Cell Phone Fundraiser

A cell phone fundraiser can help raise funds for your organization and has additional environmental benefits for the community. In the same way, a high school spirit fundraiser can not only benefit teams or clubs, but also may help to unite the students, faculty, parents and surrounding community. Both types of fundraisers require minimal preparation and set-up. Then each is able to run with a small amount of upkeep, for as long as desired. Both programs appeal to a wide variety of participants.

If one is looking for a way to raise funds that requires no start-up costs and minimal upkeep, a cell phone fundraiser is a good choice. A number of different companies make this type of cell phone drive available. Most follow this general pattern. First, register and send for free collection boxes for the phones. Many also offer free supporting materials, such as a sample poster or flier which may be printed and customized for the organization, or a sample of a letter which may be sent to parents or prospective participants. Next, get permission to display the collection boxes and accompanying posters and fliers in areas which have high foot traffic. These may include schools, churches, offices, grocery chains, and public buildings. 'Green' businesses may be happy to offer space for such endeavors. Fitness centers are another business where customers may be likely to participate. Due to the age and buying habits of its clients, a large collection of phones may be anticipated. High schools are another venue where having the 'latest and greatest' phone is desirable.

Note that the phones may not have to be operational to have value, although the latest models and phones which are functional will command higher returns for the cell phone fundraiser. Some companies also offer rebates for ink cartridges, digital cameras and laptops. Lists of companies which offer these fundraisers, along with a current price offerings, can be found with a simple Internet search. Read all requirements and conditions carefully before committing to any fundraiser. Although most companies offer free shipping, and a convenient, prepaid shipping label which one can print online, the companies will charge shipping costs to anyone who sends unwanted materials. Cell phones will be erased by the company, and the items need not be sorted. Items which do not qualify will be disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion. This can keep toxic equipment components from community landfills.

Be sure to check collection boxes at least once a week, to remove collected items. Some areas may require more frequent turnover to avoid overflow. It would be rude to leave a mess at collection sites when businesses have been kind enough to offer the space for a cell phone fundraiser. Once a collection of phones has been shipped, the check for the items will generally be sent in four days to two weeks' time. Collection boxes may be kept in place for further rounds of fund raising, if desired. Response may vary, but one benefit is that trying this program does not cost participants anything.

In Proverbs 16:3, the writer states, "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." Fund raising plans that desire to honor the Lord will result in benefit to the participants, even if not in a strictly monetary fashion. Another plan which is popular is some type of high school spirit fundraiser. Schools which are trying to build a sense of unity between the students, faculty, and the surrounding community may wish to try this type of program. Again, the preparations are fairly simple. Someone will need to be in charge of ordering various items for sale in the school store and in other venues such as sporting events and other school clubs and organizations. Then, set up a table at these events and sell the items. It is helpful to have specific goals which can be supported, such as new uniforms for the band or refurbishing some type of student space such as a library or student lounge. A fairly large roster of volunteers is desirable in order to have a presence at many activities without exhausting the pool of faithful 'regulars'.

There are a great variety of school spirit fundraiser merchandise which is available on the Internet. Usually these items can be imprinted with the school team, club or group's name or mascot. School colors can be used. Small stuffed animals and toys are ideas which appeal to many age groups. Equipment for cheering on the team, and seat pads and blankets which feature the school mascot are ideas for those who regularly support a school team at outdoor games. To encourage interest, choose a theme for the high school spirit fundraiser and build merchandise around it. Allow the theme to permeate other areas as well. For example, if a school chose a theme of 'reaching towards excellence', this idea could be incorporated into academic areas of endeavor as well as within the various sporting activities. Coordinated with school clubs which emphasize service to the community, this theme can help to give students and residents of the town a sense of being united in the common cause of striving towards excellence in each area of life. Perhaps academic, club, or sports awards ceremonies could include prizes for students or community leaders whose efforts best exemplify this goal. Merchandise could be selected to complement and encourage the goal.

One type of item which is popular as a high school spirit fundraiser and can also assist in keeping the school spirit alive in the community is the use of car magnets. Custom car magnets may be designed with the school colors and mascot. These can raise community awareness of the teams. Some types of magnets may even be imprinted with the sport team's game schedule for the year. Other popular car magnets include patriotic flags and ribbons. Although these items are generally safe for use on a car, be sure to remove, clean, and reposition the magnets regularly so that they do not leave an impression on the car's exterior finish. Also, take care as magnets are removed or repositioned. Dragging the magnet across the car's surface may cause scratches. Whether it is a spirit fundraiser or a cell phone fundraiser, be sure to celebrate the results and thank all participants who have given their time for these efforts.

Pocket Calendar Fundraisers

For many organizations, pocket calendar fundraisers can be a practical and profitable way to help meet the financial needs of a not for profit group. When a new year is right around the corner, the need for fresh calendars can be a built in selling point. It is also possible to have the product personalized with the name and logo of the organization that is conducting the fundraising efforts. This can be particularly effective for school groups since reminders for school related activities can be printed on the calendar's pages. It may also be possible to have photos of students and events included on the product. Missions related projects that are sponsored by church groups may also benefit from pocket calendar fundraisers. These calendars are usually quite small, roughly four by seven inches. Their size makes them very handy since they can be carried in notebooks and organizers or, as the name implies, in the user's pocket. Of course, the timing of this sales event is crucial. If the product can be printed to match an upcoming school year they may sell well in the summer months leading up to the start of school. Traditional January through December calendars can make for effective fundraising over the holidays. Attaining sponsors and selling advertising space that will be printed on the calendar itself can be another way to add to revenues.

Another benefit of pocket calendar fundraisers is that they present a unique product that is less likely to be a duplicate effort that is offered by other organizations. While other groups are selling fruit or candy bars or other food items, personalized calendars offer a unique alternative. The first step that will need to be undertaken in staging an event of this nature is to delegate responsibilities to various volunteers. After this, the group will need to work together to design what the product will eventually look like. This will include selling ads, deciding what information will be included, gathering the photos and graphics that may be used and choosing a color scheme. Most suppliers of these calendars will allow groups to take advance orders beforehand and will also supply proofs to the organization prior to when the product goes to print. The profits that can be realized through pocket calendar fundraisers can frequently be higher than those that are available through other types of fundraising opportunities. If this sales promotion becomes a yearly event, there is a built in advantage to products of this type since calendars will expire after the year is over. Customers who become accustomed to purchasing this product every year will be more than happy to provide continual support.

It is possible to purchase calendars that also include built in memo pads and a durable vinyl cover. In most cases, there will be a minimum order for pocket calendar fundraisers. The product may be sold by the box with a minimum purchase of fifty or so units. For smaller groups who do not think that they will be able to sell a decent number of units, pocket calendars may not be the best choice. If the fundraiser involves children, parents and family members may prefer this type of event since the product will serve a practical purpose. School fundraising events can often involve the purchase of merchandise that is expensive and of little practical value. On the other hand, pocket calendar fundraisers offer a product that will have real value to the parents, grandparents, and other family members who are most likely to be placing orders. Calendars can also sell well when parents take order sheets to the workplace since these products represent a very real need. The Bible encourages believers to persevere in difficult times knowing that God has a wonderful reward in store. "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." (James 1:12)

Schools and non profit organizations may find themselves competing against each other for fundraising dollars. This can make pocket calendar fundraisers just that much more effective. When a unique and personalized product is being offered, supporters may be more likely to choose this option over more typical products or expensive and frivolous items. With all of this competition, the volunteers who head up fundraising campaigns will need to observe a few tips for success. For example, a leader should never underestimate the size of the job. Handling all of the responsibilities that are entailed in mounting a profitable fundraiser can be overwhelming. Utilizing the skills of other volunteers is crucial if the event is to be a success. No one should attempt to shoulder the burden alone. Whatever product is being offered, a little advance research into what makes one product more appealing than another can also be very useful.

Volunteers who work together on pocket calendar fundraisers can do so for a number of reasons. Supporting a worthy cause is the typical common denominator. But these events can also offer a number of social aspects to participants. Getting to know other parents or community members can be very valuable. Additionally, coming together to help a non profit group succeed can be extremely fulfilling. Add to this the sale of a product that is both practical and popular with supporters and the experience of raising revenue for a worthy cause can be a very positive one.

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