Marching Band Fundraising

Planning a marching band fundraising event takes keen organizational and people skills. When high school or college bands need money for uniforms, travel expenses, or instruments, someone has to take charge. Motivating students to march to the tune of a salesperson's spiel, rather than the musician's drum might not be most people's cup of tea, but it is the only way that a fundraising project can succeed. In organizing a program, the first consideration is the amount of money the band needs to raise. Setting a realistic goal helps students stay on target and prevents them from getting overwhelmed. By dividing the amount of money needed by the number of participants, each student has an equal chance at doing their share in bringing in the cash. Marching band fundraising is sort of like running a marathon: some participants will be go-getters, while others may start slow and then burst towards the finish line in the end. A good fundraising manager will be able to spot those who need a boost or a pick-me-up along the way. Similarly, God knows the individual needs of each of His sheep. "O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways" (Psalm 139:1-3).

There are so many products available for marching band fundraising that it will take a committee to decide which ones are most profitable. Directors can check with other schools to see what products have been the most successful in the past. Chocolate bars are an irresistible favorite, but tins of popcorn may come in at a close second. Everyone loves cookie dough, but products that build a team spirit may get snapped up by the local crowd, especially sports enthusiasts. One key to selecting a top-selling fundraiser is to choose a seasonal item, something that people will likely buy due to the time of year. In the fall, pompoms, Christmas ornaments, chocolates, and cookie dough may sell like hot cakes; while summertime may be the right time to hawk magazine subscriptions or sodas for those sweltering days. Kids can sell cases of sodas during softball games, swim meets, or other spectator sports. The best product is also the one that offers the greatest profit-making potential. Some companies give schools 50% of profits; but less than a third is questionable. Committees should be sure to read the fine print on contractual agreements with suppliers and be sure to get clarification in writing regarding the percentage of profits the band can expect to earn.

Marching band fundraising strategies also include getting pledges and sponsorships from local businesses, civic groups, and residents. Students not only learn good salesmanship by going door to door, but also get a opportunity to interest corporate and community leaders in local high school or college events. Marching band fundraising chairpersons may want to spend time coaching students on the finer points of direct selling to ensure that they approach potential buyers courteously and learn how to handle rejection with a smile. Business owners and residents will likely buy products and lend financial support to students who are upbeat, enthusiastic and polite. Leaders should also demonstrate how to take orders and use the kits that come with fundraising programs, so that everyone knows the rules of the game.

Once the committee has made a decision about the kind of marching band fundraising to undertake, the next item on the agenda is to set realistic deadlines. The first deadline is a scheduled date to bring in orders, the second deadline is collecting funds from buyers, and the third is the deadline to deliver products. Most programs should be scheduled six to eight weeks prior to a set goal. Vendors need lead time to fill orders, especially for products that have to be imprinted with a school logo. And buyers will expect to receive merchandise within two or three weeks after ordering. Seasonal items may need to be ordered months in advance due to increased demand. Committees or chairpersons should check with vendors to ensure timely delivery and ask about the availability of online orders. Some marching band fundraising programs enable anyone with Internet access to log onto a vendor's site and purchase products with a major credit card, using the school's unique identification number. Funds are credited to the school, less the vendor's fees. Electronic fundraising may be an excellent option for groups with fewer than 10 or twelve participants.

The greatest hurdle in marching band fundraising is keeping team members motivated. Holding team meetings and maintaining contact with participants is vital to the success of the program. Hosting pep rallies, training sessions, and sharing success stories helps keep participants interested in meeting goals. Using graphics which illustrate increasing sales also gives participants a visual picture of where they stand and how far they have to go in order to cross the finish line. While a little friendly competition is always a motivating factor, pairing go-getters with stragglers helps build team spirit. As students realize that raising funds for band uniforms, instruments, or competition fees is a team effort, a valuable lesson will be learned that will stand them in good stead as young adults. Before embarking on a program to raise money at any educational institution, committee members, directors, and band members must become fully committed to the cause and refuse to stop short of their goal. "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain" (I Corinthians 9:24). In the long run, persistence and perseverence will pay off.

Daycare Fundraisers Ideas

Utilizing daycare fundraisers ideas can bring a child care facility the additional funding needed to take a program from operating on an average level to a spectacular one. When finances are what keep any organization from implementing dynamic programs or purchasing equipment that will aid in office support or enhance learning, then it is time to consider a financial campaign that raises funds for the much needed project, equipment, or curriculum. There may also be a need to develop funds for trips, special occasions, or school programs. Fortunately, there are many different daycare funds programs to choose from and there are even daycare fundraising tips available that can help enhance the programs chosen. Before embarking on the first idea that a committee might come across, take time to research the myriad of options available and discover the perfect campaign for unique and individual child care facility needs.

When agencies that take care of children are looking for ways to develop funding, they may first want to consider the amount of money needed for the entire project in question. If there is going to be time and money invested in developing a campaign, then first determine the total sum needed, expecting to raise the entire sum. Though large amounts of money may seem impossible to raise, with God, all things are possible. When investigating daycare fundraisers ideas, it will be good to remember that the Lord can be the driving force of any project and it is ultimately He that produces what is needed. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Philippians 4:13) As a matter of fact, when goals or objectives look to be impossible, this is when the Lord usually blesses in the richest form. His intervention, and not our work, is given the glory when the results are of miraculous proportions.

After the goals are determined and clearly communicated to a team of volunteers dedicated to seeing the entire task to completion, then a campaign will need to be selected. Daycare fundraising tips reveal that there are hundreds of different ideas that can be implemented. There are services that can be offered or special events that can be planned. Services could include a Saturday car wash or bake sale. Events that provide food and a motivational speaker are also great opportunities to share the vision and the important work of the child care facility. Other daycare fundraisers ideas are selling flowers at mother's day or Valentine's cookies. Finding a special occasion and meeting a general need, such as providing easy access to flowers for mom, are guaranteed sales ideas. People thrive on convenience, and when a fundraiser offers convenience, donors have the opportunity to have a need filled and support a worthy mission, as well.

There are also creative daycare fundraisers ideas listed throughout the Internet. Many companies that advertise online offer products and gifts that can be sold to raise money. There are also cook book companies and cookie dough companies that have proven success history. Publishing a cookbook full of children's favorites or a child's beginner cookbook would be a great idea. And, everyone loves fresh baked cookies, making cookie dough sales among the most popular daycare fundraising tips today. Investing the time in researching several options will give those searching, plenty of ideas to present to a board or to the committee overseeing the project. Coffee is another item that is growing in popularity with financial development campaigns. Most every home in America has a coffee pot, so this is a consumable item that is sure to get a lot of attention.

An organized program will be the most successful program. Simply handing parents or children catalogs to sell items from will not be the most motivational. Actively promoting an even that kick starts a sale may take time to organize, but will be well worth the trouble in the long run. If a bake sale is determined to be a effective program, offer samples of the goodies that are going to be sold, taking orders. If coffee sales are the perfect daycare fundraisers ideas, then pass out cups of the coffee for the parent's and caretaker's commutes to work and back home after they drop off kids. And, if planning a seasonal campaign, have a theme party where participants are asked to donate. Creating an excitement around the campaign is key to having interested donors.

Start today and begin researching how the best campaigns meet with success with daycare fundraising tips found online through the Internet. Also begin investigating the types of campaigns that the agency that you represent find most appealing. Try and make the entire campaign more like an event that is fun to take part in, and volunteers will be more likely to lend a helping hand and donors will be excited about supporting the project.

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