Children's Furniture

Children's furniture is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after types of furnishings being bought today. With two parent incomes, and lowering number of per family children; there is extra money left in the budget for this expenditure. In the past, kids usually grew out of children's bedroom furniture too quickly to warrant spending money on it throughout each stage of life. When babies' grew out of cribs, they were given single beds which they kept until they became adults, but the future of furniture has changed. There are 3-in-1 bedroom sets, whereby a crib, once no longer needed, can convert to a toddler bed, which can then convert to a single, full or queen-size bed. These types of ingenious styles allow a parent to purchase one item that can be used throughout a child's life. These unique purchases, however, come with a hefty price tag, so the investment in 3-in-1 set should be thoroughly researched before a purchase is made.

In addition to the practicality of purchasing these pieces, there are also the benefits of safety to consider. Children's furniture tends to have smoother surfaces that are free from splinters and rough edges. Bolts, screws and joints are hidden and meant to be secured tightly. The JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certification Seal assures parents that products are built to the very highest safety standards. This is especially important in cribs. Crib slats or spindles must be spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. This protects a child's head from being caught in between the spindles. When buying children's bedroom furniture used, or from antique stores, parents should make sure that if the pieces are not up to date with current safety guidelines, adjustments are made. The mattresses should also fit snugly leaving no room for tiny fingers to get caught in between. Parents should be very concerned with providing safety and protection for their children. And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children (Isaiah 54:13).

Experts recommend against the purchase of bunk beds for children under 6 years of age. Top bunks should have guardrails to keep a child from rolling off the bed while they sleep. The guardrails should extend at least 5 inches above the mattress. The mattress should fit snug on the board or springs. In addition to all these standards for bunk beds, the ladder could be the most important of all. Parents should be certain that bunk beds have a sturdy ladder that prohibits falling accidents. As an additional safety precaution on children's bedroom furniture in the form of a bunk bed is to never allow more than one child at a time onto the top bunk. Kids like to horseplay, it would not be uncommon to have one child accidentally fall off of the top bunk. In addition to the dangers a bunk bed holds, parents should never place a child's bed near windows where they can climb onto and fall out. Children's bedroom furniture should certainly be inspected carefully by the parent before a purchase is made.

Chests and dressers are also an ideal purchase for younger ones with smaller clothing. Also, the children's bedroom furniture is smaller in height making it easier for the child to put away or remove their clothing or other items independently. As a precautionary suggestion, parents should also inspect children's furniture in the form of chests and dressers. The drawers should open and shut smoothly and with ease. The drawers should also have an automatic stop that prevents them from being pulled out all the way and surprisingly falling on a child. Teach the child to only open one drawer at a time and never allow children to stand in open drawers. Their weight placed on one side of the dresser may cause the entire dresser to fall over on top of them. Care in the selection of appropriate pieces should be made, especially when siblings of different sizes and ages are sharing a room.

Bookcases and entertainment centers are also continuing to grow in popularity. Bookcases should always be secured to a wall to prevent them from tipping over. Many young children like to climb on top of bookshelves. Securing furniture to a wall will prevent injury should a child climb onto the piece. In addition to climbing on children's furniture, overloading a top shelf of a bookshelf can also cause instability in the piece, either by a collapsing shelf or by allowing the uneven distribution of the weight to tip the shelf over. Some bookshelves can be attached to a desk or chest. Caution and accuracy should be taken during the assembly process. Entertainment centers carry the same risk as bookshelves. Proper assembly and weight distribution is absolutely necessary for the protection of young children, especially when loading the entertainment center with something as heavy as a television set or stereo.

Cat Furniture

Specially designed cat furniture can be helpful in acclimating a pet to a new home. The same is true for dogs as well. There are many options for pet furnishings and it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. Consider what you might need, ask sales clerks for advice, and read online reviews from pet owners as to what types of equipment and furniture they found most useful. Then research the best prices through the Internet or through local pet stores.

Among the best in dog furniture is something that appears much like a little couch. They typically have very soft edges where the puppies and dogs can snuggle. Often they also have appropriate toys attached to them so that they can chew and play. These items are also available in the form of cat furniture. Again, a soft place for the animal to nap or bathe is provided and additional toys can be attached. For example, a rolling ball connected to the couch could provide amusement for the feline. If the goal is simply a comfortable spot for the animal to rest (someplace other than the family sofa, that is), any couch-type item will suffice. However, the options may surprise the new pet owner. Consider the size of the animal, the breed, and what other purpose the furniture might serve. Then consider color and cleanability. Finally, consider additional extras that might be offered. Decide if the extras are worth the extra price.

Another very popular piece of furniture is a soft tunnel. Many animal lovers find this piece of dog furniture especially beneficial. This item allows an animal to go inside and provides a feeling a safety and security. The inside is covered with soft, snuggly material, making it very comfortable for an animal. These pieces are often referred to as preferred furniture because of their comfort level. There is a place for the dog's body and then an opening for his or her head, so that they do not feel trapped. Having a space such as this for an animal is ideal. Tunnels are also offered as cat furniture for the same reasons. They can sleep there all night or simply rest there and the owners do not have to worry about them getting their hair and dander all over the sofas and recliners in the house. This helps keep the house in an overall cleaner state. Another great advantage to this tunnel piece is that it can be purchased at nearly any pet store for a very inexpensive price. Local stores or Internet pet stores feature these tunnel items in a variety of sizes and colors and they typically cost under thirty dollars. That is a lot less than what one would pay to reupholster a couch.

Another popular item is the animal bed. There are many different types of beds available at pet stores and online. Dog furniture beds range from the simple, comfortable pillow to the intricate, tricked-out version of a doggy bed. Nearly any bells and whistles that can be imagined can be converted into dog furniture. Cat furniture beds also come in a variety of styles and sizes. Pet owners can easily find beds that allow the cats to settle in for a long nap. Some animal furnishings are designed especially to prevent shedding, and some are marketed as being able to give even a little puppy a good night's sleep.

In addition, coordinating toys and blankets and other pet-related items can be found. Other pieces of cat furniture might include special ramps or posts with toys or balls designed for cat nip. Cats love cat nip and owners find the drug-induced tizzy enjoyable to watch. All of these items are excellent additions to furnish a special area for the family's pets. There are other types of animal furnishings that will be more for the owner than for the animals themselves. There are pieces that are designed to keep the animals from shedding throughout the house and will also keep them from clawing at the family's sofas and chairs. This is especially important for a cat that has not been declawed.

Although a new animal is usually an exciting addition to the family, many people find that the enjoyment is quickly tempered by the frustration of the damage new pets can cause. For this reason, investing in dog furniture and cat items that will protect the family's belongings from the pets' natural inclinations. When looking for the best things for pets, spend time in prayer about them. Nothing is too small for the Lord to handle; he will take your problems and give you wisdom about what to do in your life. He will allow things to be together for you as you go on in your life. "But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy." (James 3:17)

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