Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Start with unfinished solid wood bedroom furniture. Add artwork, drapery and linens, accent lighting, and plants. Voila! The finished room reflects the individual's personal style, interests, and tastes. Let's take three generations of women a grandmother, mother, and daughter. Each one is given the exciting task of decorating her dream bedroom. For the purposes of this example, each one is also given identical suites that include a bed, dresser, nightstand, and bookshelf. The finished results of the three bedrooms will be distinctly different even though each one contains identical furniture. For example, the grandmother may have traveled extensively to collect fine art pieces. The room has been painted in a warm neutral that acts as a backdrop to the grandmother's art displays. The draperies and bed linens are made from luxurious fabrics that are rich in tone, such as deep greens and blues. The bed and other pieces are finished in dark mahogany. Accent lighting, a comfortable wing chair, and fresh flowers provide a dream retreat for the grandmother. The solid wood bedroom furniture, polished to a sheen, adds sophistication to the design.

The mother has different tastes. A recent empty-nester, she is interested in pursuing new hobbies, such as photography and scrapbooking. The style reflects her interest in family, preserving memories and traditions, and heirlooms. The room's walls are painted a honey yellow that reminds the mother of sunny days, picnics by the lake, and games of hide-and-go-seek when the children were small. Black and white family photographs are artfully arranged on one wall. The solid wood bedroom furniture is refinished with a warm oak stain that is enhanced by the mother's choice of fabrics. The bed is made up with Egyptian cotton sheets in pastel shades and covered with a handmade quilt made with a palette of colors including lavender, blue, yellow, and green. Lavender throw pillows are made from the same textured fabric as the drapes. A matching desk and chair are added to the room's furnishings to provide the mother with a place to work on photographic and scrapbook projects. Again, appropriate lighting and natural plants provide accents.

The daughter's solid wood bedroom furniture is painted a crisp white and placed in a room that has been painted a sophisticated tan shade. The daughter is a recent college grad poised on the first rung of a career ladder. She prefers clean lines and classic simplicity and the textiles in the room reflect that. A cornice is covered with navy blue fabric that matches the straight floor-length drapes. The navy blue comforter is threaded with gold to add a sophisticated touch. Throw pillows in various shades of blue accent the bed. The daughter chooses tranquil landscape scenes as artwork, but also places a treasured ceramic vase, a gift from grandmother, on the dresser. The white lamps are slender poles topped with white shades that are accented with navy blue ribbon. A white wicker rocking chair sits in a corner near a floor lamp for late night reading. Silk plants add a touch of nature without the fuss of caring for natural plants. From these three examples, it's easy to see the versatility of solid wood bedroom furniture when it comes to expressing one's individual style. Three women added fabrics, bedding, artwork, lighting, plants, and additional furniture to achieve a look that reflected their own tastes and interests.

The Proverbs writer said that wisdom cried at the gates: "I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment: That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures" (Proverbs 8:20-21). People decide the treasures that will fill their lives. Intangibles, such as wisdom and good judgment, are treasures for the heart. So are travel experiences, family memories, and being on the cusp of adulthood. These values are expressed through a person's decorating choices, color preferences, and styles. Unfinished solid wood bedroom furniture is only a starting place for redecorating one's personal sanctuary and nighttime resting place. The unfinished pieces can be stained in a variety of finishes from lightest maple to darkest ebony. Or the unfinished pieces can be painted any imaginable color. The daring decorator can even use innovative painting techniques on the pieces, such as sponge painting or faux finishing.

Of course, many people prefer to purchase finished products from the get-go. Handcrafted solid wood bedroom furniture can be seen as an investment rather than an extravagant expense because these pieces are heirlooms that can be given to future generations. An interesting and innovative trend is to purchase dual-wood furniture that is crafted with raised panels. One side of the panel is a light wood, such as hickory or maple. The other side is crafted from dark wood, perhaps cherry or walnut. The light panels brighten up the room in the spring and summer. Floral or light-colored fabrics and bed linens freshen up the ambience. For fall and winter, the dark panels provide a cozy ambience. Heavier and luxurious fabrics, perhaps in rich jewel tones, add sophisticated elegance. Both unfinished and finished collections come in a variety of styles, from the simplicity of mission and Shaker to the heavy solidity of country or traditional. Intricate detailing in the headboards and on the drawers and doors of the dressers and nightstands provide additional interest in the individual pieces. The choice of hardware, for drawer pulls for example, accent the style of the solid wood bedroom furniture. For example, shiny metals often dress up a contemporary decor while brass or nickel hardware accent the country style.

Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture

Solid oak bedroom furniture is a heavy wood that is made to last and is ideal for a child or youth's bedroom because of the durability and quality of the wood. Retailers online have a variety of oak bedroom furniture that can be bought by individual piece to fit the style of a home or purchased as a set already in stock. Finished tones are available in a variety of finishes from light stains to darker stains. Consider purchasing pieces that accent existing pieces already in the home.

A spindle bedroom set is very serviceable especially with drawers around the bottom of the bed on both sides. Solid oak bedroom furniture retailers offer spindle beds with matching night stand, entertainment chest, dresser with beveled mirror and a pedestal headboard. A classic sleigh bed is a consideration as well and is popular for its sleek, modern look and most beds come with headboards and footboards. Sleigh beds can be purchased with drawers on the sides to add more storage space.

Interesting pieces that are functional oak bedroom furniture include headboards with a mirror and shelves to put an alarm clock or book. If a footboard doesn't appeal to the buyer, consider purchasing a chest to place at the end of the bed for interest and storage. Additional pieces that might appeal to the buyer are a hope chest or a jewelry chest that matches the rest of the pieces. Most sets can be purchased with the size bed that is best for the consumer whether it be a twin, full, queen, or king. Some sets come in full/queen and two different sizes of kings. "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time" (Ecclesiastes 3:11a).

A traditional choice when shopping for solid oak bedroom furniture is the 4-Poster bed. Choose the oak tone finish and the desired pieces that match. Some stores sell the accessories shown in the layout of oak bedroom furniture. Choose an interesting piece by purchasing a night stand with a pull out shelf to put a cup of coffee or glass of water on while reading in bed. Ask about the bedding accessories when purchasing pieces since seeing a layout of an entire set may cause interest in purchasing everything in the layout, including bedding, pillows, and pictures that are on the wall.

A country version of the traditional 4-Poster bed is available through some retailers that sell solid oak bedroom furniture online. This type of bed has taller posters and doesn't usually include a footboard but it may be possible to add one. If the footboard option isn't feasible consider purchasing a hope chest to put at the end of the bed for beauty and storage. There are additional pieces that can be added to almost any set. Some of these are computer armoire, lingerie chest, file cabinet, and a 5 drawer chest.

To give a room more light choose the lighter oak bedroom furniture. Some consumers prefer a more cozy warm setting for a bedroom and choose the darker finished tones but the decision may need to be based upon existing pieces that will remain in the bedroom. When considering pieces in stock it is wise to measure the bedroom to make sure the set will fit. A smaller room needs less pieces in it and if there are too many pieces the room may appear smaller. For an open airy feeling less is usually more.

Choosing a solid oak bedroom furniture set may depend on the current wall decor or paint on the wall. This is an important consideration and even though the pieces look great on the showroom floor, they may not look as good with the wrong colors in the room. Paint after removing old pieces and before placing new pieces in the room if this is a problem. Consider current flooring in the room as well, a new rug may need to be purchased because the current one may not match the look desired. Ask the retailer about purchasing the rug on the showroom floor or as shown in the picture online. Many furniture stores offer good prices on accessories and want to please the customer and make a sale.

Do some comparison shopping online before purchasing oak bedroom furniture. Some sites offer promotions periodically and have closeout or clearance sales. Some manufacturers sell online and advertise wholesale prices that are passed on to the consumer. Sometimes it is hard to buy items such as furniture online simply because the consumer can't feel or visualize the size by viewing a picture. If this is a consideration it might be best to shop at a store online that has a location close to home so that one can go and see a similar set or purchase from a showroom floor.

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