Sport Fundraising Ideas

Raising money is a part of most organized recreational and competitive sports programs and creative sport fundraising ideas are crucial to a team's financial campaign success. While some money raising events are repeated year after year with success, most sport organizations are looking for fresh sports fundraiser ideas that will generate excitement about the organization and the needed income to continue the program. But, before jumping into a new method of raising dollars, athletic directors and coaches will want to consider fine tuning their current programs to increase capital potential.

A major contributing factor to any sport fundraising ideas is organization. Too often, the easiest campaigns are chosen because it is simple to hand a youth a brochure or catalog with products for sale. Selling products is not a problem, but a planned approach to selling various products could help in obtaining more sales. Most sports fundraiser ideas meet success when the donors know in advance that there is a promotion in the works. It may be a good idea to ask previous buyers, new parents to the team, and others in the community to budget for an upcoming sale. When asked at the last minute, often buyers select the least expensive items in a catalog, just to help with the campaign. But, if buyers are aware that certain items are being made available in the near future, they might plan to spend more money, making necessary adjustments to their budgets. Specific time lines and ample information will always make a money raising event run more smoothly.

Existing sport fundraising ideas may also benefit from an increase in involvement. When financial growth is dependent upon the youth within the organization to sell items or raise money, programs can lack the needed enthusiasm and ultimately, the needed funds. Recruiting excited adults to help in the fundraising campaign can bring great motivation to the entire project. Children and youth should take part in all aspects of support for their teams, including raising money, but the driving force of any successful campaign is dedicated and motivated adult involvement.

And, when there is excited adult involvement, there are also new sports fundraiser ideas brought to the table. Keeping a large pool of volunteers to recruit from can have enormous benefits to any athletic program. Booster clubs often take on the responsibility of raising money for sports teams, removing financial stresses from coaching staff. A coach or team leader can easily share the vision and define the specific needs to a group of supporters, then ask the support team to get creative with new sports fundraiser ideas for the project. The bigger the involvement, the greater potential for success. Driving energy can be brought about by campaign teams that host adequate numbers of workers. Nothing can kill a fundraiser quicker than the stress and burn-out that is the result of a few volunteers doing all of the work. So, before taking on any new sport fundraising ideas, make sure that there are enough workers to carry the load of a well, organized event.

Some of the great ideas that have evolved from brain storming events include sports tournaments and celebrity sports days. With tournaments, a soccer team or baseball team could host a weekend competition for several teams to take part in. Funds are raised by charging admission fees, parking fees, and foods and products sold during the tournament. With a celebrity sports day, teams host a day when a celebrity in athletics teaches a day camp for youth, or competes against locals, for entertainment. Admission fees are charged and revenue is generated from food and product sales, as well. Events like these are also great ways to promote the team and build team spirit. Great sports fundraiser ideas should always promote information about the team or project and increase community awareness.

Raising funds for an athletic team and supporting the youth involved can be exciting and crucial to not only the financial success of any team, but also to the moral of the players. As important as the financial aspects of any project are, the stability that comes from supporting the younger generation in their endeavors is priceless. When we give of ourselves, we are giving as Christ gave to us. Showing a healthy dedication to a group of youth involved in an athletic program can be very rewarding and Christlike. "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour." (Ephesians 5:1-2)

There are many more innovative sport fundraising ideas that can be found online. On the Internet there are companies that can introduce newcomers to the art of fundraising, and there are businesses that will practically run a capital campaign for various sports programs. Log on to the World Wide Web today, and discover more about raising the dollars needed for team success.

Magazine Fundraising Ideas

One of the best magazine fundraising ideas around can be found on the worldwide web. Selling magazines online is one of the simplest and most effortless ways to raise money for nonprofits, schools, youth groups, and clubs; and in most cases, there are no fees or upfront costs. The Internet has fast become the premier way to generate income. Online advertising has the potential to reach millions of consumers on domestic and foreign shores. And almost anyone over the age of 18 can capitalize on a soaring consumer trend to shop online. Although magazine and newspaper publishing companies have experienced a decline due to the popularity of the Internet, the web can be utilized to boost sales and drive consumers to subscribe. People still like to read; and studies indicate that more than 80 percent of U.S. households subscribe to one to four publications per year. Savvy fundraisers can take advantage of America's love for reading and trend for surfing the web by selling subscriptions effortlessly on line. "Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light" (Matthew 11:29-30).

The process for implementing magazine fundraising ideas that include online sales is relatively easy. Church groups, schools, committees, groups, and clubs simply sign up on vendor sites to start an online subscription "store." Picture a digital store as a virtual newsstand full of popular publication titles. Hundreds of issues are available that appeal to all ages and interests -- from children's magazines, senior adult gardening and travel rags, women's health and beauty books, and men's mechanics and golf tabloids. A wide range of brand name issues appeals to a broader audience. Once the virtual store has been created using the fundraising group's logo, text, and unique password-protected identification code; sellers can drive potential subscribers to the site.

Unique online magazine fundraising ideas can include sending out emails to everyone on participants' address books; posting campaign information in church or school bulletins and flyers; advertising fundraisers in direct mail and e-newsletters; or even printing and handing out cards advertising the online store from door to door! People are always interested in a bargain, and subscriptions offered through sites that promote online magazine sales may be discounted by as much as 80 percent. Subscribers can save over buying publications at newsstands, neighborhood grocery stores, or through existing subscriptions. And in a woeful economy, cost-conscious consumers are watching every penny.

Other great magazine fundraising ideas include visiting local doctors' offices, hospitals, health clubs, lawyers' offices, and dentists to offer discount online subscriptions for use in their lobbies. While some businesses may have even thought to curtail waiting room literature to cut costs, offering discounted publications that can be purchased online is a win-win situation for fundraisers, supporters, and business owners. Hospitals, doctors, dentists, and lawyers have the opportunity to continue providing popular publications for clients at a considerable savings. Area businesses may also consent to point-of-purchase displays of popular tabloids or allow fundraisers to post flyers or post cards directing customers to the online store inside of each issue in the waiting room.

Once fundraising groups establish an online store and invite supporters and potential customers to subscribe, the process becomes even easier. Interested parties simply log onto the web-based store, select from several hundred titles, and sign up for subscriptions online. Cyberspace vendors process the orders, collect payment electronically, ship the magazines, and pay the fundraising group a certain percentage of sales; 40 percent is not uncommon. By utilizing online magazine fundraising ideas, groups simply pocket the cash while continuing to generate subscriber sales via emails, blogs, direct mailers, newsletters, bulletins, or any other method of letting people know about the online store.

What's the advantage to electronic sales? By implementing successful magazine fundraising ideas, such as selling subscriptions via an online store, nonprofits, churches, schools, youth groups, and other fundraising organizations can make money with very little effort. There are no door-to-door encounters that lead to negative results; no expenditures for gas driving all around town to hawk subscriptions; and no handling orders, making telephone calls, or collecting money. Fundraising groups never have to have face-to-face contact with subscribers; and there are no stressful moments having to collect initial payments or trying to convince disinterested parties to order subscriptions that they may not want. Supporters that subscribe at the fundraiser's virtual store do so willingly and not with coercion, high-pressure sales techniques, strong arm tactics, or bait-and-switch schemes. Subscribers can leisurely browse through titles and decide to order as few or as many publications as they wish. Payment online with a major credit card enables individuals to have orders processed promptly with little delays; and vendors are totally responsible for timely delivery of each issue.

Magazine fundraising ideas also include forming competitive teams and soliciting the aid of family members and friends to advertise and sell online subscriptions. Teams can compete for prizes for generating the most sales. Winners can be awarded cash incentives, free T-shirts or ball caps, or treated to complementary meals at fine dining establishments. Some team members may want to compete for a small percentage of overall sales for the month; or a chance to have their photo displayed in the group newsletter or bulletin. Family and friends can also have the opportunity to receive cash incentives or prizes for referring someone to the fundraiser site. The key to making magazine fundraising ideas work is to explore options and vendor offerings online; make sure that the percentage of profits is well worth the investment of time and energy; stay well organized; keep up the momentum of fundraising; and provide incentives for team members to exert their best effort in driving potential subscribers to the virtual newsstand.

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