Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

Summertime, and the living is easy with outdoor patio furniture sets that rival the finest interior ensembles. Everyone loves to have fun in the sun; and the right leisure furnishings for porch, deck or poolside can make outdoor living a breeze. During the hottest and haziest months of the year, most families migrate to the backyard, deck, or pool for swimming, barbecuing, or just to catch some rays. Exterior furnishings can provide carefree comfort and distinctive style to make an exterior space much more inviting. From formal to casual, backyard furnishings set the stage for any activity, from poolside galas to private rendezvous for two.

Today's outdoor patio furniture sets are hardworking, handsome, and a far cry from the chunky redwood sets of yesterday! Constructed from hardwoods, rattan, wicker, aluminum, or cast iron, leisure furnishings not only offer comfort but elegance to any outdoor living space. Rivaling some of the finest interior casual dining suites, sassy and sophisticated outdoor ensembles complement the new open air gourmet food centers, with attractive, durable finishes that can stay in the kitchen and still take the heat! Designer cushions and umbrellas can be color coordinated to match any decor from Tex-Mex to traditional. Buyers should ensure that finishes are baked onto metal frames using thermal heating processes for greater durability. Wood frames should be smooth and free of splinters with polymer coating to protect from scratches, peeling or chipping. Outdoor patio furniture covers will ensure keep pieces looking new from season to season.

Casual pieces of rattan, wicker, or bent willow are suitable for an informal or rustic setting. Homeowners can accent rattan and wicker pieces with brightly colored striped cushions and cabana coverings over the patio or deck. Hawaiian-inspired floral patterns also give patio sets south sea island flair. Solid fabric cushions in terra cotta, burnt umber, or yellow ochre mixed with cobalt blues and peppery greens lend a Latin American ambiance to fresh air living. Pristine white cotton pillows soften wrought iron and cast aluminum patio sets and help deflect the brilliant rays of a summer sun away from the eyes. Homeowners should be sure to protect furnishings and fabric pillows by using outdoor patio furniture covers routinely.

Outdoor living has actually changed the way twenty-first century homes are designed. Open air dining enables homeowners to create a seamless environment from inside to out, which visually increases a home's square footage. Placing outdoor patio furniture sets in the same style as interior furnishings immediately outside a glass patio door creates a panoramic view of the grounds, while moving the eye beyond the confinement of four walls. Instead of isolating the cook in the kitchen, living alfresco liberates the hostess to join in conversation around the fire pit or at poolside and still keep an eye on the grill or the kids at play.

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture sets, tables and chairs are a given, but customers can pull out all the stops to create the perfect environment for summer fun. Add a bistro set for cozy conversation, glider benches for savoring the sunset in slow motion, or three-piece picnic tables for family reunions with lots of elbow room. Entire suites include matching accessories, such as umbrellas, swivel chairs, and hammocks. Instead of a one-level entertainment area, place tables and chairs on the deck with coordinating chaises near the pool on a separate terrace. Carefully plan the yard to increase traffic flow and create centers for different activities: a dining area, group conversation pit, a more secluded area for intimate conversation, and a larger area for group activities. Exterior rooms may also include quiet spaces for early morning prayer and reflection. "O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary" (Psalms 63).

Durable, yet attractive outdoor patio furniture covers help keep chaises, chairs, and tables from harmful sun rays and the damaging effects of moisture. Although most pieces, especially those constructed of rust-resistant cast aluminum and water-resistant wood, are relatively maintenance free, ensembles will last longer and provide years more enjoyment if covers are applied when not in use. Dust, pollen, bird droppings, and acid rain can quickly cause damage and mar the luster of factory finishes. Vinyl covered cushions may crack or split at the seams due to expansion and contraction under severe weather conditions. Even wood furniture designed to age naturally with the environment, such as cedar, bent willow, or twig, can dry out and become brittle through excessive exposure to harsh elements. Whenever not in use, outdoor patio furniture sets should be kept covered to avoid dust, dirt buildup, and moisture.

Good quality outdoor patio furniture covers should be constructed from mildew-resistant, water-proof, tightly woven fabric with adjustable Velcro closures to accommodate different shapes and sizes. Some durable covers are constructed from fabrics which can hold up under extreme temperatures. Most covers can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth and detergent or manufacturer's cleaner. Covers can also be hosed down and should be allowed to air dry before draping over furniture. Manufacturers usually carry a line of covers to fit pieces sold in the product line. Online catalogs will offer pricing, shipping and handling, and care options.

As in most durable purchases, you get what you pay for. If consumers invest in high quality outdoor patio furniture covers, the long term benefits will be ensembles that last for years and retain beauty without being damaged from sun, wind, and rain. High grade covers will be made from heavier materials; so avoid lightweight plastic coverings, which tend to rip and tear in the wind or through extensive use. The bottom line: If consumers want to enjoy fun in the sun in their own backyard, they not only need to invest in good quality exterior furnishings, but quality covers which protect a monetary investment and provide years of pleasure.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Outdoor furniture cushions can be customized to fit existing patio furniture by providing a fresh look with comfort and durability. Pieces should be waterproof and have sufficient cushion thickness. Outdoor furniture covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fabrics available on the Internet through specialty sites. Pieces can be purchased for boats, window seats, sofas, chairs, benches, wicker furniture and others. Sites have price quotes on various types of articles and can be customized for any type of project. Some of these choices can also be used inside for booths in an eating establishment or stools located in a lounge area. If the present outdoor pieces are worn and need to be replaced, instead of replacing the whole piece, consider just replacing the outdoor furniture cushions. This will save money and give the pieces a brand new look.

Fabrics for outdoor furniture covers should be made for outside use. Fabric should be stain resistant and waterproof as well as mildew and rot resistant. Find a fabric that will retain color and not fade when exposed to weather and sun. The care and cleaning should be easy to wash with mild soap and water and stain resistant from typical solutions used outside such as suntan lotion and drink or food spills. The texture of the fabric should be made out of material that is thick enough to withstand abuse and does not easily tear. Companies online that sell outdoor furniture cushions have a variety of fabrics to choose from with instructions on how to care for the material.

Some retailers offer money back guarantees on purchases and provide a no questions asked 30 day return policy. Before shopping for outdoor furniture covers measure patio pieces and decide on a style and fabric. Some sites have several styles to choose from and provide quotes based upon sizes and fabric types. These companies also offer new outdoor furniture to replace pieces that are just too ragged to continue using or provide the option to buy a new set of matching pieces to spruce up the garden area in the backyard. Helpful information online will provide comparison charts with helpful tips on how to measure existing pieces and tips on cleaning and storage.

Consider purchasing a cover for the barbecue grill and for furniture that can be damaged by the weather. To keep rod iron from rusting purchase outdoor furniture covers to protect it from the elements. A patio umbrella may offer some protection for pieces underneath but consider using additional protection. All weather rugs add to outdoor beauty and are usually treated with a stabilizer to resist fading due to the elements. All weather rugs dry quickly after rain and can be vacuumed for regular cleaning. They come in many sizes and designs that are attractive and functional.

With spring right around the corner it is a good time to take inventory of outside decor and evaluate what will be needed to get one through the spring and summer outdoor activities. Outdoor furniture cushions may need to be replaced. Some retailers will customize cushions based upon previous style or suggest a new style that will accent the furniture. Think of adding to the decor this year by adding pieces that will provide a beautiful serene outside setting. Add a fountain or a window box, maybe some new chairs and a flowering arch. Ideas online are plentiful and most sites have ways to contact them for any questions or concerns.

Add garden ornaments to the garden area or put a railing border around it to protect it from critters. When shopping for outdoor furniture covers consider placing glass hurricanes around an area to provide some lighting. These can complement the decor inside or outside. Put up a birdhouse to take care of feathered friends and place birdseed inside and watch them come and eat. Viewing nature can't be compared with any other type of setting. Listening to the birds, running water, and feel the breeze is enjoying God's creation in a spiritual way. "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good" (Genesis 1:21).

Retailers have a variety of accessories to consider while shopping for outdoor furniture cushions. Some of the accessories can add a decorator's touch that provides interest to the scene and makes a nice place to relax in the evening after work. Plant stands with beautiful green foliage can fill up empty space and add some green to the atmosphere. A wall fountain or a free standing fountain will provide the sound of running water which in itself can be very relaxing. Consider a trellis with a flowing vine for interest or use an arch to give some height and privacy to a setting.

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