Antique White Bedroom Furniture

Antique white bedroom furniture seems to be a favorite among young girls who love the look of a bright and cheery room that reflects their own outlook on life. It has been a staple of teen's bedrooms for many decades and shows few signs of diminishing in popularity. It is available in many styles and can be purchased through most major furniture lines that deal in Main Street USA furniture. Choosing the right style can be a daunting task for the young woman or her parents who are looking for a bedroom suite that will last not only through the teen years, but through the years the woman comes home to visit with her husband and perhaps even children. The styles may be contemporary, early American, traditional and perhaps even French provincial but not all makers of antique white bedroom furniture will make all styles.

Without a doubt, one of the real strong appeals of light colored furnishings is to brighten up a room substantially, especially is the sunlight is not a strong factor. White bedroom furniture can give a very airy feeling to an otherwise stuffy bedroom. When a person walks into a room where antique white furniture sits, a person can almost hear the "Aah" factor take place audibly. Dark furnishings, such as cherry and oak and mahogany can definitely give a smaller, less well lit room a cramped feeling and one of an over bearing atmosphere. This is probably one of the reasons it has such a wide appeal among young women. Antique white bedroom furniture truly is a non gender bending item; it is very difficult to find teen boys or husbands agreeing to having what might be called princess furnishings placed in their bedrooms. The only exceptions would be gracious and loving husbands who want to keep the peace and maintain great harmony in the marital relationship!

While antique white bedroom furniture can look expensive, many sets are very reasonable and can be added to as the occupant of the room grows older. Much of the expense has to do with construction of the fixtures and the type of wood used to build the set. Furnishings are made from either hardwoods such as oak, cherry or maple, of softwoods such as pine. The trees that have the best wood for furniture's frames come from trees that lose their leaves in the fall. The softer woods keep their leaves or needles all year. Definitely hardwood furnishings are quite a bit more expensive than pine and can be expected to last much longer. Pine is often subject to splitting when the humidity in the house is low. If the furniture is solid wood construction, it means that all exposed wood is indeed solid wood, as opposed to veneer furnishings that have softer wood as the main construction and hardwood veneer finishes.

Many of the sets of antique white bedroom furniture truly are marketed for the young teen by deliberately placing inlays of pink in various strategic places on the furniture. This may specifically take place on the head and foot boards of the bed, and in some inlay work on the dresser and mirror. If the furnishings are bought when the young lady is very young, there may be some characters inlaid on the insets such as Cinderella or other fairy tale character, but if that is done, there may be little appeal for that same furniture when the girl gets to be sixteen. So the advice would be to buy for years to come and not just for the age of the child at the moment. The whole feeling of the room can be changed later by replacing accessories such as throws and pictures on the wall. Sadly, many parents put more thought into the picking out of antique white bedroom furniture for their children than in instructing them on life's great spiritual lessons. Jesus made it very clear that the care of one's soul is life's greatest responsibility: "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8:37, 38)

As suggested earlier, buying only a few antique white bedroom furniture pieces for youngsters may be the best and most economical way to begin building a very nice suite of matched furnishings that can be completed as the girl reaches her teen years. Perhaps adding an armoire and some end tables later could turn the bedroom into a real haven for a teen who values her privacy, but also a place to host friends. One of the important factors will be to check to see how long the particular line of antique white bedroom furniture is destined to still be manufactured. There is no doubt that careful planning of future pieces could be dashed should the line and design be scrapped a few years from now. Of course, while it may not be possible to know exactly what a company's plans for a particular line of furnishings are, a long track record of having already been manufactured could well signal a strong future of availability. Prices of an entire suite can vary by as much as one hundred percent, depending on the type of wood used and the manufacturer and retailer. Take your time and look around for a while and get the antique white furniture that will light up the eyes of that very special girl.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

Antique bedroom furniture is being used today to create an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication in bedrooms in homes around the world. These unique pieces can be mixed with a variety of styles or combined with many pieces from various periods, creating a warm and unique environment that reflects the nature or needs of the homeowner and room dweller. When selecting furnishings for the resting room, keep in mind adding a few pieces that tell a story about the homeowner and set a relaxed mode to allow thoroughly enjoying the bedroom.

There are many places to find bed room furniture and unique pieces, and finding just the right nightstand, or bed frames, or dressing table, or ottoman, can be part of the fun in designing a room to match the desired mood! The Internet is also proving to be a wonderful place to shop for furniture, so don't forget to price compare online and to look for special Internet savings.

Today's bedrooms need to be functional while providing an atmosphere of relaxation. These personalized rooms are retreats from the world, but retreats that are easy to manage and retreats that provide modern conveniences - keeping the work to a minimum. What bedroom furniture pieces are selected can make the bedroom a sweet retreat or an aesthetic nightmare! However, the good news in today's designs is that anything goes, to a degree, and with a few helpful hints and guidelines, anyone can make a bedroom get-a-way that rivals deluxe vacation spots!

When designing a bedroom and selecting the furnishings, start with decisions about color. Color can affect the mood, so select a color the will quickly transition the mindset from work mode to rest mode. Bed room furniture should speak tranquility, unless looking for a little energizing, in which case wild prints and bold colors could be used. But, most people want soothing colors around them that lower anxieties in the bedroom. Calm blues and greens are popular colors for the bedroom walls and textiles.

When choosing furniture, decide what tasks need to be accomplished in this private room. Will you need a space for an office, a television room, a reading area or library space? Select the pieces that are musts such as desks, dressing tables, and storage pieces, first. Make sure that there is space for the furniture that will be primarily used. Getting fun pieces to state one's personality can come later. This is a good time to consider antique or odd pieces for the room. Use an old kitchen table from the garage as a creative solution for the computer desk. A grandmothers wardrobe can be an excellent choice of antique bedroom furniture, doubling as a TV cabinet and sweater storage. Think outside the box, and begin to design a bedroom that invites one into a cozy and personal space, as opposed to a replica of the new furniture sales showroom floor!

Mixing styles of bed room furniture can really show off a designer's creative style and save money, as well. Shop garage sales for antique bedroom furniture or find discarded, but delightful finds at flea markets. There is no reason to buy all of the pieces of any matching set. Simply purchase what appeals, and coordinate with other pieces using fun paints or fabrics, bringing the decor into harmony. Buying on a budget can be fun, rewarding, and leave money to spend in other areas of life!

Occasional pieces that finish the bedroom can make it uniquely individualized. Have a unique old chair? Consider covering the old with the new - fabrics that is! Taking an old chair and covering it with fun or funky fabrics can bring a bit of pizazz to the calm environment, which will add a little interest to an atmosphere. Antique bedroom furniture can easily mix with traditional pieces, contemporary styles, or casual living. Again, the idea is anything goes, as long as there is balance and harmony between the color and bed room furniture pieces.

Take time getting just the right furniture selected for an important room that serves as the special retreat. Comparison shop online and shop the out-of-the way places to find great and seasonal deals. Buying antique bedroom furniture and odd pieces doesn't have to be expensive, but it may take time to get what is really wanted and needed at an affordable price, and, most importantly, having fun designing a personalized escape place. This is the one area of a home that needs to minister to the homeowner! It is an important space, so create it with personal needs in mind. It isn't exactly the escape that Jesus had when He needed quiet time, but it can still serve the command He gave for one's quiet time: "Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place and rest awhile" (Mark 6:31).

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