Fundraising For Non Profit Organizations

Fundraising for non profit organizations seems to be an ongoing and perpetual exercise for most agencies with this moniker. It certainly is a source of consternation for most executive directors of non profits and while some agencies have actually done fundraisers for so long that it becomes an annual tradition in many town and cities, other agencies and organizations struggle from year to year with their fundraiser agendas. Many non profits have particular religious or ethical moorings and so certain kinds of fundraisers are really anathema to the group's creed. Raffles and certain types of gambling fundraisers may not be considered by some because of fear of losing base constituent support. So the fundraisers for not for profit organizations are as varied as the weather in Ohio. They are usually not much different from those of any other organization that needs cash for survival.

What may make fundraising for non profit organizations different is the fact that many of them have well established and highly visible events each year that get to own a considerable reputation. Large charities have golf tournaments and galas each year and other have auctions that raise tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of America has the very famous Jerry Lewis effort that takes place each Labor Day weekend. If it is possible to get an annual fundraiser going and stay with it year after year, the not for profit organization will benefit from a rolling publicity asset that will only increase over time. The decision of what fundraiser to use may involve a number of years of experimentation until one is settled on for maximum sustainability and success.

Most not- for-profit organizations struggle every year with making their budgets, relying mostly on donations from those who are passionate about their causes. When times are good, not-for-profits often expand their programs and agendas to reach more with their specific brand of assistance or agenda. Some years there is a blip in the economy and people are more reticent to donate money. The need for fundraising for non profit organizations is then certainly present. Other times, even when the economy is good, not-for-profits want to reach new heights of service and/or influence and in doing so, must expand their income base. Once again fundraising for non profit organizations must come into play.

Many not-for-profits sponsor the flagship 3K, 5K and 10K walks and runs for filling their budget coffers. Of course alongside the walks and runs are short, medium and long range cycling events also and of course many motorcycle clubs have come alongside these distance rallies and joined in raising money by having all day and multiday rides all over the country. American's loves of sports have been the backbone of so many efforts for fundraising for non profit organizations. Almost every kind of twist on volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer challenges and events have been part of the fundraiser lineup. People have sat on flagpoles for days at a time, and principals have kissed pigs and taken pies in the face, all in the good natured effort to raise money for organizations that aren't profit based. Everyone is affected when the economy takes a hit, but for the Christian there is a great promise in God's Word that has never been proven wrong: "But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)

There are standard items for fundraising for non profit organizations such as selling frozen cookie dough. Everybody buys this stuff, so there is the opportunity to make a pretty good profit but make sure there plenty of people to make deliveries on the day the goo is dropped off by truck. Candy and fruit and cheesecakes and pretzels have all been sold with varying degrees of success. When a not-for- profit sells items for a fundraiser, one must have plenty of passionate people who are crazy about the product they are selling. Of course there are auctions and raffles and carnivals and bingo nights and a plethora of other ideas that are plastered all over the Internet. Spaghetti suppers, pancake breakfasts, holiday bazaars Tupperware parties, and so many other fundraising for non profit organizations ideas that can provide needed funds for not-for-profit organizations.

There are some pretty cool and very creative fundraisers that could be great family fun along with the opportunity to sell food and make quite a bit of money. The cow chip fundraiser sells tickets that correspond to at least a thousand squares on a football field upon which three or four cows are allowed to roam and the first bovine to, well, ummm, you know, drop a chip on a square wins the ticket holder some grand cash. Imagine the laughter and the yelling and screaming and begging a cow to, you know; what could be a more festive day than having families all around a field having a great time and enjoying such a unique money making opportunity. There is one thing for certain: fundraising for non profit organizations need to be for the people who participate. A rubber duck regatta is also a recent fundraising craze that gets plenty of publicity and can raise a great deal of money also. So many ideas are out there for your group to consider and while not every idea is for every group, and it may take some hard knocks before finding the right one, hard work and thorough research will pay off.

Fundraiser For Charity Ideas

There are many good fundraiser for charity ideas available for agencies that need to raise funding, and when executed with organization, the ideas implemented will generally raise the money needed. There are many reasons that non-profit organizations need to raise money; operating expenses and special projects are constant needs. Financial development is a large part of daily operations and yearly requirements, so finding creative and fresh fundraising for charity options will be crucial to ongoing ministry success. Creative ideas are important, it's true, but equally important is the method in which an event or campaign is accomplished. The following is a discussion of possible events that are fresh, but also proven money makers. Following is also a review of what it takes to make any campaign successful, so those who are about to embark on a journey of financial development can enter the program with the confidence of knowing that God does supply when we do our part to prepare.

Charities of all sizes and purposes need to raise funding to accomplish their goals and objectives. Staff must be paid, expenses must be covered, and programs must be funded. The most important work of any ministry is the ministry service that is provided. But, without proper funding, ministries can struggle and experience stress, losing their focus on what is truly pertinent. This is why it is always beneficial to have fundraiser for charity ideas in place for the coming years. Waiting until the money is needed to implement a financial campaign will only cause frustration! Depending upon the types of development programs chosen, several events should be planned for each year, keeping an awareness of the need before the public at all times. People truly have short attention spans and the saying "out of sight; out of mind" is true in the case of a fundraising for charity program. Regardless of the size of the ministry in question, a well-thought out plan for the next five years will help keep volunteers and committee members involved with raising money on track and motivated about the next, up and coming program.

Ideally, different campaigns should be planned for each year. One or two large events that focus on getting the ministry needs before loyal and future donors should be included. This could be a dinner with a guest speaker, or an open house that features a high profile guest who is available to meet and mingle. Smaller financial development programs should supplement throughout the year and also serve to keep the ministry name and purpose before donors. Supplemental fundraiser for charity ideas could include appeal letter campaigns or promotions that include selling an item. Books that are relative to the purpose of the non-profit are great selling agents. Examples include selling Bible devotionals for Christian Ministries or selling publications about professional athletes for non-profit sports organizations. Not only does this serve as a fundraising for charity tool, but it also gives donors something tangible to keep at home as a reminder of the need. This campaign will also prove to keep donors informed, which is the most important point to remember for raising money.

All fundraising events or campaigns will need organization to be successful. Half-hearted stabs at raising money result in half-hearted giving on behalf of donors. Anyone who gives financially wants to be excited about their gift. This excitement will be generated through fundraising for charity programs that are not last minute and under-staffed. Ideally, there should be a committee formed with one person serving as chairman. Different committee heads should be appointed and each should have a team of volunteers to help accomplish the leg work. The more people that are involved with the fundraiser for charity ideas, the more energy the campaign will receive. Goals and objectives will need to be clearly communicated. People equipped with the vision understand their purpose and therefore, work harder.

Though God is the One who ultimately blesses a ministry with financial support, He chooses to do so through the giving nature of His people. If an agency is not willing to invest the time and effort of getting the word out, then potential donors may never know of the need. All objectives can be met through networking and promoting the ministry. Volunteers will be recruited, finances will be raised, and God will be glorified as the testimony of what He is accomplishing is being shared in a community. The Bible teaches that all things were created for His glory; and if the story is not told, then the glory falls under silent, dying ministries.

Keeping the objective to glorify God will keep all programs on track. When we seek to glorify Him, the details always fall into place. Fundraiser for charity events that are of a Christian nature should primarily seek to explain how God is working in the ministry then present the need. This can even be accomplished with sales campaigns. When an item, such as with a bake sale, is sold, a brochure or publication of statistics should be handed to the one purchasing. As the word gets about, God becomes glorified, and the blessing will begin to pour in. A fundraising for charity can truly be fun and fulfill God's purpose.

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