Fundraiser Dinner Auction

A fundraiser dinner auction is a very productive way to conduct a money raising campaign for just about any type of special charity drive. Almost anything can be auctioned off during a dinner party such as antiques, handcrafts, jewelry, vacation packages, theatre tickets or even a date with a handsome, young fellow! Offering food, fun, fellowship and maybe even something in return for the participants, fundraising dinner auctions can spell success from the get-go if organized effectively. An invitation-only meal, community wide event, a black tie affair or a potluck smorgasbord are just some of the tried and true ideas for dinner auctions that can be implemented by any host organization to benefit those who are in need. "He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor." (Proverbs 22:9)

In order to achieve success with an auction event, there are several things to keep in mind while planning the meal. Assuming that there is a team involved in executing the idea, first call a planning meeting to come up with the best idea for a fundraiser dinner auction. Choosing the right idea is paramount for success and should be relevant to the organization and targeted participants. After an idea is decided upon, the planning stage is critical to success even before any details are implemented. Areas that must be addressed in the planning stage include food, items to be auctioned, facilities, advertisement, equipment, and volunteer personnel. The food area will require attention to the details of menu planning, preparation and the way in which the meal will be served to all the participants.

Sit down meals may cost more to host than buffet style meals, so a thorough comparison of caterers is necessary in order to determine which is the most cost effective. Of course, it is cheaper to provide in-house food preparations by volunteers. This method can save a lot of money for groups that have the personnel to cook, serve and clean up afterwards. Menus can be chosen that are simple or novelty in appeal such as Mexican, Italian, Asian or German. An interesting menu is a good draw for many participants who appreciate tasting new or culturally influenced foods. Choosing a venue to host a fundraiser dinner auction is not always a simple matter depending on the expected participation. Some groups may have access to free or donated facilities or may have to reserve a venue large enough to accommodate the event.

The responsibilities of planning a great auction time at the proposed dinner should fall to someone who is creative and will happily attend to details. Auctioning off items is a common approach but can be handled more than one way for fundraising dinner auctions. Sometimes items are offered through a silent bidding process where each product is presented in a bulletin format. The lowest acceptable bid is stated for each item and participants are encouraged to register their bid before dinner. The winning bids are announced after the meal and each winner may take possession before he or she leaves for the night. Other formats include the typical call out production that allows people to compete with each other while the auction is in progress. This always is a fun format and most participants genuinely enjoy the banter and camaraderie that results in the process.

Items for bid can include football season tickets, television sets or a date with a single fellow. The excitement and fun is heightened during many fundraising dinner auctions by unusual or delightful items that are thrown into the mix. The possibilities are almost limitless in producing appealing items for bidding. Another area that must be addressed when planning a charitable drive includes the equipment that may be needed for the meeting area. Equipment such as a PA system is usually necessary in order to provide good sound for any moderate to large venue. PA systems can be rented from a variety of rental companies if needed. Another option is to borrow a system from a church or community center for a function. Launching an effective advertisement campaign is another critically important detail that must be accomplished in order to inform targeted participants about the function as well as persuade them to attend.

Personal mailers, community flyers, radio spots, newspaper adds, phone calls and elegant invitations are all part of a good advertising campaign that must be implemented. The type of function will determine the best choices for advertising and how much expense will be involved in getting the word out. Recruiting enough volunteer personnel to pull off the function is a high priority for producing a memorable fundraiser dinner auction. The person in charge of this area should be able to motivate others to be voluntarily involved in raising money for a worthy cause. There is a lot to be done when planning fundraising dinner auctions, but through proper planning and execution of a great idea. However, the needy will benefit and volunteers can enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others.

Restaurant Fundraisers

Restaurant fundraisers include things like gift certificates, cookie dough, frozen pies, cheesecake, pizza, chocolates, coffee cakes, snack items, and more. Fundraisers are a great way to earn money with school groups, churches, and other organizations looking to raise money. Running a program to raise money can be simple when using a company online. Companies offer many types of products and supply the brochures for customers to order by as well as prize incentives for those who are participating. Frozen pie fundraisers are one of the many types of products available from online dealers. Other popular products include magnets, gift wrap, ribbon and bows, t shirts, caps, candles, coffee, magazines, and gourmet foods. "And all the princes and all the people rejoiced, and brought in, and cast into the chest, until they had made an end" (2 Chronicles 24:10).

Running a program for raising funds can be accomplished in a two week period. Brochures with the products listed can be ordered from a company who provides the products. Then participants should try to get as many orders as possible. After all of the orders are gathered and the money is collected the participants will mail in the money along with the order. When the order is delivered then the participants must deliver the orders to customers. Restaurant fundraisers provide the products at their price but the price that the items are sold to customers include a markup price. The difference is the amount earned toward the fundraiser.

Some things to consider before starting a program to raise funds are: decide on the best products to sell by doing a search online to find out what kind of items are out there, set goals for the project, delegate to others what can be delegated, be as organized as possible, consider using software for the project, find out how to gain publicity for the event, and have fun! Frozen pie fundraisers are very popular items and different varieties include chocolate, coconut, lemon, banana, apple, cherry vanilla, berry, peach, and raspberry, among others. Customers who like frozen pies might also like to order cheesecake, coffee cake, or other types of gourmet foods.

Higher quantity orders will mean more profits for the cause. Most companies that have products available for raising money have minimum order sizes. In other words, a minimum amount set by the company has to be ordered. Discounts do apply for larger orders which will mean more money for the campaign. Restaurant fundraisers may include an agreement with a local restaurant to fill their dining room on a specific day. Orders can be taken for those attending and the menu can be based upon specific restaurant menu choices. The restaurant will usually provide a discount to the company raising the funds and the amount charged to the customers will include a profit. This helps the restaurant and provides income for the campaign.

Prizes for incentives to participate will encourage volunteers to join the fun. Prizes might include a variety of different types of items. Items can be chosen by participants based upon the dollar amount they sell. Some of the popular prizes for frozen pie fundraisers include gourmet foods, discount cards, gift certificates, magazines, and candy. Prizes for groups might include a pizza party, popcorn and a movie, class party, tickets in exchange for a prize drawing, field trip, or a free lunch. Having attractive prizes will help to meet the needs of the project and supply the maximum amount of participants. When volunteers have a goal to receive something they really want the motivation will help them to succeed and meet their goals.

A successful campaign will involve planning ahead, setting goals and deadlines, promoting and publicizing the event, choosing attractive incentives, attracting volunteers, and assigning jobs to the volunteers. A good leader for restaurant fundraisers will know how to get participants excited about raising money. A good leader will also know how to delegate responsibilities and follow through with volunteers and oversee each person or group successfully. A successful campaign is managed where everyone involved understands the importance of the project and how much money needs to be raised. Preparing for it and setting specific dates to implement it are very important. Staying motivated throughout the campaign is one of the best ways to meet the goals. When participants start to lose interest the campaign will suffer. Communication and organization are necessary to keep a project from losing ground.

In order for a project to get the most exposure and raise the maximum amount of money there must be some sort of advertisement or publicity to make the public aware of it. When advertising frozen pie fundraisers or any other type of money makers the group needs to advertise the specifics of the project. The reason for raising the money is the most important message to convey. The event specifics are also very important so potential customers will know where to go to participate. Some of the more common ways of advertising include local radio station, community paper, school newsletter, television, church newsletter or bulletin, posters, and handing out flyers. The location of the event should be able to meet the needs of traffic and crowds as well as being easy to find. Choosing the right day for the event will help to guarantee the maximum amount of people will attend. Having a backup plan in case a problem comes up will keep the project from becoming a failure.

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