Auto Insurance Discounts

Many people are on the hunt for auto insurance discounts. Automobile insurance is required by all who own and operate a motor vehicle in order to protect themselves and others, in the case of an accident. Unfortunately, the process of finding the right plan can prove to be a necessary evil as most policies tend to be on the expensive side. There are hundreds of companies on the market and many offer discounts in order to gain an edge on the competition. Savvy shoppers who know where to look and what to look for are able to enjoy adequate coverage at low costs.

Due the hundreds of companies on the market, those which are serious about generating business know that the key to bring customers is to offer discounts. For this reason, customers have the ability to shrink their insurance premiums to as little as possible. Virtually every driver is able to receive cheaper rates if they have managed to avoid any accidents, violations or tickets within the last three to four years of applying for a policy. Auto insurance discounts can also be had depending on the age of the driver, and the type and number of vehicles that an owner has to insure.

There are several ways to save money and obtain auto insurance discounts. Most companies offer insurance coverage policies for every need, extending beyond that which pertains to vehicles. For this reason, a person can manage to purchase cheaper automobile coverage if they purchase a policy in addition to a home owner's policy or other package. Multiple purchases made at the same time can result in discounts that can save a significant amount of money over the long term and in the case of an accident. Polices can also cost less if multiple vehicles are put on the same plan. A multiple vehicle discount is idea for families who have multiple cars and several drivers. Of course, some companies will reward people with discounted rates depending on their occupation and even whether or not they use the Internet.

Studies conducted have yielded surprising results in regards to the types of people who make the safest drivers. For examples, those who have a college degree are able to receive discounted prices than those without a degree cannot necessarily obtain. Those who have earned a bachelor's degree in the fields of science, engineering, or mathematics are able to choose from select companies that offer cheaper rates to people in related fields. This is due to the fact that on average, those in specific fields are generally safer drivers, perhaps to do an analytical mindset and attention to detail, and faster reflexes. Also, those who choose to become teachers are able to receive auto insurance discounts, as teaching jobs are considered to be low risk. Those who have been in the military are also able to receive cheaper rates.

Alternative ways for people to obtain auto insurance discounts is to take classes offered through the Internet. National safety measures can easily be learned in classes that are offered over the Internet, in order to provide convenience and accessibility for those who desire to take the courses. When one registers for the course they receive a training video and workbooks. Upon completion of the course they are subject to a test, and satisfactory results are rewarded with up to a ten percent discount. Several people in the same household can use the materials and earn the discounted prices for themselves as well. Companies like to see people take the initiative to become better drivers. Those who do all they can to ensure that safety precautions are taken can occasionally be subject to rewards "He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation" (Psalm 24:5).

Drivers who are interested in obtaining auto insurance discounts can find the Internet to be an excellent source of information. Almost every company has website which are easily accessible and offer every policy configuration that a potential customer might be either interested in or in the need for. Those in the process of shopping for discounted prices should be certain to compare the policies of several different companies before deciding on any one package. Several factors should be taken into consideration such as the number and ages of drivers to be insured, as well as the types of vehicles. A few simple money saving tips should be kept in mind as well, such as the fact that rates are, on average, higher on sport cars than on minivans. Those who are in the market for automobile insurance should also compile a list of questions to ask companies, and have a working knowledge of their own driving history.

The type of vehicle a person purchases has a large influence on the cost of insurance. Drivers who are serious about achieving auto insurance discounts would be wise to consider purchasing vehicles that receives high marks in safety tests. Vehicles that perform well in crash tests usually mean that those who drive them have less risk of serious injury. Another factor to consider is a person's credit history. Those who have satisfactory credit history have better chance at obtaining discounted prices, as those with unfavorable ratings do not receive the same benefits. A person's driving record and credit report are large factors that are taken into consideration en route to the obtaining of auto insurance discounts.

Good Student Insurance Discount

A good student insurance discount can save parents hundreds of dollars annually. Any parent with a teenaged driver knows that automobile coverage can be sky high, simply because of the risk of insuring adolescents. Teen drivers, especially males, are notorious for having accidents; and insurance companies usually charge high premiums due to a higher risk than girls or adults. When Johnny gets the keys to the car, statistics indicate that anything from a fender bender to a totaled out vehicle is a possibility. But some companies that offer a good student insurance discount give parents a break for high school or college aged drivers under the age of 25 who perform well academically, especially those with clean driving records. They reason that a good student who studies hard and has a level head is less likely to drive drunk or get ticketed for speeding or reckless driving. Going to the head of the class could actually be a license to pay less for car insurance.

Getting a high school or college diploma requires self-discipline and determination. Likewise, maintaining a good driving record also requires self-discipline; and one of the bonuses of academic success and disciplined driving can be a good student insurance discount. The savings realized by parents of insured students who qualify for discounts could be considerable. Combined with a passing grade for a taking a safe driving course, a student with at least a B-average could save parents a whopping 25% or $125 a year off the cost of a policy. Typically, the price tag for insuring teens is nearly twice the coverage for an adult; and including a teenaged driver in an existing policy could add as much as an additional $500 per year. While insurers reward diligent students for academic achievements, God rewards those who diligently seek Him. "But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6).

As costs rise for higher education, most families are having a challenge putting their kids through school while trying to balance a household budget. Added to the expense of running a household is the cost students incur commuting to high school and college campuses. Instead of running Mom ragged from carpooling all over the county, many families opt for buying a second vehicle for Junior so that he will have the flexibility to make it to class and other extracurricular activities, which sometimes include a second job. Paying for coverage for two or more vehicles is necessary, but it can be expensive.

The cost for automobile insurance is computed based on the age of primary drivers and whether or not they have clean driving records, preferably with no moving violations, tickets, or accidents. Most agencies can do a background check to see if drivers applying for coverage have had any recent traffic violations or revoked licenses by surfing statewide Department of Transportation databases. Parents of children enrolled in high school or college may qualify for a good student insurance discount if records show no violations.

Applications for a good student insurance discount can be downloaded online from web-based agencies or obtained at local branch offices. Student applicants must submit proof of a grade point average of at least 3.0 or B, along with a copy of a valid driver's license and current coverage. Depending on the age of the car and whether there are any existing lien holders, insured vehicles may be required to carry full coverage policies, including liability, comprehensive and collision, medical, and uninsured motorist to qualify for a good student insurance discount. Comprehensive and collision coverage pays for damages to the vehicle sustained in an accident, fire, or in the case of theft. The liability portion of a policy pays policy holders and others involved in an accident for injuries or time lost from work as a result of an accident. Medical expenses for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision should also be included in a full coverage policy. Finally, no one wants to tangle with drivers without coverage. Uninsured or underinsured motorist clauses protect drivers who collide with those who fail to carry insurance or sufficient coverage to recover damages.

To search for companies offering a good student insurance discount, parents or young adults should browse the Internet. Compare rates offered on several company websites before selecting the best agency with the best policies. Parents should pay close attention to the amount of deductibles required for full coverage. A higher deductible usually lowers the premium. A deductible is the amount of cash policy holders are expected to pay out of pocket before insurance companies will pick up the tab. Premiums are usually less for policies which carry deductibles of $500 to $1,000. But policy holders should be prepared to pay higher deductibles per occurrence before expecting agencies to cut a check for the remaining balances due for repairing damages or paying for treatment for injuries sustained in an accident.

In today's economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. Thanks to specialized programs offered through web-based and local insurance companies, making the honor roll could pay off in more ways than one for parents of high school or college students. Families with children in school under the age of 25 should ask their local agent about a good student insurance discount, which could wipe out an average of $125 per year. That may not seem like a lot of money to some, but every penny counts; and the extra savings could be used to pay for school clothes or books, or added to a Christmas club savings account. When families are trying to save money, kids that make the grade can help their parents get an A-plus in the art of frugality.

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