Cherry Dining Room Furniture

A cherry dining room furniture set adds elegance to any home. There's just something about the richness of this kind of wood that quietly whispers sophistication and formality. Even a cherry-finished laminate on a casual kitchen table or bistro set is appealing. The warm tones exude a sense of friendliness and goodwill just perfect for the room that seems to be the favorite gathering spot for family and friends in most homes. The mood can be further enhanced or playfully changed with the use of colorful or themed placemats. For a more formal look, a tapestry runner can be placed in the middle of the table. The centerpiece should coordinate with the mood. Wildflowers in pitchers are great for casual lunches, but switch to red and white roses in slender glass vases surrounded by candles and even the most casual table is given a new romantic identity. The table itself becomes a backdrop for the decor and the mood that the hostess wants to set. Even budget-strapped newlyweds can find inexpensive kitchen sets with rich finishes to furnish their first apartments. Later, after moving into their first home, they can shop for cherry dining room furniture to fill the new dining room.

A fun way to spend a weekend is to browse through furniture stores and antique shops. Potential customers can learn a lot of information by looking at different tables and chairs. Most people are able to quickly identify what they like and don't like, but it's helpful to take a closer look and decide exactly what it is about a specific piece that is either appealing or not-so-much. One person may find she is drawn to slender pieces with minimal lines. Another person may prefer thick cherry dining room furniture that is ornate and heavy. Some people prefer round and oval tables. Others prefer square or rectangle tables. Customers also have different preferences when it comes to the legs or base of the table. Some tables are set, depending on the size and shape, on one or two pedestals. Others have four legs. Most people prefer tables that can be made longer or shorter through some type of built-in extension or by adding/removing leaves.

When it comes to shopping for cherry dining room furniture, potential customers can draw on their browsing and tearing-up-magazines experiences to help them focus on their favorite styles. Additionally, the customers may want to do some online research about the finer points of craftsmanship. Naturally, a table that is handcrafted from fine hardwood will be more expensive than one that is made out of particle board. The customers may want to set a realistic budget before choosing a specific set. Here again, the earlier browsing expeditions will have given the customers an idea of what they can get for their money. This information will help, too, when it comes to looking for bargains. The well-informed customer will know when a bargain is really a bargain and when it's nothing more than inferior quality. A couple may want to purchase especially fine cherry dining room furniture as potential heirlooms for their children. This may be a more expensive purchase than the couple who just wants something formal to fill up a room that no one uses which seems to happen to too many dining rooms in too many homes.

In New Testament days, the custom was to lie down on couches during meal times. For example, during the Last Supper, the Passover meal was placed on low tables and the disciples were on couches or mats. Knowing this custom makes it easier for us to visualize this passage from John's gospel: "When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me... Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.... He then lying on Jesus' breast saith unto him, Lord, who is it?" (John 13:21-25). Our custom now is to sit upright when we dine. Upscale cherry dining room furniture almost always includes a set of four to six chairs with padded and upholstered seats. Additional chairs can be purchased separately. Other furniture pieces may also be offered for sale as part of a collection. Items such as china cabinets, buffets and hutches, and sideboards or consoles will have the same finish and detailing as the table and chairs.

Some people may prefer to shop online for cherry dining room furniture. Other customers want to see the items they're purchasing before parting with their money. Whether shopping online or at a retail location, customers need to ask questions about such things as delivery costs, the time of delivery, and set-up fees. Additionally, customers should completely understand any financing plans that are offered by the company. Some stores promote zero percent financing which can be a great way to purchase needed furniture. But the fine print often includes a provision that if payments aren't made on time that a high rate of interest will be charged and that interest will be calculated from the date of the purchase. Customers who sign up for zero percent financing need to be sure that they follow the rules and pay early. Otherwise, their cherry dining room furniture may end up costing them much more than they wanted to pay. Whether for the casual kitchen or the more formal dining room, cherry-finished furniture makes a dynamic statement. Table linens and centerpieces are simple and effective ways to set a specific tone and mood.

Oak Dining Room Furniture

Beautifully crafted oak dining room furniture makes a definite statement in any decor. Whether homeowners love traditional, contemporary, Amish, or Mission style furnishings, natural hardwoods like oak can be crafted to suit any interior. Solid hardwoods have long endeared even the most discriminating tastes because of their durability, versatility, and unmistakable quality. Unlike less expensive veneers, solid oak dining room furniture provides years of service to small and large families and outlasts furnishings made with lesser quality materials. Wood furniture's sturdy construction can take years of wear and tear, and aging pieces can easily be sanded and re-stained or re-painted. Some pieces actually become more beautiful by acquiring a distressed or burnished look after decades of use.

The versatility of oak dining room furniture is unrivaled. Because wood can be crafted into so many different styles and stained or painted in a virtual rainbow of colors, items can be customized to complement any interior design. Traditional homeowners may prefer furnishings in timeless styles, such as the signature turned legs of Queen Anne, or the elegance of cherry-stained Chippendale chairs and tables. Contemporary stylists may opt for the clean lines of Danish modern or American classical pieces. Those who favor the Old World charm of Amish and Mission styles can find tables, chairs, china cabinets, and buffets that are not only beautiful to look at but hand crafted for durability. The quality of solid wood is incomparable and even the least expensive selections are constructed of more superior materials than run-of-the-mill veneers and compressed woods.

In addition to standard hues, traditional and classic oak dining room furniture comes in several shades of cherry, mahogany, or maple. High-end department stores usually offer a choice of three to four custom colors to complement customer's existing decors. Special order items can be specially stained to combine light and dark colorations in a single piece. Of course, customers can expect to pay more for hand stained versions, rather than manufactured pieces. Customers can order tables, chairs, china cabinets, buffets, and bar stools in matching stains or mixed for a one-of-a-kind design. Traditional styles are best for formal dining rooms and kitchens, while contemporary or modern pieces work well with a casual decor. While selecting the right furnishings sets the stage for a unique dining experience with good food, family and friends; spiritual bread is far more fulfilling. "But He answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4).

Matching china cabinets and buffets in a wide range of styles and finishes adds the perfect complement to traditional, classic, or contemporary decor. Most china cabinets come in two sections with sturdy bases and glass front hutches to display a collection of fine china or stoneware. Because of their durability high quality oak dining room furniture can become treasured heirlooms, passed along to family members from one generation to the next. And while solid wood pieces may be expensive, most people consider the expense a worthwhile investment. Purchasing cheaper suites made from veneers or compressed lumber may save money initially, but spending more for high-quality, durable hardwood is more cost effective in the long run. Over the years, poorly constructed veneers can scratch easily and will show wear and tear more quickly. By the time homeowners replace a couple of sets of inexpensive suites, they will have paid for a high quality ensemble that has the potential to last for generations.

When it comes to durability and Old World charm, Amish and Mission furnishings are unmatched. In the Amish community, furniture making is an art perfected by generations of skilled craftsmen. The Amish construct oak dining room furniture from hand-cut, quarter-sawn lumber using centuries old techniques. Nothing is mass produced and the attention to detail is exquisite. English dovetailed drawers, solid plywood backs, and thick one-inch tabletops are hallmarks of Amish and Mission style furnishings. Siberian white oaks are stained in light or dark finishes, including cherry, mahogany and maple. Dining ensembles are crafted to seat two, six or up to fourteen guests. Gathering tables are massive ensembles with rectangular tables and sturdy chairs in hand-burnished or distressed finishes protected with several coats of polyurethane. Oval, rectangular or round tables are constructed with durable single or double pedestals in the style that is classic Amish or Mission.

While many people prefer matching ensembles, adventuresome homeowners may try mixing styles and finishes to achieve an eclectic mix. Traditional Queen Anne chairs with gracefully turned legs can easily be paired with round or oval Amish tables with matching stains or finishes. Modern and classic styles also go well with Mission furnishings which marry straight-laced profiles with linear, almost geometric designs. Amish furnishings are a perfect complement to craftsman style homes with natural wood grains and symmetrical details. An interior designer or home consultant can recommend blending the right finishes and oak dining room furniture styles to accomplish a unique look that is certain to get rave reviews.

To find hand crafted oak dining room furniture, homeowners can shop online or visit local showrooms and manufacturers. While traditional and contemporary styles are relatively easy to find, Amish, Shaker, or Mission ensembles may be located on the Internet. Online vendors offer a wide selection at nearly every price range and finishes. Shoppers can browse digital catalogues and compare pricing from several manufacturers from the comfort of home without haggling with salespeople. Web-based companies usually provide toll-free assistance and information with live operators to help customers determine which pieces best suit their needs. Discounts may be available on some discontinued styles or specials, but buyers will have to pay for shipping and handling. Because solid wood tends to be heavy, shoppers should be prepared to pay hefty shipping fees. No matter what style or interior design preference, solid wood furnishings are a natural choice.

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