High Quality Office Furniture

When purchasing high quality office furniture, whether for business or personal use, the choices and styles available vary widely. Some companies offer beautifully crafted pieces using high end wood veneers such as walnut, cherry, oak, chestnut, hickory, or maple. Other businesses specialize in high quality furniture constructed of solid wood. These pieces can be purchased in a variety of solid hardwoods such as oak or mahogany and in a choice of finishes. For the customer who is interested in acquiring a little bit of history as they decorate, purchasing an antique might be the answer. Antiques present the opportunity to furnish the home or office with a one of a kind piece of historic value. Whatever the choice, consumers who are less concerned with cost savings and prefer to make an investment as they furnish their home or place of business will find that they can create an elegant space from the many choices available.

One of the determinations as to the quality of any kind of home or office furnishing is the type of wood used in construction. Wood quality can be determined by the use of three criteria, color, grain and hardness. Examples of top quality wood are walnut, oak, mahogany or cheery. In times past, furniture was crafted using whatever wood was locally available. Types of wood that are less plentiful today, such as walnut, hickory, oak, rosewood, or fruitwood, were once in abundant supply and used regularly for a variety of furnishings. Timber that was considered less beautiful, such as pine, ash or fir, would sometimes be used for in conjunction with the other woods, but only in places not easily visible. As the years passed, the finer woods became less plentiful and are therefore much more expensive. This led to the wide use of veneers in crafting high quality furniture.

There are many sources for high quality office furniture that offer furnishings crafted in wood veneer. Whether a consumer is in the market for an executive desk, beautiful bookshelves or credenzas, conference tables, or an impressive desk for a reception area, high quality furniture using wood veneers is readily available. One of the benefits of choosing wood veneer over solid wood furniture is the wider choice of color among the available finishes. Cherry wood, for example, can come in several different shades and grain varieties. If a consumer is interested in wood that has a dark cherry tone that is combined with a ribbon or pommele grain, that choice is open to them. If a walnut grain is preferred, but a chestnut wood tone is also favored, that choice can become a reality. These high end furnishings offer choices in design that can range from contemporary or traditional to avant-garde or eclectic. They can also include features such as the use of tempered glass or high tech metal.

For those who prefer solid wood construction, many companies specialize in high quality office furniture of this type. A feature of high end solid wood furniture is an adherence to hand made craftsmanship. Using techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailing and keyed and pinned joints, this attention to hand crafted detail creates high quality furniture pieces. Finishing these pieces can involve techniques of wood preservation and hand rubbing that have been used for centuries. Another benefit of purchasing high end, solid wood furniture is the durability and individuality available. As each piece of wood differs in grain and appearance, each individual creation will differ as well. Home or office furnishings of this nature can become treasured family heirlooms. As the Bible explains, the best examples of beautiful craftsmanship can be found in the world around us. "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork." (Psalm 19:1)

Another solution when searching for high quality office furniture might be found in the world of antiques. If a consumer has an affinity for a particular style that is not frequently reproduced today, an antique piece might be the answer. Whether the preferred design style is Victorian or mission, traditional or Edwardian, antique pieces can make a unique statement for those with unlimited budgets. Antiques are often constructed of solid hardwoods and have unique features such as hidden drawers and hand carved detail. An executive might prefer a large, double pedestal, mission style desk to a contemporary glass and metal creation. A homeowner might choose to create the mood in a home office with a Victorian walnut secretary desk. Whatever the choice, antique pieces can bring a rich history and uniqueness to any decor. Other furnishing needs such as bookcases, conference tables, file cabinets, and reception area seating could also be met by antique pieces.

If attaining excellent craftsmanship when purchasing high quality furniture is the top priority, any of these furniture types might be the answer. Since these pieces constitute considerable financial investment, they should be treated as such. The choice of which product to use when cleaning and maintaining fine wood furnishings is an important one. Over a decade ago, environmental legislation that limited the types of shellacs and chemicals used for wood preservation went into effect and alternatives to these products had to be used. These alternatives can react badly to certain cleaners and waxes. The best way to preserve the finish of a fine wood piece is to make sure to only use products that are designed for wood. There are also products that are designed for everyday dusting and others that involve adding a coat of wax to the wood. Since over waxing can create a build up on the wood, it should be limited to no more than once per month.

Glass Office Furniture

Choosing glass designer office furniture can be a great way to make a unique statement in business decor, especially for those who are not fans of heavy wooden furniture. Beautiful glass office furniture has an overall lighter and more contemporary appearance than more traditional workspace furnishings. Whether choosing contemporary combinations that feature wood or metal, or deciding on special approaches such as etching, tempering, sanding, silk screen printing, grinding, bending or applying a ceramic design, business owners will find that the possibilities within this decorating choice are endless. Acrylic materials can also give the same kind of weightless appearance and modern esthetic. Generally, anyone looking for a unique approach to business decor that is both stylish and innovative while at the same time offering the kind of quality and durability that will stand up to the demands of daily commercial use will find that this style may be the answer.

The choices available in glass office furniture are not limited to just desks. Shelves, conference tables, filing systems, modular pieces, and reception centers are all available in variations of this style. Desks can range from the simple work station to the elaborate executive desk. Often these desks consist of tempered glass tops that can be sleek and transparent or tastefully frosted and are combined with wood or powder coated aluminum legs for a distinctly contemporary appearance. Matching tables, credenzas, consoles, or extensions can also be purchased. Desk tops can be cut in a variety of shapes rather than just the standard rectangle. Modular office furniture can also take advantage of similar materials and design elements as can shelving and filing units, conference tables, reception area furnishings, display cases, computer furniture and even lamps and lighting fixtures. All of these elements working together can create a fresh and progressive design statement for any business.

This type of office decor can range from the slightly more traditional to a more forward looking avant-garde approach. When choosing a workspace decor that includes glass designer office furniture, the choices of materials and combinations vary. For those interested in finding a balance between an ultra contemporary approach and something more traditional, there are more toned down versions that offer wood and glass in combination. On the other extreme are all acrylic pieces that offer more flexibility along with a futuristic appearance. Materials such as mirrors, stone or granite can also give a fresh spin on this decorating style. Many companies offer a custom design service that allows individual business to create their own design statements or come up with a theme than can be used thorough out the workspace. It is also possible through the use of etching or silk screening methods to create a one of a kind motif that can be used on individual pieces.

For those wishing to take individualism one step further there are a number of artistic choices available within the realm of glass office furniture. Since the nature of glass lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations, a variety of methods can be used to create a unique product. The substance can be curved, color glazed, tempered, acid etched, screen printed, or imbedded with any number of materials. A variety of finishes in glass designer office furniture can include basic clear, frosted, or a patterned scratch finish, expanding the choices. Mirrored pieces can create a sense of largeness in small spaces and would be considered ultra contemporary. These choices allow the business owner to move beyond the stereotypes sometimes associated with contemporary design and create a look that is unique to their company. Creativity is an attribute mentioned in the Bible and often attributed to the Creator Himself: "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10)

When purchasing glass office furniture, safety issues are a top concern. It is impossible to tell by visual inspection if a particular piece of furniture meets safety standards and there have been reports of serious injury involving falls and unsafe furniture. Tempered glass is engineered to break into small pieces that generally do not cause serious injury. In an unsafe piece, the material tends to shatter into large shards, creating a serious safety hazard. The tempering process involves strong heat followed a by a high pressure cooling procedure. This makes the material four times stronger than its ordinary counterpart. For those with extreme safety concerns when purchasing glass designer office furniture, Plexiglas can also provide a good and safe alternative. Laminated glass provides the ultimate safety protection since it does not shatter when broken, but remains in one piece. This is possible because of an embedded layer of a vinyl material. Most often used for windshields and doors, this product is occasionally also used for decorative purposes.

The care and cleaning of glass office furniture can include a variety of approaches. There are a number of commercial cleaners available, but care should be taken not to use any cleaner that contains an abrasive since this type of furniture is susceptible to scratching. Also available are a variety of convenient cleaning wipes that provide handy maintenance between heavy duty cleanings. In addition to commercial cleaners, simple cleaners made of lemon juice and water can be very effective. Businesses that are striving for a green approach could also use a combination of a half a teaspoon of detergent, three tablespoons of vinegar, and two cups of water

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