Women's Hair Loss

1. Women's hair loss is hereditary.

Hair loss in women can be inherited from either side of the parent's family and can skip generations. Many females experience this because of genetic conditions or medical treatments. Experiencing this problem can be devastating to female's self esteem. While looks and physical attributes should not be considered to be important, many people feel that physical appearance is a very important thing. For a female that is balding, the situation can be difficult because it is not something that the majority of people will experience. Finding support and help can be important in retaining high self esteem.

2. Wearing a hat causes hair loss in women.

Women's hair loss is not caused by hats. It is a common misconception that this is a factor. People even believe that the lack of breathing that the follicles get when a hat is worn can inhibit the growth. This is a terrible rumor that has no factual backing. Any doctor or scientist will verify that hats are not the culprit in this case. Genetics are the only factor where blame should be placed.

3. Aging makes hair loss in women more likely.

Women's hair loss is rare among very young teenagers and children. Aging is a significant factor in this. Baldness is over twice as likely for a sixty year old than a person under thirty-five. Many people, however, who experience baldness will begin this journey in their mid to late twenties. They will notice slight changes in the beginning with a little loss here and there. After reaching 40 and beyond, the loss will increase more rapidly. For women, the signs will occur with thinning over the entire head and not in spots or patches like many men experience.

4. Testosterone can play a role in hair loss in women.

Testosterone is another huge factor in women's hair loss. This is caused when the scalp converts testosterone into DHT. Follicles that are sensitive to DHT can cause this to occur.

5. God knows the number of hairs that someone has on their head.

Luke 12:7 - But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

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