Discount Card Fundraising Solutions

For many organizations, discount card fundraising solutions can be a highly profitable and relatively simple way to find answers to tight budgets and growing economic needs. These cards will entitle the bearer to a list of deals and discounts that are provided by businesses in the local area. Groups that sell these cards will approach local these businesses to see if they are willing to participate in the fundraising campaign by making special offers to anyone who purchases a card from one of the group's volunteers. This approach to raising money can be very popular and profitable. As fundraisers go, selling these cards is comparatively simple. With no advance orders to take and inventory that is small, lightweight and very easy to deal with, these campaigns offer some very significant advantages to other types of fundraising efforts. Businesses can be easily persuaded to participate since they will receive free advertising from the campaign. New customers and increased sales may also result. For those who support the volunteer organizations, purchasing this kind of product is seen as a positive thing. The buying customer can save money by using the card until it expires. Many fundraisers involve products that are purchased out of a sense of obligation, but have little practical use for the buyer. That is not the case with discount card fundraising solutions. These cards represent a real and practical benefit to the buyer.

Placing an order for discount card fundraising solutions can usually be accomplished through the supplier's web site. Most of these suppliers will work with organizations to make sure that everything that is printed on the cards are correct. An organization may wish to have a their logo or name printed on the cards and most suppliers will be able to make this happen. Participating merchants may also wish to have a company logo printed on the cards. Companies that supply these cards will frequently have access to well known logos and can easily incorporate them into the overall design. An example of the final card will also be made available to the organization for proofing before the final cards are printed. Once proofed, these cards can often be delivered to the group that is conducting the discount card fundraising solutions campaign in about a week. Larger orders may take a little longer. The final order will be shipped to the client through the United States Postal Service or via a private delivery company. The Bible tells believers that they can cast their concerns and worries on God and trust Him to get them through difficult situation. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (Psalm 55:22)

When utilizing discount card fundraising solutions it is important to keep in mind that, unlike with other kinds if merchandise, any unsold discount cards can not be returned to the supplier for credit or refund. Since this is the case, much care should be taken when placing an order for this fundraising option. It is better to underestimate the amount of cards that will be needed than to overestimate. However, if an organization finds that they sell many more of these cards than were first anticipated, most suppliers can quickly create more of the product for the client so that no sales are missed. Rush orders may be in transit as quickly as forty eight hours after the reorder was placed. Expiration dates on these products can vary, but will usually date to around a year from the original sale. The offers that are listed on the card can be taken advantage of over and over during this year, making this product a very good deal for customers who regularly patronize the participating businesses. Two weeks is the optimum length for discount card fundraising solutions campaign. If the deadline is set at a time that is longer than two weeks away, participants may assume that they have plenty of time to make sales and may procrastinate or loose enthusiasm.

Another positive factor of discount card fundraising solutions is that the profit that is generated by these events can be very high. Suppliers estimate that groups can realize profits of up to ninety percent. Additionally, no money is required to launch fundraisers of this nature. In many cases, these cards will be sold by groups that serve young people such as sports teams, band boosters, or other groups that work with high school and middle school aged children. This type of campaign is not generally as successful for younger children since the concept of a discount card is not as readily understood as is the case with products like cookie dough or candy bars.

Since more and more schools are utilizing fundraisers of some nature, the competition for customers can be quite steep. There may be occasions when two or more schools in the same general area are selling the same product. A discount card fundraising solutions campaign can avoid this kind of confusion. Since the product that is being offered deals with discounts and special offers from merchants in the community that immediately surrounds the school or other organization, the chances of duplicate fundraisers is nonexistent. Some groups might be intimidated at the thought of securing participation from local merchants. But in most cases the company that will print and supply the final product will provide advice and guidance as well as the paperwork that is legally necessary when dealing with local businesses. Most cards will feature somewhere between twelve and twenty different local merchants. While there are a number of fundraising options that are available, these products can provide a practical and economical solution for supporters as well as a profitable one for organizations.

Discount Card Fundraiser

Have you ever wondered if discount card fundraising solutions could be a better promotion than the same old thing that has been done in the past? Do you know what it would take to interest others in order to encourage them to give to some project or charity without costing a hefty investment price before seeing any profits? A simple idea that has growing appeal to organizations, schools, non-profit agencies and small groups is a discount card fundraiser. Offering hefty profits with little up front costs, selling discount cards is easy, simple and fun for volunteers and consumers alike.

No matter what kind of charity drive is planned, there are many things to consider if a successful conclusion is expected. Understanding and promoting an organization's focus or goal is very important in actually getting an event or sales project off the ground. A leader or organizer must stay focused but he or she must constantly make sure that all volunteers are reminded of the goal. It is easy to slip into apathy or confusion from lack of focus, so from the first meeting to the last dollar donated, the goal must be ever present in everyone's mind. From candy sales to discount card fundraising solutions, the goal must not become obscure in all the planning.

When the goal or purpose is clear, motivation is the next key factor in producing a great discount card fundraiser. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phil. 4:13) In order to raise funds for any worthwhile project, an organized effort of motivated people is the catalyst for any successful charity drive. Even if the cause is great, organization and motivation are key in propelling the drive. Motivation must be given in many different ways according to the age group, responsibility level and capabilities. Many schools are involved in raising funds for projects such as band uniforms, cheerleading outfits and senior trips. Fun, excitement and prizes are natural prompters that motivate young people to become involved.

Some schools use competition among volunteers as a motivation for each other to sell more discount card fundraising solutions. Prizes can include fun activities such as the winning group shaving the principal's head or getting free pizza for lunch at the town pizzeria. Motivation can also come in the form of prizes that are won for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the most items sold by any student. The winning student could receive a CD player, computer, or iPod. There are any number of ways any creative person can come up with great prizes for motivating students to sale discount card fundraiser products. It is generally easy to find sponsors for gift items in most communities. Many stores and local businesses are happy to sponsor prizes that will be used in a charity event.

This can save a school or any organization more money by charitable prize donations that can be used to motivate the volunteers who do the leg work of raising funds. A well organized, motivated fundraiser must also be marketed well to the community in order to reach the project goals. Marketing is simply telling others the need, motivating them to give by offering them something they will like and making it simple for them to participate in. Small groups can do well enough by going door to door and may sale enough discount card fundraiser products to meet their initial goal without doing any further advertising. Larger groups may wish to make a small investment in printing flyers, participating in mass mailings and using local media outlets to market the charity project.

Even smaller groups can easily use local media outlets for advertisement and may even find that some TV and radio stations are more than happy to provide a donation spot on their channel to promote the project. Free media marketing can many times be obtained for community and non-profit purposes and provide a real boost to sales. Newspapers, magazines and other printed media are also prime outlets for marketing a charity project. Advertising projects such as discount card fundraising solutions are extremely easy to implement, offer a great profit margin and are a people-pleaser product that can be used over a period of time.

Discount card fundraiser projects can be promoted for many types of services such as department stores, restaurants, entertainment options, and specialty shops. They are easy to sell because everyone loves the idea of using discount cards for their favorite stores. Plastic cards can be personalized for any organization with their distinctive logo and a variety of store brands compiled on each card. Companies that specialize in this type of promotion do all the work by contacting merchants and securing the discounts in advance. All an organization needs is the plan to sell discount card fundraising solutions because most people are ready and willing to purchase cost saving discount cards to help with a charitable drive.

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