High School Pizza Fundraisers

The parents hate them, but high school pizza fundraisers are an important part of an overall fundraising strategy to make trips and projects and proms and athletic teams and every other proprietary adolescent passage possible. It's possible that the reader has opened the front door to be propositioned with knockoff pooper scoopers, brooms, fruit and glow in the dark mailbox markers, but nothing quite raises those big bucks for the big ticket items like good old fashioned high school pizza fundraisers. Touch an American's love for the stomach and success is just around the pizza oven. However, many people do not know the arithmetic and the process that is behind this kind of money maker. And there are other options for the parents and school staff to mull over, like the discount card fundraiser. After all, the bottom line is that in many locations the parents and the school staff is the driving force behind most schools' efforts to build up the coffers for the various club or team treasuries.

Take for example, the fictional Tomato Plant High, located in the sunny southwest. Since the football team has not won a game for six years (they are always getting squashed by the other team), the father of the star quarterback figures its time that the team has new uniforms and helmets for the upcoming season. He has already resigned himself to the fact, after watching his son play, that the only hope the team really has to break the winless streak will be to have helmets so shiny and uniforms so white that the brilliance will somehow blind the other team. The father's search begins for the perfect money maker to raise the eight thousand dollars needed for the football equipment. The desperate man has concluded that the only two viable options are high school pizza fundraisers, or a discount card fundraiser, or perhaps both.

The students themselves had stopped going to the Tomato High football games because of the losing streak. They had resorted to spending Friday nights watching hubcaps rust and listening to each other's food digest. The father understood that the money making effort would have to come mostly from the team members, cheerleaders and their parents and a few community members who liked going to the games and promptly falling asleep. It would be a tough sell. The father's research told him that there were several ways to make money through the strategy of having high school pizza fundraisers. "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." (Psalm 32:1)

A local pizzeria offered the most promising plan. The owner suggested that on three of the slowest weekly business nights, customers could bring in coupons passed out by the team members and cheerleaders to receive fifty percent off all food items except beverages. In addition, the owner offered the father the opportunity to sell pizza coupons in twenty dollar denominations, and when the customer came in and used them at any time, the team would receive twenty five percent of the coupon's value. These ideas sounded really good, but the local pizzeria had just had a run in with the local health Board. These ideas were put on hold. There had to be another way high school fundraisers could work, so the father researched a frozen idea through a national corporation.

Frozen pizza in three sizes and five different toppings with fifty percent profit was appealing to the father. The national company offered not only pizza but cheesecake and cookie dough in five flavors. Even the cheesecake and cookie dough items offered large percentage profits. Of course, the fly in this ointment was that the team and the cheerleading squad would have to get out and really sell door to door. When the cheerleading squad was offered new cheer outfits, the squad got really excited and began boasting how the ten of them would outsell fifty five guys on the football team. When the fundraising committee, headed by the desperate dad ordered a sample pack of the products, reviews were mixed on the quality of the products. The cheerleaders were excited, but the football team knew in their heart of hearts that shiny helmets weren't going to help, and some of the big linemen were too shy to go door to door asking for sales commitments to pizza more akin to cardboard.

The committee reevaluated the situation by considering another alternative. Its members began researching a discount card fundraiser. This strategy employs the participation of at least ten area businesses that agree to give a discount when the card is presented at the businesses advertised on the card. The card is typically small enough to fit in a wallet. The committee really perked up when the group heard that up to ninety percent profit could be made on such an enterprise. They were advised to purchase plastic cards about the size of credit cards to ensure long term durability for the customers that bought them. In the end, because of still having to go door to door and the cost of making plastic cards, a discount card fundraiser didn't seem to get anybody excited quite like the pizza did.

The team and the cheerleaders decided on one of the high school pizza fundraisers already presented to them. The decision was to go with the local pizzeria's ideas. All the team and squad had to do was pass out discount coupons downtown for three weeks. The students of the high school even got in on the action, until a real smart one decided to go the neighboring high school four miles away and asked the football team to take pity on the Tomato High team. The student actually asked the other team to come and participate in some Saturday "pass out the coupon" efforts. The rivals stole all the coupons the kid had and burned them in front of the pizzeria.

High School Senior Scholarships

High school senior scholarships are often the difference between a student moving on in his academic life or opting for an immediate work career. There is a great deal of money floating around in cyberspace just waiting for certain seniors to apply and be awarded. From small scholarships that are often very locally based to those that nationally known companies support, there are certainly many opportunities to get sorely needed college money. Knowing where to go for those senior scholarships is the first step in laying one's hands on some of that money, so the first place to start is in the counselor's office of the local high school. There are many sources of money that the counselor will be aware of, especially when it comes to local sources. Many business persons and local charities raise and give money to deserving seniors that are never highly publicized. Start early in your junior year with an investigation of those resources and their requirements for consideration.

Many of these scholarship awards are based on community service that a student has performed over the years of high school. It is highly important that a driven student with a good academic record also participate in club activities at school as well as community charity events, public service in a church, synagogue or mosque and perhaps participation in other worthwhile causes. This cannot begin in the senior year! A long and varied volunteer record is very impressive to the committees that are awarding such high school senior scholarships. The Bible makes it very clear that good works are one of the signs that a person is a Christian, but they are not the reason a person goes to heaven. Salvation is viewed as a faith issue and not a works issue. "For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2: 8, 9)

Here are of the many high school senior scholarships that are offered by major corporations across the country. The Coca Cola Company offers twenty five thousand dollars to one deserving high school senior who has an impressive academic and service record so check with www.ncaa.com/collegebound for more details. Eleven awards of five thousand dollars each are given out to seniors from the American Planning Association for essays written on varying topics, so go to www.planning.org/essay for information. Walt Disney gives one five thousand dollar tuition gift to seniors who are planning a business administration major in college so look at www.ja.org/programs/programs-schol.shtml. And good old Colonel Sanders is giving out five thousand dollar scholarships to senior s so look at www.kfcscholars.org for more information. There are many more of these large types of awards given out, so just begin researching online for sources.

The Anne Ford scholarship of ten thousand dollars is given to a final year high school student who has demonstrated a strong will to overcome an identified learning disability so go to www.ncld.org for more information. There are high school senior scholarships for unusual situations such as seniors who are very tall and very short. There are also awards for those in their last year of high school that are left handed who are planning on attending a certain college in Pennsylvania and those who are fat who can apply for a one thousand dollar award based on their efforts for fat activism. Couples who use duct tape as their only material for prom attire are eligible for a six thousand dollar academic award to be divided equally between the two and those who are great at knitting can receive two thousand dollars for academic expenses from the wool industry for innovative wool clothing designs. If a person plans on going to Ball State University in Indiana and major in telecommunications, there are over eighteen thousand dollars in high school senior scholarships every year for three deserving students from none other than David Letterman.

For those looking at specifically Christian colleges and universities, there are over one hundred million dollars in high school senior scholarships available, so check with the schools of your choice for more information. African-American students are encouraged to apply for forty thousand dollars in award money from a foundation named after the late Secretary of Commerce under Bill Clinton. The American Junior Miss Foundation has given out seventy eight million dollars in high school senior scholarships awards in a recent year to those participating in the event. And the Sam Walton Foundation, named after the founder of Wal-Mart gives away many one thousand dollars final year awards to deserving students. One of the most prolific sources of academic gifts comes from the various civic clubs around the United States such as the Optimist, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and Elks Clubs of America. Essentially, there are thousands of resource suppliers for tuition help for college.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the granting of high school senior scholarships. One of the biggest is that a person has to have straight A's to get money. The truth is that while grades are looked at, many committees that make these awards are looking at how well rounded the person is. That translates into community involvement for several years before the last year of high school. Those committees want to know that the person is going to be a real contributing citizen when the college degree is awarded. All of this goes to the heart of the matter: your character matters deeply when making that application.

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