. can help us build up the church and reach more people for Christ.

Youth fundraisers can be a big undertaking, but are manageable when enthusiastic people with great organizational skills are involved. A youth fundraiser creates opportunities for young people to raise money for a charitable cause or to fund an event of their own, such as a trip, mission or sport. For most organizations, deciding how to organize fundraising efforts is not only the beginning. but also may be the biggest decision in the whole process.

Young people have many options when it comes to raising money for their cause. However, the important consideration is to keep the event or effort appropriate for the cause it is supporting. For example, if a group of kids want to sponsor a youth fundraiser to raise money for a children's hospital, then it would be appropriate to have a children's author come speak and donate a portion of every book sold to the hospital. Some other examples of ways to raise money could include selling pizzas, holding car washes, or putting on a benefit dinner.

There is a lot of planning and support that needs to go into fundraising efforts in order for them to be successful. Therefore, it is very important to motivate the participants and create an atmosphere that motivates the donors. Some organizations that are trying to raise money may offer a free concert, a complimentary gift, or simply an outline of what will be accomplished when certain goals are met. Successful youth fundraisers also will get the most for its dollar. This may sound like money hording, but it is just realistic business. If there is not sufficient funds raised based on the work done, no one will want to participate next time. Likewise, if too much money is raised, the donors are not likely to donate next time if they feel they have been taken advantage of.

Successful fundraising professionals know that having a great planning committee in place before beginning any attempts to advertise the fundraising is imperative. However, when the pieces are in place, the committee will need to advertise the youth fundraiser everywhere. If no one knows about the fundraising, no one can participate. Also, the advertising should be concise while also giving details about the event, as well as contact information. In addition to advertising, the youth fundraiser's workers need to be prepared and organized. Therefore, the fundraising committee should make sure someone is in charge of training the participants, teach them business manners, educating them about the specific details of what the money raised will be used for, and let them know where to get more information if needed.

Most of all, fundraising teams are most successful when they take the time to pray together: A praying team is a winning team. The Bible tells the people to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Therefore, the committee would do well to pray about which youth fundraisers are most appropriate, pray together during the planning process, pray during the event, and thank God when they are finished!

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