Unfinished Wood Furniture

Unfinished furniture has become very popular for a number of reasons, making these pieces in high demand by homeowners and business space designers, as well. As individuals seek to express themselves through unique finishes, buying a table, chair, or unique piece that has no existing finish on it seems to be the answer to creating just the right "feel" for just the right spot. Individuality is the name of the decorating game today, and the low costs and availability of natural pieces in the raw is making it easy for artists and novices to get creative with their home and outdoor furniture needs. There are several avenues to discover when looking for raw pieces and with a little time, seekers can find the right night stand, coffee table, or dining chair - just waiting to be finished - at great prices.

Designing has taken on an "it's all about me" flair these days. In earlier days, home and business designs were very much dependent upon the trends of the day. When Spanish motifs hit the design world in the sixties, every home or business featured in a magazine sported the heavy and dark finishes and brocade popular to that culture. The same can be said for the good old days of the fifties and the warm and sunny yellows, reds, and oranges that spoke volumes about the good natured climate of happy times. But, today, popular is not a word used with designers or in the industry. Design is all about individuality and unfinished wood furniture gives designers, business people, and casual decorators the ability to express a myriad of styles and emotions. Colors schemes can be diverse from black and white contemporary, to the natural hues found throughout the southwest. Jewel tones are still being found in the formal settings and pastels grace cozy cottage walls. Starting with unfinished furniture can only add to the excitement of uniqueness - creating explicit individual expressions. Home and business design are now used to create a mood, a feeling, and to express sentiment; it is no longer just a fashionable look.

The increasingly popular trend today of buying unfinished wood furniture is growing. People want to stain, paint, antique, mosaic, and fabric their stools, bed frames, and dining tables, all in the name of unique expressions. Painted dressers and night stands can blend perfectly with wall colors and distinct window treatments while dining tables can be stained to match window seals, tile floors or one of a kind doors. And, making new look old has become quite popular, with pieces characterized by stain, paint, and distressed combinations. Unfinished wood furniture can be used to create any number of design needs and desires, giving the creative spirit a medium for expressions galore!

There are manufacturers that make these pieces to resell to distributors or retailers. When looking for unfinished furniture, ask retailers if they have a source available or catalog to browse through, if there are no samples on display. Also, many different manufacturers advertise their furniture products online through the Internet and this is a great place to not only find what is available, but to price compare, as well. There are also many wood artists that build pieces, such as dining tables and chairs or coffee tables, and often the artists will leave their works unfinished, giving the buyer the ability to finish the piece in anyway they choose. There may also be businesses that recondition old pieces, leaving the finishing process to the consumer. Try several avenues until the right pieces can be found within the budget. The entire process of finding a chair or desk to stain or paint can be fun and exciting, as the design process begins to formulate in the mind.

There are artists that paint pieces as a profession, buying unfinished wood furniture, painting it, then reselling these pieces to retail stores or individuals. Perhaps this is a business opportunity to be considered by those who enjoy a creative flair. It could also be an opportunity to express Christian faith by painting Christian symbols or placing a scripture somewhere on the piece. The ideas are limitless, and with the ease of obtaining unfinished wood furniture, it should be an fun and exciting endeavor. "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." (Psalms 34:3)

So, get inspired and find a source for unfinished furniture today -it may well be the beginning of hobby, profession, or simple one time project. In any case, it is an opportunity to express uniqueness and individuality in the home, on the patio, or in the office space for very affordable pricing. Get online today and discover where the best place to find pieces in the raw and when the best time to buy is. And then, have fun!

Unfinished Office Furniture

Warm, environmentally friendly unfinished office furniture is a unique alternative to industrial metals typically used in commercial office buildings. Green industries and environmentally-conscious enterprises use workplace furnishings constructed from natural hardwoods and fruitwoods, such as oak, cherry, pine, maple and spruce. The distinctive difference between wood pieces and metal is the natural feel and warm texture that can only be found in nature. Furniture in its natural state can be stained with eco-friendly teak oil or organic aged walnut stain; or waxed, pickled, stenciled, whitewashed, or painted without endangering the environment or destroying forests. Because of wood's durability, oak office furniture and other types of grains last for hundreds of years without having to be replaced. Wood can be sanded and re-finished again and again; and the value just increases with age.

The beauty of unfinished furniture is that it allows for freedom of expression and freedom of design. Owners of exquisite unfinished oak office furniture can choose to make a personal statement by painting or staining natural woods in colors and tones that are one-of-a-kind. Paints and stains carry a distinctive personality. Cherry wood is rich, warm and elegant; while pine can be contemporary and a little bit country. Maple's formal character hearkens back to Colonial times, but depending on the style of furniture maple can also carry a modern twist. Solid oak pieces are stable, dependable and versatile. Selecting different stains gives oak a myriad of characteristics from strong, or masculine, to diminutively feminine, depending on the shade and density of a stain or paint color.

Working with wood can be a challenging but enjoyable experience. Natural woods yield easily to a wood finisher's hands; and a skilled finisher knows how to bring out the beauty of individual wood grains and slight imperfections. Just as a wood finisher makes the most of the beauty hidden beneath the surface of unfinished office furniture, God also knows how to make the most from the hidden beauty lying just beneath the surface of a man's soul. "Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp. For the Lord taketh pleasure in His people: He will beautify the meek with salvation" (Psalm 149:3-4).

Business owners can choose to stencil oak office furniture or use solid paint. Artists, graphic designers, or sculptors may choose hand painted pieces that show off their craft. Attorneys and physicians may prefer more traditional finishes that depict a stable, traditional style befitting their professions. Daycare center owners may also prefer unfinished pieces that can be painted in animal patterns like towering giraffes, tigers, zebras, or primary colors to stimulate a child's creative mind. Butchers, bakers, and restaurant owners may opt for traditional oak pieces with clean and clear varnishes which make for easier clean up. Antique dealers, home appraisers and real estate brokers usually choose traditional styles and finishes that mirror those of the finest homes. Traditional cherry, maple, and oak are their natural choices.

When it comes to choosing unfinished office furniture, customers don't have to be shy. Facing a room full of unfinished wooden pieces may be intimidating. It's kind of like entering a steam bath or sauna full of strangers: they're all nearly naked and you don't know how to start a conversation! But while unfinished furniture is in its naked state, that's the time to make it uniquely yours. Instead of thinking in terms of finishes or clothing, take time to imagine how each piece will be used. Purchase items that provide the most usage: a desk and chair, credenza, and computer armoire are excellent choices for a well appointed and coordinated work space. Unfinished selections comes in all styles from the more traditional Queen Anne with gracefully turned legs, to Chippendale's more masculine profile, or the straight, blocky legs of Contemporary furnishings. Country styles have turned legs; while Quaker inspired pieces will have a straight-laced look, no-nonsense appearance.

The bare bones of unfinished office furniture styles will dictate which stains, paints, washes, or oils will eventually bring the unfinished wood to life. Buyers can consult store owners or designers for advice in selecting and applying appropriate finishes. Do-it-yourselfers may want to tackle hand rubbing or waxing unfinished wood surfaces, but the timid at heart may solicit the services of professional finishers to ensure that the results are more professional and eye pleasing. For instructions on finishing wood, handy individuals may want to consult home improvement and craft websites. Some offer step-by-step directions to achieving different results using techniques such as ragging, combing, distressing, or sponge painting. Unfinished wooden pieces should be lightly sanded before applying stain or paint to ensure that the wood is evenly coated. Some stains require several coats of stain, sanding between each application to avoid burring and unevenness.

Shoppers can expect to pay less for unfinished office furniture than pre-stained store bought varieties. Solid oak office furniture is a great value and a good investment for those seeking to get more for the money. Pieces can be collected over the years and added to existing selections. Items can be purchased online from reputable manufacturers or onsite. Buyers who want to be sure of the condition of selected pieces may prefer to buy from local companies. Online purchases will incur additional fees for shipping and handling, along with the cost of hand finishing. The lower cost, long lasting value, and versatility of unfinished wood for workplace interiors makes it a perfect choice for the budget-conscious business owner with a distinct sense of style.

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