Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Fresh, innovative cheerleading fundraiser ideas are necessary in order to stimulate others to donate cash toward outfits, equipment and training. The support of a local community, school system and individuals is necessary to many cheerleading squads when it comes to raising charitable contributions each year. Most schools do not have the finances within their athletic budget to provide all the needs that a squad has in order to outfit all the participants and underwrite many of their activities. It is usually left up to a coach and squad to come up with good cheerleading fundraising ideas. In order to stimulate others to financially support cheerleaders through donations or other means, a workable plan of action is needed every year through proper planning and execution of something new...not the 'same old thing.'

Many groups around the country have implemented various strategies to raise much needed funds for their school squad. Some of the best ideas have come from those who carefully plan with the community in mind as they find out what works best in the local area. Communities are quite different throughout the country and each has its own particular flavor and interest. Some areas are rural or metropolitan while other locations are urban or suburban. Some cheerleading fundraiser ideas may work terrifically for one area while the very same concept will be a big flop in another. Leaders, captains and committees who are involved in the planning stages for a charitable drive must carefully analyze which idea will work for an area.

For instance, a rural area may do very well in selling cookbooks that have been compiled from notable cooks in the area. Hometown loyalty goes a long way when it comes to cheerleading fundraising ideas that highlight local talent. Try to develop a cookbook from an urban area to sell for donations and most likely that idea will fail before the second box of books can be opened. The very same urban area may respond well to competitions that are offered between athletic teams and their representative cheerleaders. An affluent metropolitan area may participate easily in an auction or rummage sale that offers items donated by wealthier participants. Great cheerleading fundraiser ideas for suburban areas can be flower, candy and balloon sales that are offered to students who want to send them to a friend throughout the day. "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works." (Hebrews 10:24)

Selling snow cones or another interesting food item on a hot spring day is also another great way to earn money in a suburban school. These type of items are low cost to produce and can provide a high profit yield through each purchase. Knowing the community, school and local people is very important in producing cheerleading fundraising ideas that are workable as well as profitable. Another thing to consider is the amount of help that will be available to implement any particular strategy that is agreed upon. There more the better, of course, but an organized group that is committed and trained is very important to the success of the project. Choosing the best leader to spearhead the project is also critical because, as it has been said, everything does rise and fall on leadership.

While some groups come up with their own creative concepts to encourage donations or earn money for many athletic needs each year, there are also companies that specialize in pre-packaged concepts for schools. Most cheerleading fundraiser ideas that are offered through professional sources provide complete instructions on how to plan and implement the strategy for a successful conclusion. Everything from coupon books to an assortment of gifts, cards and Christmas wrapping paper is available from many different sources. A popular way of making a good profit for any group is through selling coupon books that include a variety of stores that offer discounts and savings if their coupon is presented upon purchase. Restaurants, department stores, auto shops, hair care salons and groceries can be included in coupon books.

Some booklets can be worth hundreds of dollars if every coupon is actually used by its purchaser. The amount of the booklets is very reasonable and most people will purchase at least one when they are approached by a smiling, courteous student. Companies that offer great deals for consumers such as these also generally offer a high percentage of profits to the host school. Many boast of over a 90% profit on cheerleader fundraiser ideas and squads that implement the programs effectively can meet the financial goal that they need for the year. While car washes and yard sales are still commonly used cheerleading fundraising ideas in many areas, groups who reach beyond the norm may find that a new idea and fresh approach to fund raising may be all the local squad needs to buy great looking uniforms and attend the best instructional camp ever.

High School Spirit Fundraiser

A successful high school spirit fundraiser not only funds athletic and academic programs, but also boosts community pride and encourages corporate sponsorship. Local secondary schools can benefit from selling high-quality spirit-building products to encourage students and faculty, businesses, and families to support its athletic or academic programs both emotionally and financially. With tight budget cuts, many educational institutions are turning to fundraiser programs to increase revenue to meet the expanding needs of the student body and physical plant. Each year, administrators struggle to see that students receive the highest quality education possible, but that costs money. Books, classroom furnishings, teachers' salaries, transportation, band uniforms, athletic programs, and building maintenance can all stretch an already over-extended fiscal budget. But a good high school spirit fundraiser can meet some of the needs.

Companies that provide high school spirit fundraiser programs to build support for schools offer a wide variety of products that can be imprinted with logos and custom artwork. From pompoms, shakers, and clappers to foam hands, tomahawks, and paws; online firms offer a complete line of crowd pleasing favorites. Car flags, seat cushions, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, pennants, stadium blankets, T-shirts, antenna balls, decals, megaphones, ribbons and more are all available to boost community support and raise funds to meet school needs. Students are eager to buy and sell products that not only show team spirit, but also intimidate competing teams or decorate a bedroom or recreation room at home. A high school spirit fundraiser in institutional colors is a surefire hit with students, faculty, parents, and local entrepreneurs, as the whole neighborhood gets fired up with hometown pride. Almost anything can be accomplished when likeminded people come together in agreement. "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:19-20).

In addition to sports memorabilia, a high school spirit fundraiser program can include products that can boast a team or school logo and advertise a local business. Students can generate extra income by selling products directly to area companies or charging for adding corporate logos to fundraiser products. Stadium blankets, seat cushions, pennants, and T-shirts can be imprinted with a business logo or ad to promote school spirit and a company's goods or services. High school sponsors may relish the opportunity to advertise on thousands of bleacher seats, flags, and T-shirts, which will be seen all over town and in the homes of potential consumers. The more local businesses get involved with raising funds to boost school spirit, the greater the campaign will succeed in meeting its goals and objectives. Whether institutions want to raise money to buy uniforms, send the band or athletes on a long distance trip or out-of-town game, or make renovations to the gymnasium, student lounge, or cafeteria; high-quality products emblazoned with two- or three-color logos are sure to be hot items.

Getting started with a high school spirit fundraiser program is pretty simple. Athletic department directors or booster clubs can make an initial contact with online companies for pricing information and requirements. Fundraising groups should plan at least six to eight weeks in advance of a set deadline to raise money. Organization is vital to the success of any fundraising effort; and appointing team leaders, finance managers, and a sales team is necessary to avoid costly delays and miscommunication. Organizers can make fundraising fun by hosting team booster parties or tailgates; and inviting students to compete to see who will sell the most products during the campaign. Keeping youngsters goal-oriented and motivated is vital to make sure that every product is a top seller! Most companies require a 50% down payment at the time orders are placed and the remaining balance upon delivery. School purchase orders, checks or credit card payments are accepted, but funds usually must post before shipment is made. Organizers must also pay shipping and handling and plan for contingencies. Anticipating an accurate quantity will ensure that products will not have to be returned; but directors should check with online firms to verify return or damage policies.

To prepare artwork for imprinting products, groups should check with the vendor for specifications. Depending on the method of screening, imprinting, or engraving, most vendors will want what is termed, "camera-ready" artwork, black and white images that are ready to be photographed and duplicated for reproduction. Most schools will have camera-ready artwork available for logos and other graphics. Products imprinted in full color will require color separations. Companies that furnish quality high school spirit fundraiser products usually offer design services to help institutions that do not have original artwork and need help with preparing artwork for prepress production. High school spirit fundraiser vendors will execute a sample design and issue proofs, copies of the artwork as it will appear on the product, before completing the order. It is the responsibility of the fundraising team leader or director to ensure that the proof is exactly what the end product should look like; otherwise mistakes could cost time and money. Reputable companies will have representatives to handle problems with production, shipping, or payments. Most web-based vendors offer 24-hour access via email or voice mail and can quickly offer remedies and solutions for nearly any situation. Once problems have been resolved and shipments have been delivered, the final step is to call in the sales team, hold a school-wide pep rally, and sell!

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