Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser

A gourmet frozen cookie dough fundraiser is one of the sweetest means of making money for churches, youth groups, clubs and associations. People-pleasing comfort foods like homemade cookies sell like hotcakes; and groups can usually net huge profits with little or no effort. Favorite recipes like chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, and old fashioned sugar cookies come in two- or three-pound tubs that can be frozen for up to one year or stored in the refrigerator for up to six months. Convenient tubs allow buyers to bake up a batch and store leftovers in the freezer to enjoy delicious gourmet treats all year long. Leftovers can also be stored on the shelf at room temperature for up to three weeks. Cookie dough fundraiser companies use only the finest ingredients to ensure consistent taste and quality, batch after batch.

Tips for promoting a frozen cookie dough fundraiser include hosting a home or office tasting party to introduce potential customers to products. At home, fundraising groups can pop several dozen delicious gourmet treats in the oven and take orders as guests enjoy samples. One taste is all it takes, and when people sample these goodies, they will want more. Orders can also be sold door to door using the same sampling tactic. Fundraising teams can choose to sponsor bake sales featuring a frozen cookie dough fundraiser, and take orders on the spot. Enterprising individuals and groups can also sell fundraisers at flea markets, football games, or church bazaars; and the possibilities are unlimited for generating extra income. Local businesses can become regular customers for delectable frozen or baked treats. Simply stop by area office complexes, shopping malls, car washes, and boutiques to drum up regular orders. It won't be long before business customers will begin calling regularly for re-orders.

Frozen cookie dough fundraisers can be used to raise money for team uniforms, band instruments, school trips, or church benevolent funds. Sales associates can promote fundraisers to help defray the cost of tuition at private or public schools for deserving students. Funds can be used to help support local and international charitable organizations feeling the pinch of the economy. Area food banks, shelters, and clothing banks that help the indigent can benefit by a church group's efforts to sell cookie dough and generate donations from the proceeds. Overseas and stateside orphanages can benefit from funds that can be used to feed and clothe children. Churches and faith-based businesses can sponsor programs to benefit victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding, or home fires. The possibilities for benefiting one's fellowman, just by selling gourmet cookie dough, are unlimited. "For I was an hungred, and ye gave Me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave Me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took Me in: Naked, and ye clothed Me: I was sick, and ye visited Me: I was in prison, and ye came unto Me." "And the King shall answer and say unto the, Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me" (Matthew 25:35-36 and 40).

While consumer-direct selling can be highly successful, frozen cookie dough fundraiser companies offer online ordering and direct shipping buyers' homes, offices or schools. Web-based programs enable fundraising teams to submit orders on the Internet using a specific product code. Once processed, buyers receive gift cards for each frozen cookie dough fundraiser tub ordered, which can be redeemed via the company's website. Tubs are then mailed from the company directly to the address of the buyer, gift recipient, or customer. Using an online ordering method eliminates the need for groups to handle products. Shipping directly from the company to the seller or customer streamlines sales programs and saves money, time, and the headache of keeping up with order forms and distribution. And because consumers are prone to buy and sell items online, web-based programs are more appealing than direct sales. Associates can still promote product lines by offering samples, buying products in advance and giving customers redeemable coupons at the time the sale is made. Major credit cards are accepted online or onsite; and customers simply redeem coupons for the number of tubs purchased and look for deliveries in the mail.

A frozen cookie dough fundraiser practically sells itself; but web-based suppliers offer plenty of incentives to keep top sellers motivated. Some companies offer special promotions and prizes to team members that meet or exceed sales goals. Top sellers can win jewelry, gift bags, decorative candles, pen and pencil sets, watches, and more. Sales associates are provided twenty-four hour toll-free assistance to ask questions, track orders, or get help with payment information. Some companies hire fundraising associates as independent contractors; and members establish online accounts which track the number of tubs sold, commissions earned, and prizes and incentives awarded. And when it comes to commissions, cookie dough fundraisers offer as much as a whopping 55 percent to sellers.

Before deciding to engage in a frozen cookie dough fundraiser, groups should browse company information online. Compare incentives, the percentage of profits, and products to choose the best program in which to enroll and one that will be the simplest to implement. While the ease and appeal of web-based ordering may work for some groups, others may still prefer consumer-direct contact. Selling door to door helps youngsters and young adults develop confidence and learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Training children to become responsible and responsive adults could yield long-term benefits that can make direct cookie dough sales extra sweet.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Using cookie dough fundraisers are fun and fabulous ways to raise money, offering donors the wonderful comforts that only fresh, hot cookies can bring. The reality of America's love affair with chewy, hot, fresh from the oven cookies makes this fundraising campaign a very successful endeavor. There are literally hundreds of businesses, charities, non-profits, and kids' clubs that can benefit by using the cookie dough fundraising campaign for their projects. Cookies are a staple in most American households, making it perhaps the most sellable of all items. And, the sweet treats are consumable, so year after year orders contribute to ongoing successful campaigns. However, cookies do not sell themselves, though some believe they do, so there are organizational methods to be considered for any type of support awareness or needs project. But, once a plan is put into place and volunteers have dough in hand, workers of worthy projects will be surprised at how easily this type of fundraiser is accomplished.

There are a myriad of organizations that could benefit from the profits generated with cookie dough fundraisers. These highly successful campaigns are target for any group looking for quick sales and projects that only require several thousand dollars or less. Larger financial campaigns that are generally implemented for the purpose of construction projects and other large capital promotions should research other types of fundraising ideas. But, for the short-term, specific and small work to be accomplished, cookie dough fundraising programs are sure to benefit. These programs are often used for public school needs, church youth mission groups, sporting events, sports equipment, or specialized clubs. Any program with a financial need under $8,000 should consider selling tubs of cookie dough. Of course, the size of the organization will greatly depend upon financial goals for the campaign. Small groups, such as a church youth group of 50 or less will need to set realistic goals for money raised.

And, cookie dough sales do not have to be focused on selling only the tubs of the sweet ingredients. Some cookie dough fundraising programs have sold the tubs to bakers who in-turn sell the delicious cookies in a bake sale. If hosting a bake sale, bakers must purchase ingredients anyway, why not have them purchase the tubs of dough, increasing profitability? Also, this wonderful tool for raising money can be used in church campaigns. A Christmas cookie swap is the perfect place to give ladies in the congregation a sampling of next spring's support campaigns. Schools can sell the tubs then ask for sweet treats donations for special events, such as track meets or academic contests. When people have a project to bake for, the cookie dough fundraisers program becomes twice as successful, though everyone will most likely buy a tub just to have around the house, anyway.

There are several companies that offer the cookie dough fundraising program to those looking for ways to make money. Most agencies that offer this product offer several different flavors or packaging. Some even offer gourmet recipes that promise to yield chewy and flavorful treats not found in the common grocery store frozen sweets section. It may be a good idea to spend some time browsing on the Internet and among the different agencies offering cookie dough fundraisers programs, finding the one that will work best for the goals of the drive. Most agencies sell the tubs to non-profit organizations at competitive pricing, but price comparison shopping should reveal the best prices and programs available.

Keeping up with a fundraising program can be overwhelming, and finding the right people to oversee the entire project will be an important step in creating a successful campaign. The best approach in beginning any program that involves raising money is to begin with prayer. God's Word, the Bible, promises that He is faithful to supply everything that is needed to accomplish work that He finds worthy of His honor. Projects bathed in prayer will always reach the perfect goals set forth by God. "But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19) Letting our Lord handle the details will make for a much more enjoyable experience and much less stressful campaign. We are to show up and be His hands and feet, but He is responsible for the results.

When selecting a group of leaders to oversee the fundraiser, look for those who have high energy levels and are excited about the project that the money raised will support. Motivation is key to any successful campaign. While God will provide the workers needed, when prayer has been faithfully offered, it will still be important to share the dreams and visions of the project, giving many different people the opportunity to get involved. The more information that is shared, the more likely people will become supportive and not only work, but give generously, as well. There are more tips and suggestions for cookie dough fundraising online.

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