High School Athletic Fundraisers

High school athletic fundraisers can find solutions online to conduct successful fundraising projects through marketing products that have been proven to be affordable and profitable. Many of the popular items to use to raise money for sports equipment or other needs include candy, gourmet foods including coffee, candles, gift wrap, magazine subscriptions, and many other items. There are some other alternatives with high school fundraising ideas including printer cartridge recycling, pizza cards, live events such as a live auction, t-shirts or caps with the team name, and discount cards to favorite restaurants. To have success with fundraisers, students need to understand the importance of participation and enthusiasm for the cause they are trying to raise the money for. Children that give of their time for worthy causes should realize the significance of their giving. "For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God" (2 Corinthians 4:15).

Selling gift wrap to raise money is usually popular around holiday seasons or can be marketed for birthdays and other occasions. Anyone who enjoys giving gifts will often participate in this type of high school athletic fundraisers. Companies that offer gift wrap to raise money normally provide the organization that is raising money with a catalog that has all of their product choices. These product choices usually include every occasion gift wrap plus ribbons, bows, bags, tissue, and tags. Every occasion gift wrap usually includes holiday wrap for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and others.

A popular item that can be found on the Internet included with high school fundraising ideas is entertainment coupon books that include various types of coupons. The coupons included in these books are usually for dining out, travel, movie theater tickets, grocery stores, dry cleaning, sporting events, and others. Some of the coupons in these books offer at least a 50% savings on many items. The important things for having success with raising money is to get the kids involved and make items easy to purchase at local games and school events. Be sure each participant understands the reason for the fundraiser so that they can sell others to support the cause.

Name brand candy bars sell well for projects associated with children's activities such as high school athletic fundraisers. Some sites online offer a variety pack of name brand candy. Trying to sell one particular kind of candy may not be wise since people have different taste so to provide greater appeal there are several types of candy bars in each case. If living in a hot climate is a concern, trying to sell chocolate bars outside may not be a good idea. For this type of concern try selling an item that is not perishable, such as scratch off cards or t-shirts. Of course most of the companies online that offer fundraising items have many types of items to choose from and some provide a catalog for ordering all of their products.

Scratch off cards provides participants an opportunity to give and have a little fun doing it. Scratch off cards include denominations from 5 cents to 3 dollars making it affordable for just about anyone participating. Givers may choose to scratch off more than one place so they can give more and often times will round up a gift less than one dollar to an even dollar. Letting participants know why the money is being raised is important but it is also important to follow up with them on what their giving has accomplished. When setting up a table at a sports related event, remember to provide each donor with an opportunity to provide their name and address so a thank you can be sent along with a praise report. Conducting such an event not only comes from researching high school fundraising ideas but understanding the importance of knowing how to implement these ideas for success.

Printer or fax cartridge recycling is a way to provide a service to the community and the environment and at the same time raise money for a worthy cause or event. A good administrator will take out the time to make sure that athletic students and participants understand the responsibilities that come with being a good steward regarding the earth and the environment. The student who understands this concept can relate this information to the individuals who will be donating their old printer cartridges and in turn they can feel good about this kind of donation. Companies that offer this type of way to raise money for high school athletic fundraisers also accept cell phones and will pay money to the organization that registers with them and mails in the items they collect.

Bottled water is sure to be popular at sporting events especially when it is hot outside and consumers find out that they will be contributing to something worthwhile if they purchase one. Some companies on the Internet that provide high school fundraising ideas offer fruit snacks, granola bars, and beef jerky as well. These items won't perish or melt in the heat and make healthy snacks for participants enjoying a sports related event. Offering two fundraising items will bring in twice the profits.

High School Booster Club Fundraising

Successful efforts at high school booster club fundraising will generally involve a combination of choosing a popular product and a motivated volunteer sales force. A wide variety of products may be offered in campaigns of this nature. Food is often the center of such sales promotions. Cookie dough, candy bars, gourmet nuts, coffee, and popcorn are popular food items that are frequently sold by volunteer groups. Candles, cookbooks, magazines, gift items, and discount cards are also commonly merchandised products. More unusual choices might include custom made items such as apparel and home decor products that incorporate the school's logo or mascot. With schools facing ever increasing economic demands, the need for this type of fundraising is becoming more and more important. It is vital, however, to make sure that a school district does not overdo it. If too many organizations within the district schedule too many of these campaigns, the parent of students as well as the community at large will tire of these efforts and it will be very difficult to sell merchandise. The number of high school booster club fundraising events that can be launched within a given school year should be limited. Otherwise such efforts will not be fruitful and families will grow to resent the frequency of these events.

Most high school booster club fundraising efforts should last around two weeks. Stretching things out much longer can mean that the organization will run the risk of students loosing interest, or worse yet, loosing orders and merchandise. If students understand that they have a limited amount of time to participate and raise funds they are much more likely to stay engaged. A volunteer sales force is not the only type of personnel that will be needed if the campaign is to be successful. Those with a gift for administration will be able to put such gifts to use in high school booster club fundraising. Anyone with a knack for promotions and marketing may also wish to offer such services. A well publicized campaign is much more likely to reach sales goals than one that ignores this vital aspect. The product supplier will generally be willing to offer help and advice on how to effectively stage a fundraiser of this nature. The Bible encourages believers to reach out to others in need and lend a helping hand. "And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward." (Matthew 10:42)

Another way to increase sales in high school booster club fundraising is to offer gifts and incentives to top selling participants. With teenagers and younger children, motivation can be difficult to come by. But if these young salespeople understand that they will be rewarded for their efforts, sales can be greatly increased. In fact, the increase in sales will usually more than offset the extra cost of purchasing prices. The trick is to select prices that will excite the students and increase participation. In some cases this can be as simple as offering a pizza party or special outing to the class that sells the most. Individual prices to overall top sellers can also work as effective motivators in high school booster club fundraising. A tiered prize incentive program will involve and reward more participants. In a tiered approach there will generally be a very impressive top price for the best seller overall. Additional prices for runner ups can help to reward all students who exerted extra effort during the campaign. A small participation price can also provide needed motivation. In some cases, local merchants may be willing to provide these prices in exchange for the positive public relations message that this will send.

It is also important to watch out for burn out and fatigue within a specific high school booster club fundraising campaign. Establishing a time line for each step of the fundraising process and clearly communicating this time line to all participants is very important. If students understand up front what is expected of them they are more likely to succeed. The same is true of adults who volunteer their services. In many districts a core group of volunteers will step up to the plate time after time. If at all possible these faithful volunteers should be used on a rotation basis to make sure that events of this nature run smoothly. Even the best intentioned volunteers can push themselves too hard and end up frustrated. Keeping all fundraising efforts in perspective is vital. No sales campaign should ever conflict with the educational goals of the organization.

The practical steps that are involved in staging a high school booster club fundraising campaign will usually involve some kind of planning session among staff, volunteers and student leaders. Once the product has been selected and a firm time line has been defined, advance promotional efforts should be carried out. If the community is aware in advance of an upcoming sales event they will be more likely to make a purchase later when approached by a student. This can be accomplished through letters, fliers, posters, and announcements in the local newspaper. Some kind of kick off rally can also be a good way to drum up enthusiasm. During the course of the event it can be important to provide ongoing support and encouragement to participants. With attention to detail and solid planning, these sales campaigns can be effective ways to meet budgetary needs.

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