Wristband Bracelets For Fundraising

Wristband bracelets for fundraising has become one of the hottest items available in the fundraising bag of tricks for any kind of group looking for an appealing product that large numbers of people will be willing to buy. Any group, from a sorority to an elementary school can use silicone rubber wristband bracelets to promote its cause. They come in every color or combination of colors imaginable. Schools can sell them to promote school spirit by offering them in school colors; the band, sports team, or cheerleaders can have the name of their group imprinted on them for their own causes.

Christian groups can have them made with scripture references or Christian phrases printed on the outside, and additional words on the inside, if requested. For a group promoting a charitable cause, wristband bracelets for fundraising are effective. In the case of a "walk for...." event, for instance, everyone participating and supporting the event buys one as part of his or her donation to the cause. It doesn't take long for the color chosen for the charity is recognized, so that anyone seen wearing one is recognized as a supporter. Groups supporting disaster relief have chosen wristband bracelets for fundraising. People from diverse locations have a common bond in supporting relief efforts through these identifiable pieces of meaningful jewelry.

Promoters for research into illnesses such as ALS have used these items for fundraising, as have organizations like the Boy Scouts. This is one kind of jewelry that isn't particularly feminine, so young men won't shy away from wearing them. Charities like animal shelters, and organizations like Livestrong, founded by Lance Armstrong can use them to promote their causes for much the same reason. The wristband bracelets for fundraising can be purchased online in lots of 100 quite reasonably, so the profit margin for this product is good. Most people can be persuaded to give something to a good cause, and don't mind displaying their support in this way. Thus, these small jewelry items are welcomed as a sort of "badge of honor." With so many worthwhile charities competing for everyone's dollar, it makes sense to try to do something that is especially appealing to the donor. Besides raising money, using wristband bracelets for fundraising is a reminder to us all of what Our Lord said about it: "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal." (Corinthians 13:1)

Wristbands don't necessarily have to be sold by themselves, but can be part of a charitable event, where everyone buying a ticket receives one. Not even the women who are color coordination mavens will object to wearing such a meaningful item, no matter what its color may be. Some colors have already become associated with causes, which makes it easier to place the order: pink has become synonymous with breast cancer research, purple for pro-life, yellow for the military troops, and red, white, and blue for patriotism.

Pocket calendar fundraisers are good for end of year fund drives. Calendars of all kinds are being purchased then, and pocket calendars are such convenient ways to keep track of appointments that they are essential to many people. There are many ways in which these pocket calendar fundraisers can be made personalized for an organization. For instance, if the school band needs to raise money, pictures of band members or the band's logo can be placed on each page. For sports teams or cheerleaders, the same approach can be taken. Special dedications on the back covers can also promote the cause.

Church groups will also benefit from pocket calendar fundraisers, and the group could have something unique to their congregation included somewhere on each month's page. Thus, there would be some chance for evangelizing along with raising money. A pocket calendar for fundraising is very practical since one of its best features is portability. An appeal to the aesthetic sense of buyers is present, as well. That's exactly the kind of combination that works best when trying to get citizens to part with hard-earned money.

Whether using the wristband bracelets or conducting pocket calendar fundraisers, the items to be sold are bought in certain lots (usually 100), and payment for the items has be made up front, when the order is placed. Most of the companies dealing in pocket calendar fundraisers will accept credit cards, bank drafts, certified checks, or postal money orders in payment, but this means there has to be money in the bank in order to get started. This makes it difficult for groups without funds to get this kind of event launched.

Plans must be carefully made in advance of fundraisers. Dates for the beginning and ending of the campaign must be set, and publicity arranged. Local businesses will usually consent to having flyers placed in storefronts to let the public know about the sale and what it is going to benefit. The more people you have who are aware of the sales, the more who will actually participate in a pocket calendar fundraiser. Just be sure some other organization hasn't planned something for the same date. Competition is not a welcome factor when you are aiming for people's charitable dollars.

Gift Card Fundraisers

Amazing gift card fundraisers can net your school, club, or church big bucks with little or no investment! High schools, churches, non-profit organizations, and sports teams can earn money for uniforms, out-of-town trips, choir robes, or furnishings by enrolling in one of the most successful moneymaking programs around. With little or no money down, fundraising companies offer awesome opportunities to cash in on unused gift cards. How many times has someone received a merchandise certificate as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation present, only to discover months later that the certificate has been unused? Don't answer! But now groups can take advantage of all those unused certificates by collecting and trading them in for cash! There's absolutely no risk and most gift card fundraisers require participants to pay nothing to enroll in this no headache, no hassle moneymaking program. "The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it" (Proverbs 10:22).

Raising money for charitable organizations, to promote children's education, or to contribute to churches and faith-based groups is easy with gift card fundraisers. Here's how it works: schools, churches, or team members solicit the services of students, family and friends to gather as many unused plastic gift certificates as possible. Turn in the unredeemed certificates to the fundraising company, along with the appropriate forms, and wait on the checks to hit the mail! Gift card fundraiser programs pay a certain percentage of the total value of the unredeemed merchandise back to the participants. Teams that collect $1,000 in unused gift certificates can net as much as 60% of the original value, or $600. The more people get involved the greater the earnings. Fundraisers can send out letters to family members, or pass out flyers to students for a school-wide effort to collect as many unused tags as possible. Offer a cash prize for the team that brings in the most certificates, or a percentage of the earnings to those who top the list with the highest valued tag.

Other gift card fundraisers offer groups a percentage of commercial issuers' proceeds. Grocery store chains, retail shops, office suppliers, and specialty shops offer customers merchandise cards for an initial fee, usually five dollars. Prepaid store placards work similar to a checking account, and can be reloaded with cash and used again and again to pay for purchases at the checkout without interest fees. Purchases are limited to the amount of money on the account. Groups enrolled in moneymaking programs qualify to receive a portion of cash charged each time customers pay for purchases. Fees for enrolling in programs may vary from company to company. Fundraising groups can surf the web to find the best deals and offerings from national merchants. Non-profit and faith-based organizations, public and private schools, and youth teams may all qualify.

Many online companies provide opportunities to earn cash with fundraising discount cards. This program works great on college campuses, at secondary and middle grades schools, for churches, or sports teams. Companies offer a chance to earn extra money by selling discount certificates at pizzerias or other community retailers. The placards are the same size and shape as a credit card and fit easily into a wallet or purse. Redeemed at local pizza shops, dry cleaners, supermarkets, restaurants, car washes, or specialty shops, the placard qualifies the cardholder for discounts on merchandise and services. For every cardholder account sold, fundraising teams get a cash amount or percentage of sales. Since pizza is a college campus staple, groups could really cash in by selling the discounts at dormitories, or anywhere students hang out. Teams can get creative by sending out direct mailers to local residents offering merchants' discounts for savings on family dining.

Other programs for selling fundraising discount cards require schools, churches, and other groups to purchase gift placards from participating retailers at a discount. The fundraising group then sells them to the general public at face value. Many programs allow schools to profit from online orders made via host websites. Parents of high school students can sign up for a free online account on fundraising provider websites to purchase gift placards at face value to benefit the high school using a specific code or ID number. Companies receive online orders and make full payment to the high school. The high school's fundraising group distributes the prepaid gift cards and sends back a check to the fundraising provider for the amount of the order LESS the amount of their program discount. The school nets the difference for significant cash earnings toward its fund raising program.

The benefit of using fundraising discount cards is that everyone wins. Merchants sell more merchandise from customers who may not have spent money otherwise. Shoppers benefit by using prepaid merchandise cards at the checkout counter which can be refilled and used repeatedly without incurring exorbitant financing charges. Fundraising groups from schools, churches, savings clubs, non-profit and faith-based organizations earn extra cash effortlessly by participating in moneymaking programs that require little or no initial investment. All it takes is researching the Web to find online fundraising providers that offer the most lucrative deals. The key to a successful fundraising campaign is finding the right product at the right price for little or no investment. Fundraising discount cards work because they require little or no upfront cash from participants. Cards are popular vehicles for consumers to make cashless convenient purchases and can be refilled. In addition to ease of use, online programs provide participants with a steady stream of funds for very little effort.

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