Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Stylish cherry wood bedroom furniture turns an ordinary room into a restful haven for the weary. A quality suite can even become an heirloom for future generations. Cherry is a hardwood that darkens with age so heirloom pieces can become increasingly beautiful. Of course, a lot of wooden furniture is overlaid with a finished veneer. Even these can be lovely pieces. Cheaper items may be little more than particle board and are inferior in quality to pieces made from hardwood. However, even cheap pieces have a legitimate place in the consumer market. College students, recent college graduates, young adults moving into a first apartment or home these are all potential customers for inexpensive beds, dressers, and nightstands. The items won't become treasured heirlooms or antiques, but will serve the purpose for which they are intended. And it won't be so upsetting if the pieces end up with water marks from not using coasters or become damaged in other ways. Even cheap items, however, take on a look of sophistication when covered with a deep, rich cherry laminate. Just because the pieces are cheap doesn't mean they have to look cheap! The inexpensive bedroom suite will do quite nicely until quality cherry wood bedroom furniture fits into the household budget.

Decorating a bedroom is a lot of fun. The first step is to choose the right style of bed. Expectant parents may want to get a crib that grows with the child. This style can be converted to a toddler-sized bed by using the headboard of the crib. As the child gets older, one of the side rails of the crib becomes the headboard for a twin-sized bed. Furnishing a nursery with cherry wood bedroom furniture that converts into child-friendly pieces can be a wonderful investment. The child may be able to use the bed from the moment he comes home from the hospital until the day he leaves home for college. Only a new mattress of the right size will need to be purchased for the conversion from youth to twin. Changing tables can be purchased that convert into dressers. Night stands, desks, and bookshelves complete the collection. Older children may like to have bunkbeds, lofts, or trundles. A young girl may have her heart set on a lovely daybed that allows her to have a couch during the day and a place to sleep at night.

Any of these styles can be purchased as part of a cherry wood bedroom furniture collection. Additional styles are sleighs, four-posters, and canopies. A variety of headboards and footboards are also available in twin, queen, and king sizes. Some of the styles may be detailed with intricate carvings while others are beautiful in their simplicity. Handcrafted pieces will cost more than those that are mass-manufactured, but could be a good investment. Talented craftsmanship is a valuable gift. In the Old Testament, Moses singled out a man named Bezaleel as being chosen by God. The text says: "And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship; And to devise curious works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in the cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of wood, to make any manner of cunning work" (Exodus 35:31-33). Collection pieces may be outfitted with brass, goldplated, or nickel hardware as drawer pulls and decorative elements. Some dressers may come with marble tops, which add an elegant touch to any room. Whatever one's personal style or tastes, there seems to be a cherry wood bedroom furniture collection to match it.

Not everyone has confidence in their own style. One tip that many decorators suggest is for potential customers to look through several home decorating magazines and to tear out the photos of anything that is appealing. During this initial part of the exercise, the individual shouldn't worry about why she likes something. Instead, she only needs to collect pictures of anything that appeals to her. Later, the individual can look through the pictures to see what themes emerge. Fabric swatches and paint color chips can also be added. This fun exercise can provide clues to determining one's own personal decorating tastes. Then, when shopping for new cherry wood bedroom furniture, the person can be confident that she is shopping for the style that appeals to her the most. Perhaps the pictures reveal a tendency to choose a particular color. Or maybe most of the pictures are of overstuffed chairs and couches. Armed with her new decorating notebook of pictures and swatches, the confident shopper can purchase the bedding, cushions, and curtains to complete her haven from the world.

Stylish cherry wood bedroom furniture is available at many retail stores and also online. Customers, whether shopping in a traditional store or online, should take the time to read the fine print regarding delivery and guarantees. Some companies charge one flat fee that covers delivery, unpackaging, and set-up. Other companies charge one fee for delivery and additional fees for unboxing the items and putting them into place. The customer will also want to know exactly how the order will be shipped and an approximate delivery date. It's very important to look over each piece in the order before signing any papers. Customers should know ahead of time what to do if any pieces are scratched or damaged. Especially for online orders, customers should check out the company's privacy policies before placing an order and entering credit card or other personal information. The terms and conditions of financing options should be carefully read before accepting. With careful consideration to the details, customers should enjoy their cherry wood bedroom furniture for many years (and restful nights) to come.

French Country Bedroom Furniture

Authentic french country bedroom furniture is made from natural woods and often painted with a quality coat of liquid-based milk paint. The decor is recognized as being rustic and inviting because of its use of natural materials. The beauty, textures, and simplicity of the outdoors is brought into the room to create a restful, lovely refuge that caters to the senses. The colors are taken from nature's palette yellows and golds, greens and blues, reds and oranges. Accents are most often a fine, solid black or a muted gray. Provencal prints incorporate primary colors with softer shades or the colors are woven into delightful plaids. Another popular color scheme utilizes toile fabrics for drapes and cushions or even as the room's wallpaper or border. Toile contrasts a single color against a pale background. The contrast color may be black, blue, green, or red. The background is commonly white or ivory, but may be a soft yellow. The contrasting color depicts popular motifs such as 18th century courting scenes or country scenes. The wood of the french country bedroom furniture looks lovely with either Provencal prints or toile motifs.

Architectural features add to the authentic decor. For a kitchen, this may mean utilizing clay or brick elements as surrounds for built-in stoves and ranges. The look is enhanced with shiny copper pots hung from black iron racks. Bunches of fresh herbs can be tied with colorful ribbons and dangled from the rack or grown in clay pots strategically placed on a window sill. Copper pots, iron racks, and fresh herbs add a warm welcome to a kitchen, but are most certainly out of place in a bedroom. The decor added to wooden french country bedroom furniture may incorporate themes of sunflowers and natural lavender instead. These will add authenticity to bedroom's style. Other natural materials can also be added to the look. For example, real flowers can be placed in ceramic or metal pitchers on a milk-painted wooden nightstand. The familiar fleur-de-lys is another well-recognized French element, but is usually found in more sophisticated and formal decor. Milk paint has its origins in the far distant past, but recipes have improved over time to create a durable covering. Though manufacturers' recipes may be proprietary secrets, milk paint actually is made from milk, lime, natural earth pigments, and other substances.

A wooden armoire is an important piece of french country bedroom furniture that adds a substantial focal point. The curved panels add grace and elegance even to this casual style. An armoire with several shelves and drawers can be used to store clothes, extra linens, handmade quilts, and even family keepsakes. Or the armoire can be modified so that it becomes an entertainment unit, holding a television, a DVD/VCR component, and perhaps even a stereo and speakers. With the doors shut, the modern technological equipment is hidden from view and the occupants can relax in the casual Old World charm of their private retreat. Another important touch involves the floor. Though carpeting is a popular choice for bedrooms, the french country decor incorporates natural flooring, such as stone or wood. Cotton or wool rugs in the same color palette as the bed coverings and drapery add a warm, rustic touch. The wooden lines of the french country bedroom furniture are softened by the woven textiles.

The craftsmanship of authentic pieces made from quality woods, such as aged pine, are often expensive. Expert craftsmen create furniture pieces that are worthy of the expense because they can become heirlooms for future generation. Talented craftsmanship has been prized for centuries, for custom french country bedroom furniture as well as other styles. In the Old Testament, the author of 2 Kings records how King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city of Jerusalem. The king defeated the Israelites, "And all the men of might, even seven thousand, and craftsmen and smiths a thousand, all that were strong and apt for war, even them the king of Babylon brought captive to Babylon" (2 Kings 24:16). The king valued the craftsmen from Jerusalem. Today's craftsmen deserve the same respect for their talents. Design specialists are sometimes available to help consumers find exactly the right piece of furniture for a specific space in the home.

For those who can't afford heirloom french country bedroom furniture, however, less expensive pieces are available that will add beauty and warmth to any room. Shoppers can do research and shop around to find bargains so that they can purchase the best quality possible within their budgets. Before making a purchase, whether at a traditional store or from an online company, potential customers should make sure they understand the store's policies on shipping costs, delivery times, and returns. Stores may have a policy that prevents customers from returning custom-made pieces, so shoppers need to be sure that custom orders are properly designed. Custom made pieces can often take several weeks to create so shoppers need to be aware that the desired furniture might not available for several weeks. Decorating a room with french country bedroom furniture and french-inspired details can be a lot of fun. The homeowner may decide to incorporate the natural materials of authentic french decor throughout the rest of the home. Tips have already been given for the kitchen, but the same warm color palette can be incorporated into the family room, too. Just don't be surprised if the finished look is so warm and welcoming that guests will never want to go home!

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