Second Hand Office Furniture

Second hand office furniture is a great choice when an entrepreneur is just getting started and the budget won't allow the beautiful Italian contemporary desk ensemble she so much admires. Just like the wise newlyweds who decide on second hand pieces for their house in order to stay out of debt, many wise business persons make the right call and get used furnishings that are in good shape to get their business started. Second hand office furniture certainly doesn't have to be junk or even scratch and dent items. Many sources that sell second hand furniture pride themselves in offering premium used furnishings that look almost new but at costs almost half the price of new items. And of course, looking for private sales of these kinds of items can also be a very profitable source of options and choices.

Of course, one of the important issues that most of the time ought to be ignored is important at this point: the opinions of others. We are forever harping on your young people to forget what others think and just be themselves, but in the case of business, it is a different world. First impressions are very important when a customer walks into a business, and the ability to convey an air of success is very important. Should a business owner choose second hand office furniture poorly and just grab the lowest priced stuff no matter how it looks, the action could cost first time customers. So in the rare case of second hand office furniture, first impressions are very important and what others think really does matter. Does what God think of you matter? For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life and he that believeth on him is not condemned but he that believeth not is condemned already because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." (John 3: 16, 18)

One of the big selling points for buying second hand office furniture is strictly economic. Just like buying a car and the moment it rolls off the new car lot the depreciation is almost twenty-five percent, the same thing is true with new office furniture. Should a business go under shortly after purchasing new office furnishings, there will be a loss of at least twenty five percent when it is sold as second hand office furniture. Yet that same used furniture if kept in good shape may retain seventy five percent of its value even five or ten years later. Even most cars can't make that claim.

Second hand office furniture that is mostly metal has the life span of a Galapagos turtle. One hundred and fifty years for some of those slow thundering creatures and desks from companies such as Steelcase can also have that long a life. Go into the deep inner recesses of many old and established companies in major cities across the country and these behemoth desks that were around in 1920 may not be used by the receptionist, but can still perform its duties as a custodian's desk. An old metal desk that probably weighs three hundred pounds could be nicely refinished by a professional and made to look like the ones just rolling off the assembly line. In many situations where a business is just getting started, this kind of smart purchasing might enable the entrepreneur to put money in other strategic places such as advertising and marketing.

Of course, some kinds of furnishings may not hold the value that others might. There are several materials that are used to build furnishings such as solid hardwood, laminates, all wood and metal. In the case of laminated furniture, much of it is the "in the box put it together yourself" stuff that dominates even many commercial offices. These furnishing pieces are usually made for manufactured or engineered wood products. Most of the time, these "put together yourself out of the box" pieces look like they are made with wood, but the material is merely photographed wood grain glued to this engineered material. The result is a strong product that resists warping and cracking, but does lack the panache of real solid wood products. The lack of natural materials also takes down the second hand office furniture value.

Most people love the look of the solid hardwood desks that are made from woods such as cherry, oak and maple. There is something about a piece that is wrought from the earth that can be soothing and relaxing, and is probably why so many people desire the successful look that these furnishings can offer. The real exciting part of finding a second hand furniture piece made from one or more of these trees that lose their leaves in the fall is that despite some flaws and even mistreatment from years of use and abuse, furnishings from solid hardwoods can undergo complete restoration and look as new as the day they were completed in the carpenter's work house. For the entrepreneur just getting started, the finding of such a treasure and perhaps personally bringing it back to life can be part of the process of building a business from the ground up. That restored piece of office furniture can be a reminder that anything is possible and can mean a whole lot more than a new desk of lesser value ever could.

Refurbished Office Furniture

Quality office furniture is readily available from a number of sources, such as large office superstores, online suppliers, the traditional Mom and Pop office stores still doing business in towns across the country and even in the want ad weekly newspapers that can be purchased at grocery and drug stores. And more and more businesses are offering refurbished office furniture that has been made to look almost like new for a fraction of the original purchase price. Of course, the words quality can be relative terms, and not all office furnishings are made equally. A person may be able to buy a used forty year old filing cabinet made by a high quality manufacturer that looks better and operates more smoothly than a five year old used filing cabinet from a lesser brand. If a person is considering the purchase of either refurbished office furniture or quality office furniture that is new, what are some considerations to be pondered? What is important to the buyer?

Few people would ever start off with the intention of buying workspace furniture for a new venture or a totally new office makeover that makes the old workspace look worse than it did originally. If a furnishings purchase makes a business go from looking like the inside of a barn to the inside of a WW1 battleship, it probably was not a well thought out decision. Unless the business is into selling WW1 battleships! "Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good: sing praises unto his name, for it is pleasant!" (Psalm 135:3) Take the retired professor down the street for example.

The man has decided to open a home work space to direct a new business of selling motorized roller skates that only go backwards. In the professor's own genius way the man is convinced that American kids have not been challenged enough mentally, and that if the students wear a pair of his weird skates, they will have to think ahead like never before! The man believes parents will financially reward his backward thinking with overwhelming purchases. His quandary is in whether or not to buy new quality office furniture or find refurbished office furniture because the man's dear wife has informed the professor that no old raggedy looking stuff will come into her house. The other part of the quandary is that the professor is as tight with a dollar as the lid on a new pickle jar.

The professor decided the best way to take care of these issues was to take his wife along to find a desk, desk chair, and two filing cabinets. The search began at several stores that advertised quality office furniture for sale, and indeed the stores did have the items that were sought. The desk that the man preferred was a basic metal desk with three drawers and cost two hundred and fifty dollars. The wife said no way would a plain metal desk go in the house, and besides, she liked the fourteen hundred dollar cherry executive desk. That made the professor choke when the price was announced. The professor liked the sixty nine dollar desk chair for the desk, and she reminded him that medical bills for the chiropractor the year before had been over three hundred dollars, and more this year were on the way if her husband bought that cheap chair. Trips to two other stores only increased the rhetoric between the couple and so they returned home to argue some more.

Finally, in the middle of the night, the retired gentleman got up and looked online for businesses that refurbished office furniture, and when morning came, set out to visit one. The professor learned that if he could locate an old desk somewhere that had possibilities, the man could have the desk refinished for less than three hundred dollars. Mr. and Mrs. Professor had a grand time over the next few weeks going to auctions, flea markets, and garage sales, looking for a used desk, but they were always all metal in construction, or oddly only in oak or maple wood that did not go with the home decor. One evening, the professor saw an ad in the local paper about a leftover sale after an auction. He drove to the farm where a widow took him to a barn and showed him a massive early 20th century executive desk in cherry that looked like it had been transported by mule train from China and three very old solid wooden filing cabinets that matched. They looked as if they had been kicked by the mule. One hundred fifty dollars for all four pieces.

Secretly, the professor had all four pieces taken to the little company that refurbished office furniture, and a month later, had them delivered to an astonished and thrilled wife who couldn't believe how beautiful the desk matched the other cherry furniture in the library of their home. The professor that he would really milk the secret by taking the month before the furniture arrived to complain daily about how hard it was trying to find furniture to please his wife. He felt rather smug that he would have his quality office furniture and at a much lower price. The wise woman gave him a wink and took him to the garden shed outside, where she unboxed a beautiful, tufted back leather office chair with gas powered height adjustment and an ergonomic seal of approval from a chiropractic society. The moral of the story is that when buying workplace furniture, you can actually be very happy with used furnishinigs as long as the wife approves.

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