Pizza Card Fundraisers

For many organizations, pizza card fundraisers can be a great way to meet economic needs as well as build goodwill within the local community. The way that these events will generally work is that participating merchants will allow a non profit organization to sell discount cards that feature their product. These cards will usually entitle the bearer to some kind of special deal when they order a pizza from the participating pizzeria. Such special deals could include a free pizza with every purchase or some kind of percentage off the total order price. In most cases the cost of one of these cards will be in the neighborhood of ten dollars. The expiration date on these offers will usually fall within a year of the original purchase. Some merchants may prefer a numerical limit on the number of times the card can be used. If the selected pizzeria is part of a national or regional chain, a list of pizzeria locations within the community will frequently be provided. The amount of profit that can be generated by pizza card fundraisers can be quite high. It is possible to keep as much as ninety percent of the cost of each card. Profits in this realm can mean that fundraising goals are met quickly. The participating merchants will also benefit through an increase in business and an influx of new customers.

For a non profit organization's supporters, pizza card fundraisers can be a fun as well as practical way to stand behind a worthy cause. Everyone loves pizza and the fact that these cards can be used over and over makes them a very good deal. Supporters will usually find that the cards will pay for themselves relatively quickly. There are a number of suppliers that can produce these customized cards at a very reasonable price. In most cases, the non profit organization will not need to supply any money up front, but can simply place an order and send in payment after the event has been completed.

Another positive benefit of pizza card fundraisers is that it can give participants an opportunity to build healthy relationships with local merchants. Such contacts can be very beneficial for any organization. Perhaps the best way to begin to forge these relationships is to introduce the organization to local businesses before the need for fundraising occurs. This would also be a good time to gather pertinent contact information for future reference. By making businesses in a community aware of the goals and activities of the non profit group the merchants is given the opportunity to decide whether or not this organization is one that they would like to be associated with. In this way, when the time comes to launch a fundraiser, the business and the organization are already familiar with each other and the chances of a successful partnership are increased. While working with local merchants can certainly be profitable for non profit organizations, it is also beneficial to the businesses to maintain goodwill in the community through a visible association with worthy local causes. Sending out email newsletters and other information to these businesses long before the pizza card fundraisers are held can make it much simpler to persuade the merchant to participate later on.

If difficulties of any kind should arise during the course of pizza card fundraisers, the fact that a healthy relationship has been nurtured beforehand can help to minimize or alleviate any problems. The competition for participation in fundraising events can be quite steep. Merchants may find themselves deluged with requests for help and will find it impossible to say yes to each one. Efforts to reach out to businesses before asking for help can make it much more likely that a particular merchant will agree to participate. After a fundraising event is over, it is of course very important to thank local merchants for any help that they may have offered that has made the event a success. Let these merchants know that working with them was a positive experience and beneficial to both parties. It can also be a good idea to let the merchants know that the organization would like to work with them again in the future. These businesses will also be very appreciative if their efforts are mentioned in any public relations materials that are circulated by the organization. In this way, pizza card fundraisers can be a positive experience to both the restaurant and the non profit group. The Bible tells believers to have confidence and bring their needs and requests before the throne of God. "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16)

Avoiding common pitfalls during pizza card fundraisers can go a long way toward making the event a success. Ignoring local media outlets can be a costly mistake. Making contact with area newspapers and broadcast resources can be very helpful since this gets the word out in advance of the kick off event. Coming up with a well written press release and perhaps even an accompanying photograph can help to assure quality coverage. There is a limit to the number of fundraisers that one community can realistically support, so for this reason, such events should be limited. Working in partnership with local merchants and media, not for profit groups can realize important fundraising goals.

Cinnamon Roll Fundraisers

Highly profitable cinnamon roll fundraisers are one of the best ways to put big bucks into a church, school or sports team budget! When it comes to fast selling fundraisers, comfort foods are king. Cinnamon rolls are crowd pleasers and money makers that will have customers coming back for more. Luscious, mouthwatering, 5-ounce pastries dripping with genuine cream cheese icing come frozen and packed in disposable trays for convenience. Unlike frozen cookie dough, cinnamon rolls require no baking. These pastries are ready to heat and eat and inexpensively priced to sell fast for a quick turnaround. Fundraising suppliers provide free selling kits and promotional materials for door-to-door sales. Churches, schools, bands, and basketball teams can realize nearly a 50% profit from sales and they don't have to do it alone. Many fundraising companies offer online consultants to help sales teams make the most money as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Sell more orders with cinnamon roll fundraisers by offering customers a taste test! Set up a sales booth at the school cafeteria or church fellowship hall, bake a few delectable rolls, and the smell of fresh-baked, sugary sweet pastries will have the crowds lining up. Comfort foods not only taste good, but they sell better than most edible fundraisers. There's something about a great big fat yeast roll drenched in sticky icing that appeals to food lovers of every age. Visions of Moms and grandmothers lovingly rolling out each cinnamon roll sprinkled with a generous helping of pungent cinnamon can tease a taster's mind. One bite brings a smile and a satisfied tummy; but one bite is never enough. The tempting taste of sugar and cinnamon are simply irresistible!

Cinnamon roll fundraisers may tempt the belly, but other temptations can destroy the soul. Temptations of a natural and spiritual sort are inevitable, but God gives us power over temptations when we turn to Him for strength. "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it" (I Corinthians 10:13). God knows how to deliver us from every temptation and how to restore repentant souls to a loving communion with His Spirit.

Selling cinnamon rolls is simple. Just take the orders, collect payment, and wait for the heavenly confections to be shipped for distribution. Baked cinnamon rolls can last for up to 14 days in the refrigerator or up to six months in the freezer. Cinnamon roll fundraisers can be used for bake sales, at flea markets, during sports events, after church suppers, door-to-door, or on the job. And the products practically sell themselves. Fundraising groups won't have to worry about losing money for unsold products or hassling with the headache of being turned away at the door. Homemakers will love the convenience of taking a frozen roll out of the freezer for a quick breakfast. Coworkers will drool over cinnamon rolls served at the office break room. Classmates will clamor to be the first one in line to buy cinnamon rolls by the dozen for a comfy treat better than Mom can make.

And if cinnamon rolls are too hot to handle, a coffee cake fundraiser literally takes the cake! Women's meetings, church bazaars, and brunches are great places to sell scrumptious coffee cakes. Fundraisers featuring these luscious treats will have customers coming out of the woodwork. Have a sample on hand and a ball point pen handy, because customers will want to order several after just one bite! Coffee cakes have just the right blend of sweetness and a light texture with a perfect balance of bread, nuts and icing. Great for any time of the year, the cakes may sell best during winter months or anytime they can be paired with a cup of Joe or hot cocoa.

Want to get immediate orders? Cut a gourmet coffee cake into small pieces and set them out on a decorative tray in the company break room or high school hallway. Place the order form next to the cake samples to make it easy for customers to order immediately after tasting. It won't be long before the order form is completely filled with names of customers who want more! Just repeat the process and in a few days, a coffee cake fundraiser will bring more orders than sellers can imagine. High school, grade schools, non-profit organizations, churches, bands, and youth groups can experience the greatest success with a coffee cake fundraiser with little initial investment. Customers will want to support fundraisers year after year because of the products high quality and superior taste.

A delicious coffee cake fundraiser offers an excellent opportunity for groups to raise funds for almost any purpose. High school bands can raise big bucks for new uniforms or special trips, churches can raise money for choir robes or outreach ministries, non-profit organizations can use extra cash to purchase equipment or furnishings. Whatever purpose, whatever goal, food fundraisers are the fastest way to make lots of dough with little effort.

Groups considering cinnamon roll fundraisers or a coffee cake fundraiser may browse the Internet for suppliers and fundraising websites. Company websites usually include online forms for brochures, samples sales kits, and estimated earnings per case or box of delectable edibles. Groups should carefully review materials to determine vendor policies for returns, percentage of profits, investment costs, sales support, and tips for selling successfully. Websites may also include testimonials from churches, schools, and sports teams who have had success selling products. Links to other sites may help potential fundraising teams shop for the sweetest deals.

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