Digital Scrapbooking Tools

Digital scrapbooking tools are necessary to enter the new age of scrapbooking that has always been a favorite pastime of so many people through the decades. Tools from the past were simple enough: scissors, perhaps some scotch tape and a book into which items of interest could be placed. Mothers kept picture journals of their children and families. Athletes kept the same journals of their exploits on the field and teenage girls loved to scrapbook their favorite idols of stage and screen. But all the former scrapping booking rules have been thrown out the window with the development of digital technology. If a person tries to use scissors today on a computer monitor, they will be "shocked" at the outcome.

Digital scrapbooking is fairly straightforward. Take the pictures that you want on a digital camera and download them onto the computer. If a person has a traditional SLR 35mm camera, the film gets developed and then the pictures can be scanned and downloaded. Once they are downloaded, the pictures can be altered in many different ways through the use of digital software. What was once a plain photograph can become something that looks like it came out of a popular magazine, especially after the person learns how to use the various digital scrapbooking tools that are available. These newly reconstructed pictures can then be printed and placed in beautiful bound books especially designed for this purpose or can be sent over the Internet to friends and family members.

Everything begins with a computer and a connection to the Internet. Most people started with a dial up connection to the Net many years ago and the interminable waiting for downloads used to drive people crazy. Of course, this all changed with the introduction of DSL and broadband connections. Today, downloading pictures and documents can take just seconds instead of twenty minutes. And if a person is going to get serious with digital scrapbooking tools, the first place to go is to a fast Internet connection. But this is, of course, just the beginning.

Choosing the right digital scrapbooking tools continues with deciding which software program for altering and enhancing photos will be chosen. There may be as many as twenty different software programs that are available for purchase, but the reviews on each product are widely varied. It's important that the consumer do some investigation and research into the ease of use, design features, output options and the help and support that are available when a person has questions. These software packages can run from twenty dollars to almost one hundred dollars, yet the most expensive may not be the best, depending on what a person wants to accomplish. Making choices in life are important and often have lifelong implications. One choice, to accept Jesus Christ, has eternal implications. The Old Testament prophet Joshua stood before his people and declared the black and white of it: "And if it seem evil unto you to service the Lord, choose you this day whom you will for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15)

If you use a digital camera to take pictures, you must have digital scrapbooking tools such as some sort of docking mechanism or direct line from camera to computer. This docking devise will enable the "scrapper" to take all the pictures that were captured on the camera and send them to the computer for processing by the software program. There are three main ways that a picture can be doctored to make it look like a spectacular and professional presentation. The first way is called the photo blend collage method. This entails adding art work to the photo through software blending techniques that make the artwork and the photo look as though they had always been joined together.

The second method for using digital scrapbooking tools for fabulous results is called page in an instant. These photos can be altered in seconds by using pre-made templates that lay right over the photograph with all ready developed embellishments. Want to make the photo look like it has burned around the edges? No problem, with some templates already prepared for such an appearance. Finally, there is the customization utility that some digital scrapbooking tools can offer. As a person gets very comfortable with using their photo software, many custom features are available to make the photographs look like nothing that anyone else has ever done.

If a person has a desire to print out the beautiful work that she has done with the many digital scrapbooking tools, there will be a need for a fine photo printer. There are two types of photo printers and each one may have their own pros and cons. A dye sublimation printer uses heat to deposit sold dyes on the surface of glossy photo paper, and then puts a finish on the photo so it will not degrade. This type of printer is probably superior to inkjet printers when it comes to crisp and vibrant colors, but these printers are not as flexible as inkjet printers. Inkjet printers paint the image on the photo paper and their supplies such as ink are less expensive than the dye sublimation printers. Inkjet printers often provide scan, copier and fax capabilities that are also not available on most dye sublimation printers. The higher the resolution on the printer, measured by dots per inch, the more crisp the picture, but remember that a lower dpi on a dye printer will probably produce a crisper picture than a higher dpi inkjet printer.

Scrapbooking Fundraiser

Sponsor a scrapbooking fundraiser and turn memories into money! A fun way to turn a favorite pastime into a moneymaking venture, a scrapbooking fundraiser brings close friends, family and complete strangers together for a good cause. Fundraiser proceeds can be used to fund school field trips, raise money for church building projects, or help area non-profit organizations feed the hungry. Using one's talents for the benefit of the less fortunate is fulfilling the work of Jesus Christ upon the earth. A scrapper session to raise money for a worthy cause is part of the Great Commission. "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me" (Matthew 25:35-36).

Scrapbooking may seem to be a modern hobby, but saving photos, drawings and mementos of loved ones is decades old. Flowers pressed between pages of a book or glued to albums of love letters, tear-stained handkerchiefs placed in leather bound diaries, or old photos from theatre programs are all the rudiments of today's two-dimensional and digital scrapbooks. The motive for saving remembrances of children as they grow up or couples when they were younger stems from a natural desire to preserve people, places, events and time. Twenty-first century digital scrapbooking tools provide modern day methods of conveniently making lasting memories for families and friends to enjoy.

Similar to an old fashioned quilting bee, a scrapbooking fundraiser gives scrappers a chance to meet and chat, share crafting adventures, and compare notes on the latest conferences, supplies, or methods of preserving precious memories in two-dimensional form. Hobbyists from neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, and state to state form tightly knit groups of women and men who love scrapbooking. Scrappers spend a great deal of spare time collecting photos, colored papers, stencils, foils, and bits of fabric to create and embellish photo albums full of beautifully designed family mementos.

Lively gatherings of scrapbookers can turn into profitable pastimes when sponsors charge registration fees and solicit donations for a worthy cause. At a scrapbooking fundraiser, participants can register to win prizes of supplies and books, or participate in a silent auction for free classes or a ticket to a special event. Craft shops can host a scrapbooking fundraiser to increase store traffic or introduce new techniques, such as digital scrapbooking. Other ideas to raise money are to host charity marathons. Scrappers can compete to see how many albums or pages they can finish within a certain time frame. Marathons can last 12 hours or can be held over a weekend at a local shopping mall. Competitors can also create projects that reflect a certain theme or commemorate a holiday. A great idea is to charge and challenge scrapbookers to create photo albums of wives, husbands, and children of deployed service men and women. Participants can pay registration fees, or collect donations from the community to sponsor the Armed Forces personnel slated to receive the one-of-a-kind scrapbooks.

The wonderful world of scrapbooking went global when digital scrapbooking tools took scrappers to a whole new level of creativity. If collecting two dimensional photos, cutting craft paper, and trimming album pages with items you can touch makes for a great hobby, imagine how awesome it is to design and create electronic scrapbook pages! Creative scrappers with a little computer savvy can take advantage of the Internet and popular graphics and photo editing software programs to create amazing digital designs! E-scrappers can either create their own pages without using online templates or log onto provider sites to select from several ready-made patterns.

Scrappers can take advantage of the latest digital scrapbooking tools to make crafting quick and easy. Instead of using paper, glue and glitter, scrappers can take digital photos or download electronic images from the Internet. Hard copy photos can be scanned into a scanner, or photo developing shops can save photos to a CD for later access. Using a photo editing program installed on the computer, scrappers can download and manipulate elements of a picture or a complete image until the desired esthetic results are achieved. Software allows scrappers to remove red eyes from smiling faces, change the color of eyes, hair and apparel, and remove scars and wrinkles. Once photos are edited, they can be saved to a file and accessed later to complete the project.

With today's technology, two-dimensional scrapping has evolved into desktop publishing. Scrappers can create entire electronic books and download images from all over the world to enhance pages. Edited photos can be digitally copied and pasted onto electronic layouts, along with digital graphics and templates to create memorable masterpieces. Pre-made layers are readily accessible from online shops and provide a great framework for photos and graphics. Digital scrapbooking tools include brushes and pens to add texture to photos or text; along with color palettes to enhance frames or photos.

The fun advantage of using digital scrapbooking tools is sending pages to family and friends; it's as easy as emailing and attaching the pages in individual electronic files. No more waiting in line at the Post Office to weigh and pay for mailing albums across the country. And scrapbookers can save the cost of albums, paper, trim, glitter, glue and other supplies. For safekeeping, scrappers can download and print a complete copy and bind pages into an album. Electronic pages can be sent instantly to family and friends via the Internet for immediate enjoyment, rather than running the risk of having all their hard work get lost in the mail. E-scrappers can convert digital pages into a PDF format, which links text and graphics into one easy-to-download, more manageable and permanently memorable file.

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