Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle school fundraising ideas are always a hot topic at local PTA and PTO meetings where parents are faced with the specter of having to raise money for that trip to the state capitol or Washington D.C. This is a hard age because let's face facts: the eighth grade isn't exactly filled with highly responsible people who are likely to grab responsibility by the horns and make projects happen without tremendous parental and teacher help. This age is likely to need help in securing new athletic gear, new school equipment such as science lab materials and perhaps updates to computers that won't come through regular school budgets and of course the obligatory eight grade trip somewhere that will keep chaperones up all night long roaming the hotel hallways. And the way to make some of those things happen is through jjunior high fundraising ideas that first have their genesis in some PTA committee meeting. Here are some things to think about before deciding on any one idea.

In recent years a sixth grader was murdered while selling wrapping paper door to door during a fundraiser campaign. Another same aged student was raped selling newspaper subscriptions for another fundraiser project. Add that to the fact that a sixth or seventh grader just might egg a house that didn't buy and the door to door ideas have some serious drawbacks. To make a door to door campaign work in this day and age, they should be done during the day with the accompaniment of parent or chaperone. The student should not be carrying money on their person and many schools only want their students to sell to family, friends, close neighbors and their parents' co-workers. With all those thoughts in mind, middle school fundraising ideas can get fairly restricted after much consideration.

Consider some very innovative ways that some junior high schools are raising money safely with their middle school fundraising ideas. One school marks off its football field into 1 yard squares and sells raffle tickets for each square. Then on a designated non school day, three cows are led on the field and allowed to roam freely and the squares where the first uhhh, errr, cow droppings are made wins a very nice prize. There you go...it just takes a little imagination and a very understanding athletic director. The other middle school fundraising ideas option that involves animals is a donkey basketball game with athletes against the faculty. But watch out, one could run into animal rights protestors. Maybe you could ask if they would be willing to take the place of the donkeys.

If a school goes ahead and decides to do a door to door selling campaign, one of the hottest crazes among the many middle school fundraising ideas is the scratch off card. This is not a raffle but a fun way to get donors to give to a needed project. The scratch off cards have a hundred dots covering amount of one to three dollars. Once the student tells the prospective donor about the project and asking for a donation, two dots are rubbed off, and depending on the amount of the two revealed amounts, the donor will pay between two and six dollars. In return for the donation, the donor will be given a packet of coupons for discounts on local merchant's services and products. This option among the many middle school fundraising ideas appears to be a win-win for both school and local merchants.

Frozen cookie dough is another one of the really hot middle school fundraising ideas that has proven to be a big profit making item that will probably have to be sold door to door in order to be successful. Even for people who are anathema to sugar will end up by a tub of the heart attack inducing stuff. While many people will buy these tubs, the day the stuff arrives will have to be the day that it is delivered. That means a delivery day better organized than D-Day at Normandy. This particular fund raiser truly will require someone at the top of the organizational pyramid who can command a successful army of persons to sell and deliver. Who is in command of your life? Jesus Christ demands that we obey Him in order to call Him the Lord of our life: "Why call me Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?" (John 6:46)

For middle schools or junior high schools, some of the best fund raisers are probably the kind that are done at the school and require substantial parental involvement. These kinds of projects are events such as pancake breakfasts or fish fries where not only food is sold but perhaps other things can be offered such as homemade craft items. Some schools have staged carnivals alongside their spaghetti dinners and these kinds of events can allow the students to participate as helpers. Perhaps the brain trust at your school can get together and build a fundraiser around the principal kissing a pig or sitting on the roof of the schoolbuilding for a day and night. Middle school fundraising ideas that are the best are not ones that come out of some pre-fabricated can of old hat and contrived events. They are the ones that are borne out of excitement and ingenuity and get the people laughing and excited about being part of helping a worthy cause to be funded and become successful. And by the way, if the band does get to go to the big capitol city for a parade, why not hand deliver a picture to every person who bought a tub of that cookie goo?

Middle School Fundraisers

Middle school fundraisers are increasingly an important part of providing neighborhood children with a well-rounded education despite the fact that public funded programs are in place. While state and federal taxes provide a large portion of funds for the operating costs of public educational institutions, there are always many areas within most systems that do not have adequate finances to operate properly. In fact, many areas such as fine arts, athletics and specialty educational areas have had to be cut due to decreasing government funding. It is through middle school fundraising ideas that many parents, teachers and concerned citizens have picked up the ball to continue offering important educational and recreational opportunities for their communities' children.

One of the best ways to insure added funds to areas of public or private education that need support is through charitable projects. "Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute..." (1 Timothy 17-18a) From kindergarten to high school, there are many types of projects that can be implemented such as sales, festival events, auctions, and novelty fundraisers. Most projects are spearheaded by parents who choose, plan and execute middle school fundraisers as well as for others grades. High schoolers can be more involved in many of the events and can many times do most of the work with proper supervision of parents or teachers. Middle schoolers, however, are generally not quite capable of a large part of the responsibilities, but can be involved to a lesser extent in association with their parents or class.

Festivals are common money-making projects that are used for this age group to encourage community donations for a particular cause. Fall is perhaps the most common time for schools to host an event which occurs nicely in conjunction with most project needs after the beginning of a school year. Festivals are just one of the successful middle school fundraising ideas that offer fun and camaraderie among the community while almost assuring a school of much needed donations for a particular project. Parents, teachers and children alike can work in these events making it easy to achieve the goal if it is properly planned. It can be an ambitious project that requires plenty of help and commitment, so extensive planning is needed to pull it off properly.

Sales drives, auctions and many other projects are also good choices for schools to make money, however, they too, require extensive planning and management. Middle school fundraisers tend to be the most successful when planned for no longer than a two week period as well as executing fewer events per year. Experts in money-making projects always suggest that holding fundraisers for short time periods tends to produce greater results, inflict less worker burnout and causes less consumer apathy. Parents and other prospective targets for projects can become inundated with one event after another. This can cause apathy, irritation and general lack of concern when it seems there is always someone asking for money. Workers who are called upon to assist in an ever increasing number of events per year may eventually experience burn out and may refuse to help in further causes.

A wise use of volunteer labor is imperative in maintaining an effective worker base for future events. Implementing shorter projects within two week periods can help significantly in lowering frustration and fatigue in workers. Well planned, middle school fundraising ideas that run effectively for two weeks can actually produce the desired results very efficiently and leave workers satisfied with their efforts as well as energized for the next project. Another very important tip that experts suggest when implementing any drive for donations or sales and that is to keep the focus on the purpose for the project itself rather than the amount of money needed. For example, if the purpose of the project is to raise money for the uniforms of junior high football players, always keep the eye on the uniforms. If the uniforms cost $3,000, steer away from constantly reminding donors of the actual costs and point their attention to the bright, new, professional-looking uniform that is on display for them to inspect.

Keeping the eye on the actual goal is very helpful in the psychological execution of any money-making charity drive. Of course the money is important, but after all it is only a means to the projected end which is the complete outfitting of the football team! Happy smiles of young football players are the best rewards for those who provide the means to complete middle school fundraising ideas. There are a few guidelines that are helpful in selecting the best one among the many middle school fundraisers. Stick with a reputable fundraising company that may have been used previously. Always sell products or items that are high profile, well received and helpful in some way to purchasers. Make sure that record keeping and timely deliveries can be managed. Thoroughly check out new ideas as to effectiveness and adaptability for any middle school fundraisers. There are many online money-making sources that can be compared for quality, service and effectiveness. Check out several before making a final decision for the next educational project.

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