Solid Wood Office Furniture

Solid wood office furniture is ideal for those who desire a professional setting that is simultaneously beautiful and natural while maintaining a level of professionalism. Harnessing some of the earth's finest resources, wood can be expertly crafted into timeless design and unique pieces that transcend generations. For thousands of years wood has been transformed into useful items for daily use. Even before power tools were invented, people have fashioned wood by hand, oftentimes putting hours of work into a single piece. Beauty and elegance is easily achieved while combining exquisite tastes with functionality and practicality.

By choosing to outfit a workspace with solid wood office furniture, a person makes a not so subtle statement that they not only harbor good taste, but have an eye for natural beauty as well. High end office furniture is available for a vast array of needs and budgets. From antiqued roll top desks, to custom built bookshelves embellished with lavish scrollwork and subtle detailing, there are pieces to fit even the most discerning of tastes. Many furniture retailers allow for customization of most pieces in order to fit the diverse needs of all types of customers. Different types of woods can be selected and even then more diversity is possible by the selection of stain with which to protect and preserve the piece. Hundreds of trees provide materials ideal for furniture making, however, there are some types that have always been the most popular due to characteristics such as beauty and strength. All types of varieties are used such as oak, walnut, mahogany maple, pine, and cherry, just to name a few. The prices of furniture usually are in conjunction with the rarity of with the prevalence of certain types of trees.

Due to the heavy use of lumber over the years, some varieties have become scarce. This has led to manufacturer's building pieces that have the rarer more expensive varieties on the outside of a piece, while less expensive and more common types are used for inside parts that are not shown. For example, solid wood office furniture, such as a desk, might have drawers of which the insides are constructed with a cheaper, yet substantial substantial, and the drawer fronts crafted out of lovely rosewood. This method of cost saving has led to the popularity of pieces created predating the 1900's, where one could be assured of acquiring a piece made out of the same material all the way through. When in the market for any kind of wood crafted furniture there are a few characteristics to look for. The first is the look of the materials used in a piece. Different woods yield various wood grains which are determined by the cell structures of each individual tree, the more distinctive the grain, the more valuable the wood. Color is also an important characteristic and can be influenced by the grain as well. Many times special finishes are applied to finished objects in order to preserve and protect the piece while enhancing the natural beauty and feel.

The market for solid wood office furniture is vast as there are hundreds of manufacturers and smaller businesses that offer a range of pieces from custom made units to unfinished projects that the buyer can stain with a do it yourself finish if they desire. Entire offices can be supplied with quality built pieces. Commercial manufactures will many times ship a piece which will require assembly, simply for ease of transportation as solid wood furniture can and very easily become heavy. The Amish are known for their handiwork when it comes to high end finely crafted desks, bookcases, file cabinets and the like. Those who go with Amish built pieces know they are purchasing items have been made entirely by human hands, hearkening to days gone by. The Amish are a people that help keep the art of hand crafting alive.

The variety of possible woods to choose from is numerous with many types being preferred over others, all depending the function and decor in question. Cherry wood is a popular hardwood found in America. The wood boasts a lovely grain and warm glow that darkens with age. A newly finished piece can be a warm shade of brown that darkens to a gorgeous rich looking reddish brown. The smooth texture and rich color makes cherry office furniture some of the most popular, allowing people to "array... with glory and beauty" (Job 40:10), the place where they work. Truly, rich colors that darken with age add a level of sophistication and warmth that greatly benefits a room's atmosphere.

Cherry office furniture helps to make the work environment cheery and welcoming. For those who work out of the home, or have a home office of any kind can benefit from the lovely color and smooth texture of the fine material. A desk, armoire, or shelving unit crafted out of such fine materials is sure to become one of the most prized pieces in the work area. Following the nature of cherry wood, the color darkens over time allowing the piece to take on a personality and develop unique characteristics. For those who truly appreciate a workspace that is comfortable to the senses then the warm golden hues and smooth sometimes glossy feel of cherry office furniture is sure to satisfy.

Elegance and unique designs are contributing factors to making an office both inviting and professional. The place where one conducts business is many times one that seen as being necessary, yet unnecessarily dull. This does not have to be especially with the varieties of downright stunning cherry office furniture selections on the market. A beautiful desk can work both as a place where business gets done, and as a conversation. Fine examples of craftsmanship can also become heirloom pieces, passed down from father to son, grandmother to granddaughter. Beautifully crafted furniture has the benefit of gaining value with age, not unlike cherished moments and memories.

Solid Wood Computer Furniture

Finding computer workstation furniture used to be a simple out and back effort, meaning simply go to the local office store and pick out a desk and come back to the home or office, depending on where the work is done. Computer desks of yesteryear were usually constructed of grey metal with Formica tops or stark chrome with black or grey laminate tops. Pretty unexciting stuff to be sure. Somewhere along the line someone decided that the office does not have to be drab and boring. In fact, why not make the work atmosphere as much like home as possible, thereby creating a warm area more comfortable for long hours of work. Thus, the solid wood computer furniture idea was born. Now when entering a work area, a person can look forward to sitting at a desk that is more reminiscent of the turn of the century or earlier-type design. The materials the desks are made from can also be inviting, using woods such as walnut and cherry, even expensive mahogany, depending on the budget.

Modern attractive solid wood computer furniture now has all the features needed for doing work on laptops and traditional desk top computers, such as pull out keyboard platforms, CPU tower drawers, and a place for the monitor atop the desk and etageres for storing manuals, notebooks and paperwork. Everything is within easy access at all times. An office can be very inviting, since the wide choice of woods and desk styles is enormous. The interior can be decorated using the style of the office desk! Why not even go so far as to hang pictures as well, completing the decorative style elements? Computer desks can be purchased either brand new at office stores, or at used furniture stores that specialize in office needs.

Computer workstation furniture can be found in any size or configuration. If a lot of file storage is needed, there are configurations that include file units that can slide directly under one side of the desk, allowing plenty of room for knee space and foot comfort. There are configurations for special needs such as reception areas that may require a higher surround that normal, so that some aspect of privacy can be afforded the user. If space is an issue then there are computer workstation furniture armoires available that can hide all the computer equipment when not in use. This would look particularly attractive if a home office is being set up in a living room or dining room. The piece can double as a decorator focal point in almost any room.

Some may prefer a more old-fashioned statement in desk design, and so one can find roll top desks suitable for computer work as well. These are very attractive, especially in attorney offices and for accountants. Somehow, these styles just seem to fit these professional environments a bit better. Of course, a persons personality could certainly dictate the choice in the end. For older workers that may be self-employed, perhaps a style that hearkens back to the 1940s would be suitable. There are choices in solid wood computer furniture that resemble antique storage furniture, chests and various other pieces one might see in an antique store from that era. Wouldnt that be a great addition to the office! Love not the world, neither the things in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him (John 2:15 KJV).

Computer workstation furniture however can also be quite modern looking. There are stores now that sell pieces designed by people outside this country, from the Nordic region, that have come up with some quite imaginative, useful and pragmatic office furnishings that are also very attractive. Modern furnishings, if made from warm woods but in the modern eclectic style, can even satisfy the most discriminating tastes and those with inclinations that are more conservative. The lines on this style are generally straight for desks and storage units, but tend to be a bit curvier for chairs, since the human form can bend and move into various positions. The chairs for computer workstation furniture can be made of chrome with leather accents, of steam-shaped wood arms and supports with natural cotton cushions and head rests, and may come in bright or subdued colors and patterns.

There are stores out there selling this type of up to date office pieces that can quote an exceptionally reasonable price, so that a person can hardly resist snatching it up that same day! For younger tastes, there are desk configurations made of tempered glass and chrome or steel legs. These arrangements also have room for CDs and other electronic equipment that has come into being within the last 10 to 20 years. Furnishings like this would be a great element to the college dorm room or for a busy student who still lives at home. These desks are so attractive that some may mistake them for works of art!

If retro is the style then that choice too is available. Modular desks and work stations come in that ever popular blonde or light cherry wood that was so prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s complete with brushed metal handles and decorative elements. Even if the job is to outfit a room of cubicles with furniture for the office, there is no reason why style cannot be part of the ultimate plan. Cubicles do not have to be boring, but can be furnished with solid wood computer furniture that anyone would enjoy every day. Consider that the more inviting the work space is, the more the employees will enjoy coming to work. It may even make the day more productive, and what manager wouldnt want that?!

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