High School Fundraising Ideas

High school fundraising ideas are forever being floated down the hallways and corridors of every public and many private schools in the country. From needing funds for homecomings to proms to service clubs, there are committees of students and teachers perpetually meeting after school to try and decide on which fund raisers to employ for the latest project. Many of these fundraising concepts take a great deal of planning and effort and the responsibility for seeing them through can weigh heavily on students, teachers and parents. There is little doubt that the most popular high school fundraising ideas must incorporate both high profit and ease of implementation. There are many ideas and here are a few of them.

The latest concept of fundraisers is scratch off cards. These are not lottery tickets by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, these cards have one hundred dots that can be scratched off, with each dot representing from one to three dollars. The student will approach a potential donor and introduce the project that is being funded. The scratch off card is also explained and that the donation will not be more than six dollars. Once the donation is decided by the two scratched off dots, the money is secured and the student will give the donor a packet of coupons for percentages off local merchant products. For this project, the most intensive work will be securing and coupon book with local merchant agreements. But it can be a win-win for both the school and local businesses.

The most popular of all the high school fundraising ideas right now is the selling of frozen cookie dough. It's amazing that even when people never by sweet products at the grocery store they will buy an overpriced tub of this stuff. This particular project can bring in thousands of dollars of profit if the students get out a hustle the product. In fact, many marching bands have gone to hither and yon from sales of the tubs of frozen goo. The big squeeze comes on the day the frozen stuff is delivered. The army needs to be organized and ready to deliver because there will have to be dozens of freezers available for storage if delivery can't be made. Jesus said that the world needs to be ready for his sudden return: "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew 24: 30)

Should there be a strong parent base with a number of parents available for plenty of volunteer time, holding a celebrity golf outing can raise thousands of dollars. There is considerable outlay of expenses to make such an outing really happen, and most high school fundraising ideas experts estimate at least a year of planning is necessary for the project to be successful. More profit money can be anticipated if a dinner/dance is planned for the evening of the golf outing. Expect to have to spend up to six thousand dollars for the event, but profits could be very high as a result of the effort. Look into getting an insurance policy if the expected profits are not fully realized.

But let's get back to earth on high school fundraising ideas. A great event that gets the community totally involved is a bowling tournament. Teams of four are organized with entry fees, probably beginning at about sixty dollars. Food is provided from local merchants that are willing to donate their products, and prizes are awarded for fun things like most gutter balls and lowest score as well as honoring the true bowlers. The evening really ought to be dedicated to having fun and if the media can be persuaded to come and record the event, the more publicity for your project can be generated. High school fundraising ideas that revolve around such types of bowling events could even include people wearing costumes and awarding the best and worst of the evening. Selling baked goods, donated prizes and other items on site can also help up the profit taking for such a bowling event.

Of course the venerable car wash will always be on the cornerstones of any of the high school fundraising ideas paradigms. This certainly gets students involved and can be a great way to directly get the students involved in their project. Fundraising experts suggest selling boxes of doughnuts or offering pizza coupons for a small price are other ways of taking advantage f the willing customers. Many groups have even gone to a donation only for their car washes, believing that this approach actually raises more money than charging a set fee. Make sure that the publicity is set well in advance and that the location of the event is very visible to the public eye.

Many large scale charities are adopting the rubber duck race to raise money. If your town has a nicely running current of water, having people buy a rubber or plastic duck, already numbered, can be dumped into the river with several thousand other entries and then everyone watches to see which one comes in first, winning a nice prize. Selling other food items while the crowd watches can add to the total take. This particular event may not be for some religious schools that may see this as a form of gambling. But those schools might consider high school fundraising ideas such as cell phone recycling, inkjet recycling and pancake breakfasts as a substitute for the rubber duck regatta.

High School Fundraisers

There are many reasons and occasions that students may want to conduct high school fundraisers. Clubs, sports teams, and extra curricular activities all require additional money to cover the costs involved with uniforms, travel, and competitive events. There are many different ways to raise funds for specific activities, and high school fundraising tips should be researched before embarking on this enormous task. This article serves to help those researching fundraising put a workable plan in process to achieve the best financial results possible, with the least amount of stress and frustration.

Before choosing a random high school fundraisers program, it will be a good idea to evaluate what type of program the money is being raised for and what this program's general goals are. As obvious as this may sound, there is wisdom in coordinating the fund campaign with the financial need. A fundraising event can serve as an opportunity to promote a program or make a community aware of other needs within the class room, team, or club. For example, if a home economics/living class is looking for creative ways to raise money, they might consider having the students bake goods at school and then conduct a bake sale throughout the community. Sport teams might want to consider selling products associated with the sport that promote the team name and spirit. A high school band raising money for competition could hold a concert and charge for admission, giving the audience an opportunity to hear the competition program. With a little thoughtfulness, campaign leaders can create great opportunities that will benefit any program for long term.

Ample planning is also among the best high school fundraising tips. Events that are poorly planned will not attract volunteers or give donors enough information to pull in large donations. High school fundraisers that are properly planned have the highest success rates. The first step in conducting a successful fundraiser is to select a committee that will research time lines and locations. Once a time has been selected, committee members should begin the task of delegating responsibilities to team leaders. It is a good idea to recruit enthusiastic people to be part of the fundraiser campaign. Those with enthusiasm for the project can help keep excitement flowing for motivation. Periodic information meetings will be necessary to keep all committee members informed and on top of time lines. When volunteers and committee members have good and thorough information, they are much more likely to perform with confidence and success.

Promotional materials are also a major consideration for financial campaigns. Getting an entire community excited about the high school program, club, or event will help generate funding. Posters, telephone calls, radio announcements, and other forms of media can be utilized to spread the word about upcoming high school fundraisers. It may be beneficial to appoint a publicity committee that oversees all aspects of the event to maximize the focus on promotional issues. Again, the more information that is shared, the more enthusiasm that will build, and the more funds that will result once the fundraiser is under way.

There are, of course, safety and security issues that should be addressed with any money campaign that involves students. Young people should never be asked to sell products door to door or ask to conduct sales events without proper adult presence. But, students should take an active part of generating funds, creating an atmosphere of ownership in the project. Involving the students in every aspect of the money raising campaign can also be a great learning experience for youth, as they learn to budget, forecast finances, work as team members, and enjoy the celebrations of success!

Getting involved with high school fundraisers is an opportunity to work with people from many different denominations and faith. It is also an opportunity to be a witness for Christian beliefs and to demonstrate a Christlike attitude. The Word of God tells us to be a light for those who may live in the darkness. "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid." (Matthew 5:14) We are to let the love of Christ shine through us in all of our dealings, within the church and when we work outside of the church. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) The best Christian attitudes see all events in life as opportunities to bring glory to our Father.

To find more high school fundraising tips and ideas, search the Internet. There are companies online that will help organizations host events to raise money with professional planners. There are also agencies found on the Internet that offer creative ideas and organized methods to accomplishing great results for financial campaigns. Log on today and conduct a search before making final decisions about the next money raising event for your school.

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