Elementary School Fundraising

Elementary school fundraising projects can be a lot of fun but they can also be a lot of work for the leaders who must carry them out from the planning stages to hopefully a successful conclusion. Since children are younger in these grades, most of the work is usually done by parents or teachers who are appointed or take it upon themselves to head up a committee for elementary school fundraisers. Even though there are billions of dollars a year allocated from consumer tax earnings that provide a free education through each state's public school system, there are always areas in each particular school that need added financial support. Athletics, fine arts, field trips, camps and equipment needs are always common areas that scream for more cash to operate successfully.

Children in the early grades are exceptionally enthusiastic when it comes to projects of any sort, especially those that involve group efforts. No matter how enthusiastic this age group is towards projects, however, most of the planning and supervision must be carried out by adults who are generally parents of the students. Getting the children involved is usually not a problem as long as the concept is organized, interesting and fun. A successful elementary school fundraising project usually revolves around a simple, easy to manage concept that is tried and proven. Although there are many new ideas for profit-making projects, a careful consideration of fail-proof strategies is necessary to insure a large profit margin.

Some ideas are hard to implement for this age group because of the intricate planning and step by step selling methods that may be required. Most local communities are open to educational projects that are worthwhile and will respond to a good idea that is helpful to all while still being relatively simple to execute. Many parents are busy and though willing to assist their children's schools in order to raise money for special projects, may not have lots of time to devote to a complicated concept. Simple, easy to manage, yet profitable elementary school fundraisers are the best choices for earlier grades. A few things to keep in mind when choosing an appropriate money making idea include the length of time, the cost, personnel, and equipment or material needed.

Most people who have been involved in raising money for charity or non-profit institutions generally suggest that the shorter the better when it comes to the duration of a project. Most plans are more successful when elementary school fundraising drives only last for a few weeks rather than several months. "...the recompense of a man's hands shall be rendered unto him." (Proverbs 12:14b) Enthusiastic workers tend to lose their excitement when the plan is drawn out for a long period of time. Prospective consumers grow scarcer as well, since they are usually part of a smaller group that is targeted. Shorter time periods tend to end more successfully and leave a good impression for the next important drive. Cost is another issue to consider when choosing the right plan for any promotion. The cheaper the better since most drives must be made on a shoe string budget in order to allow large profits.

Recruiting enough personnel to carry out a particular promotion is necessary but also difficult at times. Making sure that there are enough committed workers before choosing among the many possible elementary school fundraisers is critical to success. Even though grade school children wish to be helpful, they are not able to carry out all the responsibilities as can high school students, so recruiting enough adult workers is a must. The type of equipment or material used to implement the plan should be on hand at the school or very easy to find. Sometimes local businesses may allow an institution to borrow what is needed free of charge. For example, a balloon fundraiser may require a helium machine that will inflate balloons. This type of equipment may be borrowed from a florist shop or party shop in town that will consider this their donation to the drive.

Simple ideas that have proven successful for many grade schools have been ideas that involve recycling, walk-a-thons, candy or cookie sales, holiday festivals and yard sales. Elementary school fundraisers that involve recycling can be quite easy and still allow every child to be involved. Bringing things from home to add to the recycling collection involves little record keeping and smaller leadership involvement while still providing much needed cash. Cell phones, newspapers, batteries and aluminum cans are just some of the more common recycling materials that are part of many elementary school fundraising ideas around the country. Walk-a-thons are fun and easy as well and require almost no upfront investment in order to bring in donations. Parents and children can work side by side in this event and enjoy raising funds for any designated drive. Candy and cookie sales require more involvement and record keeping because of orders, deliveries and contacts that must be made. Festivals and institutional yard sales are usually a success when a local community comes out to support their grade school. There are many more ideas that can be researched online for successful money making drives to assist anyone who must plan the next fundraiser.

Private School Fundraising

Some private school fundraising efforts may be quite elaborate, thanks to the kind of constituency that the school caters. Other private schools are working on a thin budget margin and have a lower income strata and may dream of charity golf tournaments and black tie galas but may only be able to sell cookies and candy to try and keep the budget above water. Private schools have a two edged sword when it comes to fundraising: some private schools are very free to use almost any legal fundraiser because of the absence of religious constrictions and the embrace of a more tolerant or humanistic approach while other schools are very restricted in their attempts to raise money by religious or social considerations. But the actual private school fundraising principles may be no different than many public schools or charities use to bolster sagging or aggressive budgets. From cookie dough sales to cow pie raffles and country club galas, the push is always on when non government funded schools try and make it financially through another year.

If you have come to this website as the chairperson of your private school fundraising committee, it is highly desirable that you have a committee of people who are passionate about the school and who are ready to ask anyone anywhere to donate to the cause. In the fundraising arena, there is one axiomatic principle: committee members must be tigers for their cause and must be fearless in going after the money. And if your committee is not loaded with those kinds of people, then sorry, the chairperson is going to have erase the fears and instill the dream in his or her fellow committee persons. The chairperson of a fundraising committee in any effort must be passionate about the project and be able to articulate the story of the need. The story must be people focused and must be expressed in human terms.

So the request has been made from the school principal that a special project be funded by raising funds from the efforts of parents and you're the chairperson. So the first question becomes one of who your target is going to be. Another question is the history of former private school fundraising efforts and whether or not your efforts are helped or hindered by past practices. Some great publicity or stinky pub is often generated when organizations are out trying to drum up non-budgeted money. Former deliveries not made on time, faulty products, deliverers with attitudes and pushy money collectors can certainly hamper present day efforts as well as a well trained army of helpers that recognize the importance of integrity can enhance private school fundraising efforts.

Let's start with the usual list of suspects. Car washes, auctions, frozen cookie dough sales. Whoa, let's stop a minute and talk about that deal. This has always been a good idea and one that can raise a lot of money, but just remember, if three thousand tubs of this sugary goop is sold and it is all dropped off early on a Saturday from that semi, the army better be ready that day to make the delivery or the chairperson will be looking for forty empty freezers for storage. One of the hottest trends in private school fundraising or any fundraiser for that matter is the scratch off cards that are NOT lottery tickets. The committee will have to have an army of truly committed people for this effort which will unfold by students and parents approaching neighbors and friends and explaining the project being funded. Once the explanation is made, the potential donor will scratch off two of one hundred dots on the card revealing no more than six dollars total for the donation.

In return for this donation which will be as little as two dollars or as much as six, the donor will receive a booklet of coupon good for products and services from local merchants. This kind of private school fundraiser brings up two important points: first, this kind of fundraiser will reveal what kind of committee members one has for the event will reveal their own willingness to approach friends and family. It will certainly show whether Secondly, it is a direct approach for funds, which may be used in tandem with another type of fundraiser. One of the clear principles of private school fundraising or any kind of raising of funds is to diversify the type of efforts to reach varying sectors of the population. No matter the need, Christians have a promise that is out of this world: "My God shall supply all your needs according to His reaches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)

There are so many fundraising ideas on the Internet that a person might be staring at a computer monitor for many hours taking notes. If you want to go big, stage a celebrity golf tournament or bring in a well known celebrity for a concert or a speech and charge admission. Have a gala at the country club and stage an auction of high priced items donated by believers in your school. Private school fundraising, just like public school fundraisers, will want to have some events that are family friendly and that gather people together to laugh and have fun. If you want to stage something like that, look up a cow pie raffle on the Internet. We'll have big fun on the Bayou with that one!

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