Christmas Centerpiece Fundraiser

A unique Christmas centerpiece fundraiser can become part of a holiday tradition, especially for customers who favor live decorations over synthetic. Schools, churches, non-profit, and faith-based organizations can raise much needed funds by selling fragrant balsam fir wreaths and swags designed to grace the most discriminating holiday tabletop. Handcrafted from American evergreen trees, many of these beautifully designed centerpieces can be watered and kept fresh throughout the season. Yuletide centerpieces are decorated with candles, pine cones, holly berries, and bows to add a festive touch to a holiday table or front entrance door. Wreaths are 22 to 24 inches wide, centerpieces measure 12"x20" and add an impressive, festive look to almost any style tabletop. Customers will rave over their beauty and insist on purchasing one for themselves or ordering several as gifts for family and friends.

The high quality construction of fresh balsam fir branches is environmentally friendly, making them the perfect choice for green industries to send to customers, or for environmentally-conscious consumers to make a definitive statement in support of the ecosystem. Christmas centerpiece fundraiser producers are careful not to cut down trees, and only the outer branches are harvested, which actually encourages growth much like annual pruning. All-natural balsam fir or Oregon juniper centerpieces, wreaths, swags, and garlands make great gifts for Earth Day as a reminder to recipients to help protect the environment.

Using natural products instead of artificial trees, wreaths, and centerpieces saves the environment and fulfills mankind's responsibility as steward of God's creation. "And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:8-9). "And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it" (Genesis 2:15). Participating in a Christmas centerpiece fundraiser which promotes balsam fir products is a small contribution towards ensuring the continued viability of the environment.

Fundraising groups might consider hosting a holiday craft market or bazaar and prominently featuring a Christmas centerpiece fundraiser to sell to a ready market of holiday shoppers. The fragrance emanating from live evergreens is almost too much to resist! Groups can sell centerpieces at flea markets, school events, after church suppers, or at shopping malls. Fundraiser providers may offer incentives to groups by sponsoring online sales. Parents, teachers, family, friends and local businesses can log onto provider websites to purchase and pay for holiday centerpieces using a special code to credit the fundraising group or school. A certain percentage of proceeds will go to the fundraising groups fund.

Just as popular as selling a Christmas centerpiece fundraiser, Christmas ornaments fundraising gives customers an opportunity to buy decorations that can become treasured keepsakes for generations to come. Ornaments are designed to commemorate U.S. presidents, national events, the birth of Christ, or traditional Christmas themes. Imprinted ornaments come in heart shaped, oval, or round shatterproof glass in a wide range of colors; or delicately carved metal filigree. Both are suitable for collecting and can be imprinted in several colors with two to three lines of type. Businesses can have company logos imprinted on the ornaments as unique gifts to thank customers, vendors and associates.

Christmas ornaments fundraising is easy! The decorations are popular with homemakers, churches, businesses, and organizations that want to make a memorable holiday statement. Fundraising groups can set their own markup for ornaments, guaranteeing a huge profit. Christmas ornament providers furnish sales kits, including order forms, a how-to-sell manual offering moneymaking tips, and samples of ornaments to help boost sales. Fundraising groups take orders and collect money from customers up front. Once a deadline for ordering has been met, all monies and order forms are mailed to the company, with full payment. Shipping and handling is added for orders to be mailed back to the fundraising group. Fundraisers pocket the net percentage of all monies collected and simply distribute the Christmas decorations when they arrive.

The advantage of Christmas ornaments fundraising is obvious: groups can price each ornament as they see fit, netting considerable profits; there is little or no risk because all orders are prepaid; and sample ornaments boost sales because customers can actually handle what they are buying and customize the orders. Most Christmas fundraising providers ship decorations quickly, usually within one to two weeks, so customer can get the ornaments well in advance of the holiday season, or have orders shipped to family, friends and business associates just in time for Christmas.

The high quality and universal appeal of Christmas centerpiece fundraisers and ornaments make them great choices for groups seeking to earn extra cash. With little or no investment, raising funds with holiday centerpieces and ornaments can be successful; and customers will look forward to the sale year after year. Since both products are seasonal, Christmas ornaments fundraising takes some advance planning; groups may want to get started on sales campaigns four to six months in advance. Contact online fundraising companies in plenty of time to allow for production, which can take up to two weeks, plus shipping and handling time. Ornaments and centerpieces can be ordered in bulk quantities for even greater savings for fundraising groups and larger profits. Companies require minimum orders; and groups should have realistic expectations of meeting sales goals.

Fundraising Christmas Wreaths

Fundraising Christmas wreaths can be found on the Internet for any organization who is looking for ways to raise money for special causes or projects. Many nonprofit organizations and churches appreciate retailers who offer special prices to groups that are looking for ways to raise money. Some dealers online have suggested retail prices but the price that is charged is totally up to the company doing the marketing. The main requirements include registering with the site that offers fundraising Christmas ideas and selecting products from an online brochure. It is possible to receive free information on various programs by requesting it through the website of choice.

One of the more popular wreaths available online is the balsam fir and can be found on sites that offer handcrafted pieces in many different choices. Some fundraising Christmas wreaths are decorated with bright red bows and berries. A common size for this product is usually available in a 24" diameter but some retailers offer different sizes. Handcrafted items are usually guaranteed fresh and are built upon a solid wire ring that holds up well and keeps boughs intact. Other choices for raising money might include centerpieces and candle rings or constructed shapes, such as a cross. Centerpieces are a popular item during the holidays, decorated with a variety of items, such as cones, berries, and candles. It is possible to purchase these products without decoration for the creative group who wishes to save a little and in turn bring in additional profits for their organization or church.

Ornaments make excellent products to use for fundraising Christmas ideas since they are inexpensive but are popular items during the holidays. People buy ornaments for their trees and to decorate homes, the office, and give as gifts. Tree toppers are also available for raising money and come in colorful bows and bright colors. Some sites have other holiday items that might be considered for special projects such as hummingbird feeders, candles, chocolates, coffee, gourmet foods, and magazines. Many items promise earnings of 50% and up depending on what items are chosen and what the organization thinks they can successfully sell the items for.

Ways to sell fundraising Christmas wreaths and other items may come in the form of a brochure with many choices that can be handed out to prospects. Ask supporters who order products to pay in advance so that the organization doesn't have to worry about upfront costs. This is a popular way to participate in programs to raise money since there are little risks involved. Large quantity orders usually earn additional discounts, meaning greater profits for the organization or church. Some retailers offer free shipping but have a minimum amount that has to be ordered of each product. Sales information is usually provided to the organization to help make an event or program a success.

Some organizations that might wish to consider ways to earn money through fundraising include schools, church groups, sports leagues, clubs, daycare centers, and other nonprofit organizations. Successful products for children to sell include candy bars especially with rebates or coupons included on packaging. Some candy bars have a coupon to different restaurants, free music downloads, and other free products. Most candy bars bring in at least 50% profits and many people will buy because they are inexpensive and who doesn't like candy? Along with candy other fundraising Christmas ideas include inexpensive items such as key chains, pens, mugs, magnets, bookmarks, ornaments, and candles. Scented candles are another very popular item that is oftentimes inexpensive for buyers.

Many churches wish to purchase items for raising money towards special projects that depict the life of a Christian and include Bible scriptures and point the way to accepting Christ. Fundraising Christmas wreaths can be purchased in the shape of a cross or can include a ribbon that has a scripture imprinted on it. Bookmarks are a good choice because they can contain a scripture and be used in a Bible to keep one's place. Bookmarks are also inexpensive and make a good gift for anyone, especially the person who loves to read. These items can serve as reminders to the person possessing them the importance of reading God's word and can lead one to salvation through Christ. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

Ideas for future projects and fundraising Christmas ideas online include directions on how to make and assemble various types of products. Some of these choices will help groups to decide on ways to bring in more profits by purchasing items to use in assembling fundraising Christmas wreaths or centerpieces, among other things. A craft shop on the Internet can provide the materials to assemble items inexpensively. Some of the items might include pinecones, bells, ribbons, ornaments, artificial fruits and berries, and other small items that can be fastened onto a homemade wreath or centerpiece. Letting the youth group assemble these products not only provides originality to gifts but helps them to become more involved in special projects and makes them excited about selling, especially when they are selling items they have made.

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