Furniture Repair Kits

A little effort in the area of patio furniture repair can go a long way toward restoring outdoor furnishings that have seen better days. Many consumers mistakenly believe that once these items have fallen into disrepair there is no alternative but to get rid of them. By purchasing one of a variety of appropriate furniture repair kits, consumers can give new life to items that might have otherwise ended up in the trash. Vinyl strap chairs that have come undone can be fixed as long as the basic framework of the chair is intact. Fabric cushions that have become faded or torn can be easily mended or replaced. Occasionally all that is missing is a small part. Replacing that part can bring new life to old furnishings. If these repairs seem too intimidating, there are commercial services that can repair, renew or refurbish these pieces. Often these kits and parts can be purchased at local home and garden stores, but there are also a number of online suppliers that specialize in this area.

When chairs that are woven with vinyl strapping fall into disrepair, it is possible to buy furniture repair kits that are geared toward fixing this type of patio, pool or lawn chair. The kit usually contains a length of vinyl strapping, generally at least 200 feet, a measuring tape, a pair of work gloves, fasteners and rivets, a cutting tool, an instruction booklet, and a rivet fastening tool. The vinyl strapping is usually one and one half to two inches wide and can also be purchased in bulk rolls or in pre-cut pieces. The strapping also comes in a wide variety of colors. Since rivets come in a wide range of styles, it would be wise for a consumer checks to see which type of rivet is required for their particular chair. The Bible mentions the importance using wisdom in everyday life. "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches." (Proverbs 24:3-4)

Chairs, chaise lounges and outdoor swings that require fabric can also be restored. Clear instructions along with quality fabric are the main supplies needed for this type of patio furniture repair. Proper measurement is always important when refurbishing these types of furnishings. Consumers who are gifted at sewing can purchase outdoor fabric by the yard and replace worn fabrics from scratch. For those less proficient in this area, ready made replacement cushions are available. Standard size replacement slings can be purchased for sling style chairs, lounges and swings. Special tools are required for the repair of sling style outdoor pieces. Consumers should keep in mind that regular fabrics are not durable enough to be used out of doors. Some outdoor fabric is made from vinyl coated polyester thread that has been woven into a mesh fabric. Heavy duty canvas is also compatible with outdoor conditions. This canvas comes in a variety of colors and is usually fade and stain resistant.

If the repair is simple, an individual part may be all that is needed for a routine patio furniture repair job. This can save the cost of purchasing furniture repair kits. The types of individual parts that are readily available include round and square inserts for the bottoms of chairs, end caps, replacement tires, wrought iron glides, glass top table bumpers and rim clips, umbrella rim clips, positioning brackets, glider bearing arms, sled runners, axle caps, snap rivets, spacers, and swivel chair seat post bushings. Merchandise that preserves and maintains outdoor furnishings could go a long way in preventing the need for repairs in the first place. Plastic covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to protect furniture from extreme weather conditions. Using the proper cleaning products is also important. Abrasive cleaners, bleach and even chlorinated pool water can do severe damage over time. It is important to choose cleaners that are made specifically for pool, patio or lawn furniture. Consumers can also purchase special brushes that can safely clean outdoor furnishings.

Also available are furniture repair kits specifically intended for use with outdoor wicker furnishings. These kits will vary depending on the type of furniture and the style of weave. Weather the repair need is for cane seating, porch weave, diamond splint weave or herringbone, repair kits and supplies are relatively easy to find. Refinishing supplies for wrought iron or cast iron help consumers add years of life to this variety of outdoor fixtures. Refinishing cast iron pieces usually involves removing the original paint through sand blasting, or through the use of chemical stripping compounds. After removal of the old paint, an oil based primer coat should be administered, followed by a new coat of paint and sealant. Since wicker and cast iron pieces tend to be a larger monetary investment than traditional outdoor furnishings, frequent care and timely repairs are crucial.

For consumers who feel that a specific repair job is beyond their capabilities, there are many companies that offer professional patio furniture repair services. These services include powder coat finishes, wrought iron restoration, vinyl strap replacement, fabric sling replacement, outdoor umbrella repair, and sandblasting. Professional power coating provides a durable and esthetically pleasing finish for any kind of metal outdoor furnishing. The difference between powder coating and ordinary paint is that powder coating uses a dry powder instead of wet paint. This powder is applied using an electrostatic paint gun and then oven cured. Powder coating is resistant to rust, abrasion and corrosion and is not likely to crack.

Patio Furniture Replacement Glass

Purchasing tempered glass furniture for either indoor or outdoor use is a great way to add a contemporary touch to home decor. Whether the furniture is to be used on a deck, patio or poolside, or for unique and trendy indoor appeal, tempered glass can make a modern fashion statement. Even older pieces can find new life. Outdoor furnishings that have seen better days might benefit from the purchase of patio furniture replacement glass. In addition to outdoor pieces, a wide variety of contemporary furnishings use this material. Dining tables, end tables, room dividers, and even desks make use of this distinctive product. In addition to standard pieces, many one of a kind contemporary creations are also available. The material lends itself to many variations including decorative etching and frosted finishes. Care, maintenance and cleaning are special concerns, but there are a multitude of products on the market that simplify these issues.

Outdoor furnishings are often made of metal, wrought or cast iron. When this material is combined with tempered glass furniture, the effect can be stunning. Unfortunately, these stylish pieces all too often fall by the wayside because of broken or cracked glass. However, these pieces can be restored by purchasing custom made patio furniture replacement glass. This restoration is relatively simple and can be achieved by taking careful measurements and contacting a local glass company. If the base of the piece is of particular quality, it may be worth the cost of restoration. However, careful price comparison is an important concern. If the cost of replacing the broken piece exceeds the price of the furniture itself, it might be better to start over with new furnishings. Some stores sell items as individual pieces or in sets. If a compatible table can be located, the other pieces of the set, such as the chairs, umbrella and cushions, can be used in conjunction with the new piece.

When a consumer purchases a piece of tempered glass furniture, the quality and safety of the materials that are used in manufacturing is a key concern. If a piece of furniture is going to be used outdoors, ordinary glass should never, ever be used for these purposes because when it breaks it will shatter into many pieces including large, dangerous shards. The tempering process renders this material four to ten times stronger than everyday glass. This is achieved through the application of extreme heat that is followed up with a high pressure cooling. A safer and cheaper replacement option might be the use of Plexiglas. Many large home improvement and hardware stores sell Plexiglas and can cut it to customer specifications. Specialty stores offer replacement pieces for shower doors and enclosures, windows, windshield repair, mirror glass, cabinet doors, shelving, and beveled desk tops in addition to table tops. Whatever option is chosen, safety is always an important issue. The Bible talks about the safety and refuge that can be found in the Lord. "The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble." (Psalm 9: 9-10)

The obstacles found in locating patio furniture replacement glass should not deter the consumer from purchasing other pieces within this category. The range of products that are available is staggering. Tables and bases made of this material come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Table tops come in oval, square, circular and rectangular shapes and the somewhat nontraditional surfboard shape. Bases might come in a C shape, an ornate S shape, or crisp L shape. The tops can be anywhere from one quarter inch to three quarter inches in thickness. The types of tables range from small end tables or coffee tables to full blown dining tables and conference tables. Patio and outdoor garden furniture can range from ornate cast iron collections to rustic cedar bistro sets, or Adirondack dining sets. Design styles can range from sleek and contemporary to simple and traditional.

Among the types of tempered glass furniture available are some that might be considered conversation pieces. Tables that incorporate actual aquariums might be considered some the more innovative examples. These pieces offer a full tropical habitat accessible through a transparent table top. Available as ready made pieces or built to customer specifications, they can be quite expensive, some costing several hundred dollars. Table tops with custom designed etched images on a variety of themes can create one of kind additions to any living room.

Cleaning this furniture, whether it contains original or patio furniture replacement glass, need not be a challenge. Wiping the surface with a soft cloth that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol can leave behind a brilliant shine. For more difficult stains such a grease spots, a little white vinegar will do the trick. If the furniture is located in an area that is prone to dust, a combination of two teaspoons of liquid fabric softener and a pint of warm water will create a spray cleaner that leaves behind an effective dust deterrent. Another way to make the surface glisten is to use lemon juice. Polish the surface with paper and it will sparkle. Small scratches can be buffed away by using ordinary toothpaste. Special products are available that are designed to make short work out of cleaning smooth surfaces. Micro fiber cleaning systems are excellent for removing dust without leaving streaks behind. Many of these products come with attachments that allow for cleaning with squeegees and sponges and are ideal for cleaning large table tops.

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