Charity Fundraising Events

Charity fundraising events have been around since charity groups and agencies first tried to raise money for their causes centuries ago. These fundraisers are not just in the United States, but are in every major country where the population is driven to do charitable deeds for the economically deprived, disease research, homeless shelters, religious orders and many other worthwhile groups and projects. When the initiatives and well thought out and well publicized, the results can be quite spectacular. One of the most highly visible of all the fundraisers, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, in the United States has raised over one and a half billion dollars for muscular dystrophy research and development to find a cure for this debilitating disease. In Australia, successful charity fundraising events include the World's Greatest Shave for leukemia research, the Biggest Morning Tea for cancer research and Red Nose Day for SIDS research. IN reality, these fundraisers take place all over the globe, each attuned to their own culture's particular lifestyle.

But let's assume that the reader has tuned in to this lens to get ideas for its small charity in Somewhere, USA. The person who is charged with the responsibility to organize a fundraiser and organize it from the ground up must first know some general principles for successful charity fundraising events. By the way, for the person who is charged with raising money: Are you able to walk up to people and ask them directly if they want to give? If not, get someone else for the job, you are not the one. First, a lone person cannot raise very much money therefore one must have a committee, with every person on that committee not afraid to ask others to give. Fundraising experts are quick to say that the general population will give when asked, but those asking must not be shy. So don't put people on your fundraising committee who themselves are too backwards to go directly to others and ask for donations.

Secondly, before a person plans any successful of the charity fundraising events that you will have to organize, there needs to be an effective way to tell the story and it better be based on people's stories and not the organization. The issue is how the story of the charity groups will be told in such a way that people will respond to that need when eventually asked. Even if the charity is based on raising money for band aids for African medical hospitals, how that story will be told to its prospective donors is an important issue. And there should be no hint of desperation in the appeal, because that smacks of an organization that is poorly run and undeserving of further life. Instead, the air of appeal should be "we are on a winning team, help push us over the top," even if the organization is gasping for its last breath.

But enough of all that preliminary stuff. Maybe a chairman needs ideas for charity fundraising events so let's dive in to some fairly popular ones. The auction is one of the most profitable ways for a small charitable organization to raise money. This will take lots of volunteers, a great deal of planning and publicity and finding donations that are worthy of people coming out and bidding on. This effort is really based on the quality of items that will go up in front of the crowd that is coming to the event. Putting out junk will kill any hope of having another event the following year. Perhaps with enough tech help, a cyber auction might be the most cost effective way to do your charity fundraising events that are auction based. It could certainly cut down on the overhead of a live auction and the event can run as long as the committee wants it to run, but publicity had better be excellent for this to work.

Sometimes people get the idea that doing good charitable work will please God and provide a way into heaven someday. Well, God does love work done for the poor and oppressed ("Defend the poor and fatherless, do justice to the afflicted and needy and deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3, 4) but without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ from the charity doer, these acts of good mean nothing to Him. It is for sure that if the agency trying to raise money is small and not well known, the charity fundraising events for raising operating capitol had better be fun. They need to be family friendly and involve as much recreation or amusement as possible. That is why there are so many rockathons, walkathons and car smashing events as there seems to be.

There are many very specific ideas for charity fundraising events online and many websites offer very specific events for specific types of charities. From scouts to meal on wheels and military support to pro-life groups, there is help on the Internet in find just the right idea to help charities to raise desperately needed funds. So surround yourself with passionate people who are just like yourself, and make sure they aren't afraid to ask for that money either. Don't try and do this alone, or you will end up on the funny farm somewhere and talking to yourself. Remember the principles that were talked about earlier, and if fact there are many more that are important so seek how websites that teach fundraising fundamentals. Don't lose that passion and go after your dream with vigor!

Charity Fundraising Tips

There are many different charity fundraising ideas to choose from that can generate both financial growth and excitement about the work of the ministry. There are also significant ways to approach raising funds that will increase any campaign's potential. Much of the credit behind any successful campaign is attributed to well organized events that invested significant time and planning into the project. This is true for even small undertakings that involved brochure sales. While it is true that the bigger the campaign, the more organization that is required, campaigns of all sizes need to be well planned with a team of motivated volunteers at the helm. The following is a list of ideas that can be implemented to attract donors, receive donations, or to even launch a promotional campaign by using a good or service to sell. But none of the suggestions listed will reach their goals if the organizational component is missing.

There are organizations and charities of all types that need to raise money to operate on a daily basis. And, even when operational monies are secured, there are the special projects that need additional funding. It truly takes money to run a charitable or non-profit organization. Charities, specifically, seem to struggle, being dependent upon the gifts of others. And, therefore, finding charity fundraising ideas is a necessary part of running or taking part in a charitable organization. The first of many charity fundraising tips is to create a committee that can meet and discuss the best options for the unique character and goals of the individual organization. A board of directors should be able to point the agency in a direction, but developing a separate committee that has the sole objective of financial development will be best. Boards typically are in place to accomplish a number of agency objectives such as policies, future goals, etc. A board member should be appointed to the financial development committee for communication flow, but the committee should be able to meet for the purpose of brainstorming and planning fundraiser options.

Most large charities have at least one appeal letter campaign per year. Many initiate several, sending requests for donations at key times of the year. Charity fundraising ideas in relation to appeal letters could include a non-attend event. Set a date for people to stay home and enjoy a good book or family time, instead of attending another chicken dinner. Invitations can be printed and mailed, just as if there was going to be an actual event. Another letter writing campaign could include a story about how the agency has helped a specific person and a personal testimony could be included. Of course, the individual or family that is used in the campaign will need to grant permission. Return address envelopes are important and should be included with every mass mailing.

Donor campaigns are perhaps the most effective means for generating support with monetary giving, prayer, and ministry awareness. Charity fundraising tips for donor recruitment explain that there should be a specific event that is well organized with ending dates and objectives. Train a group of good communicators to go out and make appointments to meet with individuals or groups of people, sharing the vision of the ministry and need. These short presentations should be no more than 45 minutes and should be concise with a request for support at the end. Larger dinners with guest speakers are also effective, but the method of meeting one on one costs the organization little and can be utilized over a long period of time.

There are also fun campaigns that involve selling an item or a service. These charity fundraising ideas for financial development projects are generally short and intense, creating a sense of urgency, asking donors to give and receive something in return. It may be a good idea to carefully choose items that reflect the nature of the ministry, using the project as a means to promote awareness at the same time. An example of this might be when a crisis pregnancy ministry sells flowers at different supporting churches on mother's day.

The Bible teaches that we are to be giving people that support one another with our talents and blessings. While working on a financial development campaign, don't forget to recruit volunteers for the charity. Some may not be able to support the ministry with monetary means, but may be able to share their talents and abilities, which are equally important. All fundraisers should be viewed as a way to spread the word about the ministry and to glorify God. "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." (Luke 6:38)

For more charity fundraising tips, search the Internet where several agencies that have promotional ideas advertise. The Internet can also be a valuable source in raising funding. Email is a fantastic way to keep donors and supporters abreast of current needs and aware of budget short-falls. Email also works as a tool to generate prayer for the ministry. Get creative and use the charity fundraising tips suggested in this article, and there is sure to be a successful campaign in your ministry's near future.

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