Outdoor Log Furniture

Whether handmade or machined, outdoor log furniture is a handsome and sturdy addition to casual porches and patios. In the seventeenth century, most Americans lived in log homes constructed from indigenous hardwoods. Early pioneers and colonists staking claim to land formerly occupied by American Indians were the first to cut native timber and construct durable one-room houses from whole logs. While times and home construction have changed, the appeal of outdoor wood furniture hewn from logs has never lost its appeal. Craftsmen, homemakers, naturalists and environmentalists prefer log homes and exterior furnishings for their rustic look and long lasting quality. Nothing is as beautiful as a piece of furniture made from natural wood, sanded, stained and preserved to last for years as a piece of Americana. Patio tables and chairs, Adirondack chairs, gliders, chaise lounges, and porch swings can all be constructed from logs to add a rustic touch.

Home improvement stores, lumberyards, and online log home manufacturers may carry instructions for hand crafting or ordering outdoor log furniture. Handcrafting takes a lot of elbow grease, skill and time, but it's satisfying to sit on furnishings made by hand. For those who love the look but don't have the time or skill to produce outdoor wood furniture, ordering from manufacturers is faster and may be less expensive in the long run. Do-it-yourselfers must first locate suitable logs for fashioning chairs, tables or lounges. Straight and tall trees make the best logs; however to avoid cutting down live trees which destroys the environment, craftsmen should look for dead trees that are still standing and have little evidence of rot. It is easier to remove the bark and limbs from dead trees than living ones. Additionally, freshly cut logs need time to dry, either by air or kiln, in order to be suitable for woodworking. However, the disadvantage to working with dead trees is that potentially rotten insides make them unsuitable for constructing log furnishings.

Another choice for craftsmen is finding trees in areas of the forest which have been previously burned. Fire-killed trees are those which are left standing after a forest fire. God has promised that He will protect those who trust Him in the midst of undergoing fiery personal trials. "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee" (Isaiah 43:2). The bark of fire-killed trees can be easily removed, then hardy and healthy logs can be harvested for constructing outdoor wood furniture. Craftsmen should check with local forestry agencies to ensure that cutting down fire-killed or green trees is permissible in a specific area. Recycling fire-killed and dead trees into usable furnishings actually helps the environment. The removal of dead specimens gives saplings and healthy foliage the opportunity to receive vital soil nutrients and water, instead of becoming habitations for insects and diseases which could affect live specimens.

Once crafts persons have gathered suitable timber and removed exterior bark, logs must be cut to size and joined according to instructions for creating outdoor log furniture. Necessary tools include a draw knife, drills, radial drill press, and other equipment as required. Sanded logs are usually joined using mortise and tenon or dovetail joints. Once assembled, outdoor seating can be stained to suit the owner's taste. A popular finish for natural wood outdoor furniture is a simple polymer or shellac applied in several coats to form a long lasting waterproof shield. Assembled log pieces should be carefully sanded to avoid splintering or sharp edges. Knots, wood grains and imperfections only serve to make the finished pieces more beautiful and unique. Builders may want to incorporate these imperfections in individual pieces or one-of-a-kind ensembles.

Individuals seeking to purchase machined outdoor log furniture should log online to view manufacturers' websites which offer a wide variety of pieces suitable for homes or businesses. Online catalogs may offer kits for do-it-yourselfers with patterns and instructions, along with pre-cut and drilled logs for relatively easy assembly. Outdoor wood furniture looks great outside rustic lodges, vacation homes, or to create an unusual setting for urban dwellers to relax and unwind. A popular cousin to traditional log accessories is bent willow or twig chairs and settees. Constructed from tree limbs rather than trunks, twig accessories are easier to make or can be purchased already assembled. Chairs, loveseats, tables, and chaises provide the same rustic appeal as heavy log pieces, but the bark is usually left on and the wood is left unstained. Twig and bent willow pieces are less durable and weather resistant than log furnishings, but they look great and can be used indoors as well as outside. Another advantage to using bent willow is its lighter weight, which makes moving pieces from one area to another considerably easier than shoving log accessories around.

When it comes to outdoor wood furniture, traditional picnic tables constructed of pine, spruce, or redwood are great choices for family barbecues and casual dining. Home improvement stores and outdoor accessory shops carry wood pieces that are relatively inexpensive to buy or to build. Exposed wood should be pressure treated or stained with a waterproof solution to protect against moisture, insects, and mildew. Some pre-assembled units may need additional coats of stain or light sanding to guard against splintering or to prevent wood from drying out in the summer sun. Whether shoppers choose rustic outdoor log furniture or pieces constructed of natural wood for porch, patio, or poolside, selections should be well constructed; properly finished to prevent warping, swelling or cracking; and re-finished when necessary to provide years of lasting enjoyment.

Rustic Log Furniture

Rustic cabin furniture has become very popular as city and country dwellers alike get back to the basics of life in their everyday living. Once reserved for the week-end getaway cabins, now rustic log furniture has become popular for everyday use in the home. Simple and cozy create an atmosphere of the good old days that seems to be long gone and people are wanting to recapture the values that have slipped away with the changing times. Home is not just a place to decorate or a place to host parties; home is truly where the heart of the family beats, and today's culture is looking for their stability to be found in the relationships that revolve in the home, be it family, close friends, or common church members. And so, families are trading in their traditional decor for the more earthly feel of down home living with an appreciation for nature. The trends in decorating and fashion truly represent what Americans are feeling about their culture and their futures. Primitive pieces that bring this very special atmosphere to gatherings of families and friends can be found from a number of different places, and interested buyers can begin their shopping journey online, which proves to be a great place to gather information on designers, manufacturers, and retail pricing.

Comfort is not a word that has been traditionally associated with a log bench or straight back wooden chair. But, today's wonderful styles of rustic log furniture are being made to address seating comfort. The cozy cabin look that invites visitors and family members to come in and get lost in the simple life needs to deliver what it promises. Today's manufacturers have designed unique pieces that not only offer the right look, but offer a truly nice place to sit and relax. Rustic cabin furniture which is built rich with wood, yet lavished with thick cushions and luxurious fabrics offers the atmosphere of nature retreats and offers the naturalist a place to relax and enjoy the fire, the good company, and plenty of downtime after a long day of work.

Designers will not have to give up the modern conveniences that our multi-tasking and space management era have brought to into the culture and designs of the recent pasts. Current trends are blending rustic cabin furniture with all of the conveniences that the high tech and contemporary phases offered. Rustic log furniture may look simplistic enough, but it serves to meet a variety of complex family needs. Storage for televisions and video games are taken into consideration with large cabinets and book shelves are equipped to house high-tech electronics. Bedroom furniture made in these casual woods still offers maximum organization capabilities. The best of two worlds have come together in interior designs, making the rustic casual look the perfect solution of families that want functionality with a down home feel.

When looking for the open and airy feel that brings rustic charm, don't throw out all of the old to buy all new. Some of the pieces sitting around the house now may blend perfectly with this hunting cabin style. Today's designers are mixing up interiors that offer fabulous style. An old chair can be painted in earth tones to match the mood, or the bedroom dressers can be stressed to coordinate with rustic log furniture bought for the bedroom. Reflecting personal style is important when looking for rustic cabin furniture, so hang onto favorite pieces. Grandma's chair may be just the perfect accent, bringing a hint of heritage to the new and updated look.

Natural and earthy are words that come to mind when dreaming of the week-end retreat log home feel. It's not surprising that this look is growing in such popularity, people want to get back to the roots of simpler times that reflected the character of God. His creation inspires design and His nature instills values. When redesigning or decorating a home, keep a heart of thanks that God's very nature can come through the walls and into the hearts of loved ones. "The Lord on High is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea. Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O Lord, forever." (Psalm 93:405)

The Internet can be utilized to find pieces that will bring this element of style into any home. Seekers can begin their redecorating by logging online and searching the different rustic log furniture suppliers. Today, most major manufacturers have websites online where current pieces are showcased for browsers. Once a style or specific piece has been selected, interested parties can either order online, or find a local showroom who may have the piece or who may be able to order it. By gathering information through the Internet first, buyers will also be able to compile a budget and put together a long-term plan for acquiring all of the pieces that they would like to have.

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