Creative Fundraising Ideas

Many community events are products of creative fundraising ideas that pique the interest of the neighborhood as well as provide much needed funds for some worthy cause. Whether it is a corner barbecue, youth car wash or social hall yard sale, it isn't hard to find something of interest on the weekend that is organized to raise money for some organization or individual. Creative fundraiser ideas must step beyond the typical, however, in order to draw the interest of an already media saturated society in order to spur donations, sales and volunteer efforts. Fundraising is an American tradition when it comes to pooling the efforts and resources of others for the good of a special cause.

Known for their generosity, private US citizens raise more money in a year through fundraising efforts for important causes than many countries do through their government sponsorships. Fortunately, Americans still continue in the role of 'helpers' not only here but abroad as evidenced by the many efforts that benefit from creative fundraising ideas. "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27) Needy causes here and abroad such as child hunger, poor education, health crises, natural disasters, family abuse causes, and many others are what touch the hearts of many who have come up with creative fundraiser ideas.

There are many different ways of raising money for a multitude of causes from school organizations to corporate projects. Most groups choose either sales or services in order to encourage others to give to a project. Even though donations are commonly given toward many projects simply on the basis of information, most typical projects require the use of creative fundraising ideas to encourage others to open their pocketbooks. One of the most common ways that groups and organizations use to promote giving toward a cause is through food sales. People everywhere love a good meal and one that provides easy access with low prices and friendly service is always a winner.

Of course, that idea has been around for years, but there is always a new spin on it with creative fundraiser ideas. It's not just the typical BBQ chicken plate at the local fire department anymore, but a chicken wrap with chips and salsa down at the ball field. Ethnic foods fit great within a money making project that will appeal to just about anybody with interest in trying something new. Since food is such a winner when using the sales pitch to generate funds for any needy charity, it is doubtful that that angle will ever loose its steam with everyone from parents and children to senior adults. If an organization can pull together the personnel and underwrite the cooking materials, a lot of profit can be made by providing a good food service with a smile to the neighborhood.

Another good way to generate sales for charity projects is through auctions of many forms. Auction off donated items, a date or a kiss and the money will roll in for just about any deserving cause. The trick is to come up with something new or interesting to auction and add the exciting auctioneer flavor to the setting. Other more creative fundraising ideas are constantly being developed as the Internet has become an important part of everyday life for most people. Buttons and banners that advertise a specific cause can be plastered from here to Australia with the click of a mouse. Unique and exciting options for raising money are being explored through the avenue of email advertising as well. Other high tech methods of encouraging others to give to causes are through cell phone donations, recycled ink canisters for printers and computer donations. The ways to fund certain projects are limited only by creativity and planning.

Even if creative fundraising ideas are brought to the planning table, there are certain tips to follow that will make any event or sale successful. Keep in mind that the goals and purpose must be clear to all involved. Make sure that there is clearly a beginning date and end date to the money making event. Generate excitement among the participants and ensure that there are enough workers to see it through to a satisfactory completion. Try not to schedule a sale or event at the same time another organization is attempting to do the same thing. Also, provide plenty of back up support for any volunteer staff in order to minimize weariness and apathy with longer range projects. There are plenty of creative fundraiser ideas that can be gleaned from a multitude of online sources that provide opportunities for schools, communities, businesses and anyone else interested in helping others. Look for unique ways to encourage community support to help others.

Free Fundraising Ideas

Free fundraising ideas are usually the best for schools and institutional groups that have little money to spare for promotions, materials and upfront investments. There are many companies that specialize in pre-packaged money making ideas that may require an initial purchase of orders for their particular project. While this can be very successful for some groups such as schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations, there are other groups who may need to be able to use free fundraiser ideas. Budgets are low or are non-existent and investing the most modest amount in order to turn a large profit is just not feasible. Fortunately, there are many promotional concepts available that can meet the needs of those groups who prefer or need to find a way to make money to underwrite worthy projects.

There are many projects that can be implemented that cost little to nothing for any organization. Free fundraising ideas are also offered by smart businesses that know how to help schools, churches and other groups raise money without having to invest a single cent themselves. "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19) Some provide turn key programs that can be customized for any particular venue. Everything from planning, products, advertising, and incentives are provided within a promotional package. Many companies even will provide a consultant that can walk an organization through all the necessary stages from start to finish. For many schools in particular, this can be a huge relief since many parents and teachers are extremely busy as well as know little about implementing a broad promotional program.

Understanding how to effectively target and market a product or service is what many fundraising companies know best. Within a pre-packaged promotional, a planning structure is generally provided that assists in recruiting and training workers as well as presenting the various stages of the project. A product or service description is always provided as well within the packaged material that a group receives for most free fundraising ideas. This helps in familiarizing everyone with the items so that selling is not difficult or problematic. Incentives are commonly provided within most promotional programs that add an encouragement to workers who carry out the tasks. Many school students enjoy incentives and will compete with each other to win prizes and rewards for outselling each other.

Incentive based projects that include individual or group winners are always popular. Pitting grades, schools or classes against each to see which can out do the other is always a successful maneuver to put spirit and enjoyment into free fundraiser ideas. Incentives also naturally push profit margins higher through healthy competition. Another helpful area that many companies offer is pre-done advertisements that may include brochures, flyers, posters and a wide assortment of other ways to publicize the project. This is of great help to most groups that cannot spend money on expensive materials to advertise their event. Slick, four color copy is already printed and ready to go within many pre-packaged, free fundraising ideas.

If many companies offer free ways to make money for various groups, how do they make their money? Businesses that offer free fundraiser ideas generally only require payment on pre-orders that are taken before the delivery date of any particular item they sale. Organizations are not required to pay for products or items up front before selling and can commit to a fundraiser without spending a cent. Orders are collected from customers for various items such as candy, wrapping paper, cards, specialty gifts, and other products. When the orders are taken by a student or worker, the customer is expected to make payment then before the order is actually placed. The workers record the sale, receives payment in exchange for a receipt and then returns the order to the central collection area.

After the designated amount of time has passed for the drive, all orders are then sent to the sponsoring company to be filled within the guaranteed time frame. All orders are filled and returned to the organization to be distributed by each worker to his or her customer. Most companies provide all shipping and handling costs and of course save direct mailing fees to each customer by relying on student workers to distribute the products to their customers. This saves lots of money for a business as well as the school or organization by counting on students to be the delivery personnel. There are other types of free fundraising ideas that can be used as well that do not require selling, ordering, shipping and distribution in several stages.

Products such as coupon books, scratch tickets and small items are provided in advance by some businesses. All a worker must do it sell the product immediately and return the funds to the person in charge of all collections. The promotional business is then paid after a drive is over and there is nothing more to deal with. Some offer extremely high guaranteed profits on free fundraiser ideas that require only two or three weeks of enthusiastic selling. Check online for further information regarding innovative concepts for promotional drives that can benefit various organizations.

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