Marketing A Fundraising Program

When marketing a fundraising program it will be important to create an excitement about the campaign, while sharing information about the project being funded. The promotional aspect of any fundraiser can be just as important as the financial outcome, because in the process of promoting the event, several objectives can be met. Those who are successful at launching and completing a fundraising campaign are those who effectively promoted the campaign by devoting time and energy to the beginning processes. There are many different ideas that can be utilized when you want to market your fundraising program. Once the type of fundraiser has been selected, a precise plan with clear promotional objectives should be developed, laying the ground work for the actual campaign event or sales. Effectively promoting the upcoming event will make the work during the event less stressful and certainly more profitable.

Many financial development campaigns have ended with less than desirable results. Raising money for any charitable organization or non-profit program is not an easy task. However, when there is time and organization applied to this difficult task, the results can be extraordinary. The key seems to lie not in actual sales numbers but in the way you market your fundraising program. Research is proving that when people are prepared to spend or give, they do so in a more generous manner. Spur of the moment giving or impulsive purchases from a gift catalog actually result in lower financial figures given to the agency raising money. Letting donors and consumers know what type of fundraising program is in the future and what the program goals are, gives these people time to think about their intended gift and to plan financially for a bigger donation.

There are actually more positive outcomes from effectively marketing a fundraising program than just an increase in donations. When time and energy is devoted to an awareness campaign, information about the project or ministry is shared. While donors are needed to meet monetary needs, the donors that understand and support the mission that they are giving to will be life-long volunteers and living advertisements for the future. When you market your fundraising program, this is the perfect opportunity to tell a story about the people on the receiving end of the project. For example, if a little league baseball team is needing to raise money for uniforms, it would be wise to advertise that the program provides uniforms to kids who cannot afford to purchase their own. Promotional materials might explain that twenty-five uniforms were provided to children last year, and the number for the current year will only increase. This would also be the perfect opportunity to inform the targeted audience of how important organized sports are to children who, otherwise, might be spending the afternoon at home alone or on the streets.

Promotional ideas for the fundraiser chosen can be as limitless as the choices of campaigns. There could be a telephone campaign, alerting all previous givers that chocolate bars will be sold again at the following Saturday game. Larger events, such as dinners featuring guest speakers, may be advertised on the radio or television, creating an excitement about an up and coming evening. Post cards can be mailed to potential donors, asking for prayerful consideration of the upcoming event. Every financial development campaign should be viewed as not just a way to make money, but also as a way to create awareness, recruit volunteers, and inform a community about the work or project of the nonprofit agency. When the focus of marketing a fundraising program is on informing the public, the financial giving will generally follow.

Promoting a campaign and getting the word out about the upcoming fundraiser is so important, it will be beneficial to assign a team of volunteers to this task alone. Dividing up the work is important and allows workers to focus on just one area of any large event. Having volunteers create a plan to market your fundraising program will give the project the best possible launch. It may be a good idea to pray for the right people to promote this program. God's Word, the Bible, teaches that different people possess different spiritual gifts. It may be wise to choose people who have the gift of administration to oversee the organization components of marketing the campaign.

There is more information available online about marketing a fundraising program. Those looking for creative methods might browse the different articles published, or speak with fundraiser programs that advertise online. Again, taking the time and energy to develop a dynamic promotional program that introduces the financial development plan will be essential and key in driving the fundraiser to profitable heights. Log on today and start accumulating ideas that will line up with the objectives of the nonprofit organization and the goals of the financial campaign.

Fundraising Consultants

Fundraising consultants can be found through the Internet and through local businesses that specialize in the raising of money for profit and non-profit organizations. A fundraising consulting firm can be contacted for the establishment of a goal and for ideas that would best suit the organization. Many types of programs are used to raise money. One of the most popular types is the selling of magazines. The organization that sponsors the project should be asked some very important questions before a contract for partnership is signed. The cost of the project should be negotiated as well as any percentage fees that are due. Typically, the only cost for a magazine selling project is the purchase of the magazines from a wholesale distributor. The prices for the magazines should be greatly discounted for the organization that chooses the project. In a technological age, most pertinent tracking information can be found through accessing an online account. The administrative center that offers the project will keep track of the magazines that have been sold and where to allocate earned funds. Address and contact information can also be changed or added through the use of the online account.

Supporters can also participate in additional ways. The first way is by using email tools that can locate and invite a plethora of people to participate. The emails can include a link to a personal website that acts as a magazine store, and can also include a custom message to encourage people to either make a purchase or to refer others who may be able to make a purchase. Fundraising consultants will be able to set up this type of Internet email tool. Another effective method is an actual link originating from the organizations website. For example, a sports team may have a website for players and fans. Within the site, there can be a link for the viewers to support the team through the purchase of a product such as discounted magazines. A reputable fundraising consulting firm will allow the supporter to be taken to the administrative page for an online purchase that can be completed entirely through the Internet. The product purchased would then be directly delivered to the supporter's home. The enables the organization to refrain from becoming a distributor and instead allows them to be the avenue through which the purchase was made. The organization keeps a percentage of the profit, and the firm keeps a percentage of the profit.

Most organizations will designate one party to be in charge of the project. This person is considered a team captain, and manages every aspect of the campaign. Fundraising consultants can direct the team captain to customize their webpage with a welcome message, a team or organizational logo, a color scheme, an email list, and reporting methods. Tracking techniques are also set up and incorporated into the master campaign. The fundraising consulting firm may even provide a way to sell to supporters outside the United States. The firm should certainly take the privacy of the organization and all of its supporters very seriously. There should be privacy policies stringently in place, especially if a majority of the selling is done over the Internet. Supporting an organization should be considered a charitable contribution, therefore it is important that the organization be designated a non-profit business to encourage more people to donate money or other valuable items. "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart; so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7). There are tax benefits for those who support a not for profit organization through financial means or by offering valuable items. Businesses can also be supporters. Many times a business will donate a larger sum of money and become a sponsor of the organization. This sponsorship helps the organization as well as advertises the business and the services or products it offers.

There are many tips for organizations that are interested in raising money. The first tip suggested by fundraising consultants is the setting of a clear and realistic goal. Aiming for something that will help to motivate the members of an organization will create a feeling of success at the end of the campaign. It is also important to keep the members abreast of the progress that is being made. Consistent periodic updates are a great motivator. A fundraising consulting firm will encourage organizational owners to reward and recognize top performers. Those that are raising the most money should be acknowledged for their contributions to the success of the campaign. Rewarding top performers will continually motivate the members. Identifying as many supporters as possible at the beginning of the campaign will create a better chance for success. All local businesses and any other company that may benefit in some way should be contacted and solicited for support. Any successful campaign should be carefully planned out to ensure maximum success.

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