Office Furniture Liquidation

The voice on the radio announces another office furniture liquidation sale that ends on Saturday night at nine. Right. That's a yawn because the guy has been saying it ends on Saturday for three weeks now, but the commercial is back every Monday at drive time. The commercial conjures up the idea that somehow not enough desks have been turned into some sort of brown goopy liquid and so the sale must continue so that more liquid goo can be produced. If the words office furnishings liquidation really mean scratch and dent sale to the listener, that's probably a pretty good read. The desks that are too scratched to be sold, the chair with two of four wheels missing, the bookcase that was backed into by a semi and the desk lamp with no shade are all probably part of an office furniture liquidation. Perhaps a better come on would be, "workspace equipment that has character" sale.

There are always code words in every trade, like the word cozy in real estate ads means so small you can't turn around in the place. Reliable transportation means the car looks like a circus wagon, sociable means the dog will always growl before the animal bites someone and affordable office furniture often means its in a box and the stuff has to be put together quickly because if not, the one assembling the thing will lose his or her mind in frustration. Once again, the term affordable office furniture really ought to be workspace equipment in a box. That's why the six foot high bookcase that weighs a hundred pounds when fully assembled and looks pretty good is affordable. The fact that the furniture has to be assembled is often not a reflection of the quality of the product at all. The self-assembly is why the office equipment is affordable however.

Those attending an office furniture liquidation event usually know what is ahead in terms of product selection. The furnishings being offered will be those items that were not popular or have been discontinued or damaged, or any combination of the three. Often these reduced items are displayed in the back part of a warehouse or store where circumstances are common that see legs missing from desks or office chairs without backs. For the person with an eye for a bargain, or the ability to restore broken things to a like new condition, the sight may be reason for optimism, but for the one looking for a quick bargain, the choices can often be disappointing. There are times when an office equipment blow out event may actually be a truckload sale of low price office furnishings bought from a manufacturer's over run or discontinued line. Look for a giant tent out in a parking lot and there just might be the opportunity to pick up some real bargains. "Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law, for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified." (Galatians 2:16)

In discussing low price office furniture, the keyword is affordable, which then becomes a relative term. Affordable to the "I Have a Hole in My Muffler" Shoppe will probably be different from affordable according to First Snobby Bank. For the very small business, the office furniture liquidation sale may be just the thing, especially if the furniture is going to the "I Have a Hole in My Muffler" Shoppe. A strong desk made of steel that has one leg missing can perhaps be propped up by a discarded muffler from an exotic sports car, and suddenly you have a functional desk that is also a conversation piece that is perfect for its surroundings. And perhaps the owner doesn't really need a back to the desk chair and suddenly liquidation furnishings have just found a welcome home. It just takes some real imagination!

On the other hand, affordable office furniture for First Snobby Bank may be that solid cherry wood executive desk with mahogany inlays and bronze tipped lion's feet for legs and the four thousand dollar price tag for the president's desk is a steal at twice the price and for the bank, quite affordable. Isn't it amazing how so many things in life come down to the concept of relativity? Yet the world of advertising has attempted to make people from all walks of life hungry for the same things, even if they are not affordable for all people. So the owner of the "I Have a Hole in My Muffler" Shoppe reads through the trade journals and sees muffler shops with nice office equipment, maybe even the "furniture in a box" line. The furnishings look good, the customers in the ad seem really happy that the muffler shop has nice workplace furniture, but is it really needed for this owner's shop? So the owner has to ask, "Is the equipment affordable because I can put the equipment on a credit card, or is it really affordable only if I can pay cash?"

The bottom line is liquidation furnishings will really work in certain applications. Low budgets, minimum public access to the furniture and the type of business will often dictate that the scratch and dent equipment will work just fine. If affordable office furniture means new furniture at very low prices, then it probably dictates equipment in a box that requires customer assembly. But many of these pieces are very nice looking and in some cases, one must look very closely to tell that the equipment was self- assembled furnishings. In either case, if the business is profitable, the scratch and dent or boxed furnishings were a sound choice.

Cheap Furniture

Cheap furniture can be found in resale shops, outlets, or from wholesalers who are willing to sell to the public without going through the retail middleman, so if you are intent on saving money, it's possible. For a lot of young couples starting out, or a single man or woman moving into the first apartment, cheap furniture is a necessity. If second-hand furniture is not to their liking, then some of the outlets may be the answer. They have furniture that has been rejected because of some minor flaw, but actually looks good. Used pieces are usually acceptable, if they are given by a family member, and that kind is often the best because it has a sentimental attachment.

Quite a number of manufacturers offer wholesale furniture on the Internet. While these may not be the cheapest around, the prices will definitely be a whole lot better than retail prices. The choices are really interesting, too. Want to decorate with an oriental theme? How about sturdy Amish style, or some other specialty that isn't always available in the local furniture stores? Chances are good you can find what you want through the wholesale furniture markets. Inexpensive options are usually what people look for when furnishing a vacation home. That beach house or mountain cabin doesn't need to be expensively furnished, and you can take really cheap pieces and make them look better with a coat of paint or a coat of varnish.

When decorating a child's room, one usually does not want to invest huge sums of money because their needs change so much until they reach their teens. Less expensive pieces will do until then. Sometimes with children's rooms, if dad is handy with tools and wood, it's possible to custom build pieces that will be useful and just their size. It won't look like "cheap" even though you've saved a lot of money. There are patterns available for this kind of woodwork in stores that specialize in home improvements, like Lowes, or Home Depot.

Wholesale furniture is great for furnishing a home office. Especially if you are not doing the kind of work at home where you are meeting clients, the seating can be geared more for your comfort and convenience than for appearances. A simple desk and file cabinet may be all you need. Another source for cheap furniture for your office is an auction of the pieces from a company that's going out of business or is in bankruptcy. They are usually advertised in the local newspaper, and they are often in very good condition. One can even get computers at very discounted prices at those auctions.

One thing you need to keep in mind when considering buying -- whether it's wholesale, or from some outlet somewhere -- and that is the shipping charges. If the place you are buying from is across country, the shipping charges may be so high that the savings are minimal. On the other hand, if you can find it locally, you can really save.

The Internet has a number of stores where you can find wholesale options online. They include photos of the pieces, although that's never quite as good as seeing them first hand. You can furnish your home with inexpensive furnishings without ever leaving home. They usually do a good job of keeping up with the current colors and styles, too, so what you buy will not look dated. There are even companies that do the searching for you if you just tell them what you are looking for in the way of cheap furniture.

Many of the Internet stores that offer cheap furniture or links to wholesale furniture often carry other things too, like curtains, drapes, and carpets, so in one place you can take care of all your needs. Of course, nearly every day there are catalogs that find their way into your mailbox. They can be a good source when you are investigating all of your options. Again, the one thing you have to watch for with catalogs is the shipping charge. If they are nearby, it will be much more affordable than if your pieces are coming across country. However, if that still falls within your budget, it may not be a problem at all.

For those people who are more concerned with long-lasting quality and have no qualms about cost, this option is not one they will consider, but for the average person, paying less for furnishings is important at some point in their life. There may come a time when they will invest larger sums for finer pieces, but it's good to know there are sources for buying wholesale so they don't have to do without. Even inexpensive pieces will last a long time if it's taken care of, and even young children can be taught to treat them with respect. Even God was concerned about the way His tabernacle was furnished: "Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you." (Exodus 25:9)

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