Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Lightweight and rust-resistant cast aluminum outdoor furniture is an attractive alternative to heavier cast iron exterior pieces. It's hard to believe that the same metal which beverage companies use to bottle our favorite soft drinks can be forged to manufacture sturdy exterior furnishings. Aluminum's malleable quality enables manufacturers to craft pieces that look like cast iron, yet have the portability of lighter weight plastics. Unlike wrought metal, which is beaten into shape, cast aluminum is poured, or cast, into molds to mimic iron and to create intricate and fanciful designs or tubing of different widths. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of finishes from bronze, black, and bone, to its natural silver tone. And this maintenance-free metal is perfect for outdoor patio furniture that must adapt to extreme summer temperatures.

Today's aluminum outdoor patio furniture is surprisingly strong, yet cool to the touch. To resist rusting, metal frames are sanded, then heated to over 650 degrees. While the metal is still white hot, frames are placed into a chamber where each piece is coated with a fine powder consisting of aluminum and resin particles and paint. Another heating process bonds the powder coating to the metal and cures the finish. The end result is a durable, rust and water resistant frame with the flexibility and strength to hold weights of up to several hundred pounds. While metallic elements undergo a bonding process to add strength, God strengthens us through the bond of love. "Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness" (Colossians 3:12-14).

What makes aluminum outdoor patio furniture appealing is not only its distinctive and versatile style, but its relatively light weight. Most homeowners dread moving heavy patio furniture to clean recreational areas or accommodate large parties. But lightweight aluminum can be easily lifted and moved from porch to patio to poolside without calling out the National Guard! Stacking chairs constructed from this feather weight metal are easily transported from storage to do double duty on a patio for a large gathering. Smaller pieces can be folded and hung along a garage or storage room wall, out of the way and off of the floor. Chairs, chaises and tables offer casual seating that can be placed all around the yard with little effort. Even larger pieces, such as complete outdoor dining ensembles with glass tabletops, chairs, and removable umbrellas can quickly be disassembled and moved with ease.

When designing an outdoor room for family or guests, homeowners should consider using cast aluminum outdoor furniture for its good looks and enduring style. Contemporary and modern furnishings are nothing short of extraordinary, while traditional pieces offer timeless outdoor fashion. Cast aluminum pieces are the perfect blend of two qualities: strength and beauty. Domestic and foreign designers take advantage of the metal's resilient strength to create masterpieces incorporating sleek frames with wicker, rattan, and teak wood seats, backs and tabletops. Homeowners can choose metal frames in five to six different finishes, paired with all-weather fabrics in summer oranges, tangerines, aquamarine solids, or olive stripes. The beauty of today's outdoor patio furniture is that the look of store bought pieces can be personalized by using different cushions and accessories. Because most ensembles have standard sized cushions, shoppers can mix and match colors and patterns to achieve distinctly different looks. Vivid black and white patterns can easily go from formal to casual by adding punches of brilliant hues or primary colors. Monochromatic color schemes create a soothing accompaniment to cast aluminum outdoor furniture in almost any finish.

Good quality aluminum outdoor patio furniture, such as chairs, chaise lounges, gliders, and ottomans can be purchased at retail stores, home improvement centers, online catalogs, or warehouse outlets. No matter what the style, consumers should purchase the best quality for the dollar. Buy sturdily constructed pieces that are welded and finished to last. High quality pieces should come with optional 5- to 7-year warranties on frames. Ordering from one manufacturer or brand will ensure that individual pieces can be added or replaced in the future, without having to use mismatched sets, or buy entirely new ensembles. Purchasing pieces with classic lines will enable homeowners to use furnishings from year to year without having them look dated or out of style. In spite of the rust- and scratch-free finishes of cast aluminum outdoor furniture, homeowners should purchase and use covers to protect pieces from water, heat, and mildew. Patio ensembles can run as little as $500 for good quality sets to nearly $2,000 and up for each designer piece. Online companies accept major credit cards, but shipping and handling will up the price; and shoppers will usually have to wait six weeks for delivery.

One man's cast aluminum trash is another man's treasure! Budget-conscious shoppers may want to surf online discount stores for the best buys on used furnishings at considerable savings. Flea markets, yard sales, and thrift shops may carry used pieces that can be spruced up with new cushions and a coat of paint. Vintage pieces are chock full of character and make a "uniquely you" statement. Older pieces can be painted in bright primary colors, subdued blacks and bronzes, or hot pinks and oranges. Flea market finds of aluminum outdoor patio furniture can be collected for an eclectic mix of different styles. Purchase several pieces and spray paint them all in the same color. Add matching or coordinating cushions and stand back and wait for the rave reviews! Dressing up an exterior space is all about self-expression, comfort, and enduring quality. Great outdoor style doesn't necessarily depend on dollars and cents, just a little design savvy!

Cast Iron Outdoor Furniture

Ornate and elegant, cast iron outdoor furniture is simply built to last. Chairs, tables, chaises, and dining sets made from forged iron are the most durable, all-weather metal outdoor furniture available. Heavy duty, well constructed pieces can last for decades with very little maintenance. Made specifically for exterior usage, cast iron pieces can withstand rain, wind, snow, hail, or strong sunlight and possess long lasting beauty and timeless style. Lawn chairs made from this nearly indestructible material date back as far as the Middle Ages and were popular fixtures in the English gardens of wealthy nobles. In Europe and America, homeowners have embraced forged iron as the metal of choice for exterior furnishings, from tract homes to mansions. The versatility of today's foundry pieces makes them a wise choice for modern patios, porches and gardens.

High quality cast iron outdoor furniture can be found at retail and home improvement stores, online, or at wholesale warehouses. From quaint and intimate bistro sets, 7-piece patio dining sets, and bar sets, to garden tables, backyard benches, and lawn chairs, metal outdoor accessories suit a wide variety of tastes and home decors. Traditionalists love the ornate carvings of Victorian benches and bistro tables that complement a tranquil garden setting, while contemporary styles add a classic touch to modern terraces and patios. Cast iron can have an Asian influence with minimalist sculptural effects paired with red cushions or pristine white pillows. Want a taste of Tuscany? Choose a charming patio dining set with high lattice back chairs teamed with burnt umber cushions and matching umbrella. Placed on a terra cotta patio, Italian-inspired metal outdoor furniture makes an enchanted evening for family and friends.

Believe it or not, cast iron outdoor furniture can easily go country! A rustic bench, with pine slats, can be painted with a down home motif of horses and buggies or a quaint farm scene. Perfect for a patio just off of a country kitchen, a foundry-cast bench is a great place for little cowboys and Indians to eat a favorite snack before riding off into the sunset on broomstick ponies. Patio home decorators love the distinguished look of metal exterior seating for custom residences and model homes. Cast iron has an enduring quality that appeals to all generations; and natural metals and hardwoods always denote quality construction. For heavy duty seating that is nearly immoveable, iron just cannot be beat. Neither wind, nor rain, nor hail, nor snow can dislodge a solid piece of handiwork; and so should believers be in their personal convictions of faith. "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord" (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Almost every homeowner and business establishment knows the value of the common park bench. Place one outside the front door or at the entrance to a restaurant or boutique and you have easily won a friend. People love to be able to sit comfortably on metal outdoor furniture while waiting; and the good looks and practicality of an old fashioned or newfangled park bench make the wait well worth it. Home improvement stores carry ready-to-assemble kits for the handy homeowner at affordable prices. A good quality park bench runs well under $100 and can add curb appeal to homes for sale and welcome warmth to a front business entrance, residential porch or patio.

Libraries, municipal complexes, post offices, and shopping malls frequently use heavy duty outdoor furnishings to provide customers with durable, weather-resistant seating near places they shop or work. Cast iron doesn't rust, requires no maintenance, and can be bolted to the concrete pavement to discourage theft. But the gesture of providing seating for the public says a lot about the proprietorship. Seniors, mothers with babies in tow, or weary joggers can appreciate an establishment that cares enough to place seating nearby for added convenience. Bus companies also employ the use of metal outdoor furniture for passengers, usually beneath or inside enclosures or shelters. Many metropolitan and smaller cities are becoming increasingly sensitive to the needs of commuters, placing much needed shelters and seating at every stop.

And nothing is quite as cozy as cast iron outdoor furniture amidst the natural setting of flora and fauna in a national park, game reserve, or public zoo. Outdoor furnishings simply say, "Come on and sit a while!" Smart public and privately owned company executives also employ outdoor benches as an advertising medium. In addition to welcoming bus passengers, weary joggers, or post office patrons; metal furniture is pushed into commercial service with billboard placards attached to the backs of benches. Business owners can buy advertising space throughout the city, using placards on every corner. The media is stationary, static, weather-resistant, and visible to drivers, pedestrians, and those who want to take advantage of a comfortable seat.

Whether consumers choose ornate cast iron outdoor furniture or modern, sleek metal outdoor furniture, the choice is a good one. Weather-resistant, practically indestructible exterior seating, such as tables, bistro sets, and patio furnishings may cost a little more initially; but their long lasting quality justifies any added expense. Shoppers should buy high quality exterior furnishings that are well welded, with heavy duty attachments. Wood components should be stained, pressure treated, or painted to prevent swelling, scratching, chipping or expanding and contracting due to element changes. A high quality settee or bench will last for decades. Wooden slats can easily be replaced if the original frames and hardware are intact. Wrought iron benches can also be painted to match any decor in and out of doors, for a beautiful addition to a home garden or public place.

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