Christian Health Insurance Coverage

Christian health insurance coverage is increasingly in demand for Christian individuals with no other means to receive insurance. Rising costs of medical care have created a major need for health care assistance. For a follower of Christ, without a job and in need of help, Christian health insurances coverage can provide the best options. This is a very popular alternative with some strict guidelines that must be followed for approval and continued coverage.

Membership in a medical care plan of this kind is strictly limited to evangelical Christians certified as regular churchgoers by their pastors. The Christian health insurances coverage caters to people opposed to paying for the high-risk, sinful lifestyles of the average American citizen. Tobacco use, excessive drinking, homosexuality and extramarital sex are strictly forbidden when applying for and carrying Christian health insurance coverage. Anyone caught violating these specific exclusions can be dropped from their plan. These services do not pay for abortion or treatment of sexually transmitted diseases that were not contracted by being innocently overwhelmed and overpowered. Rules may differ from one company to the next, but most do not cover preexisting conditions, as well as treatment related to cancer recurrence, serious heart disease, obesity, psychiatric disorders, or vision problems.

This type of program is provided by companies who are neither medical care providers nor insurance carriers. Christian health insurance coverage is an alternative designed by companies who offer the opportunity for Christians to receive care without the high costs that are caused by lifestyles not accepted by the church. Some individuals may see this as a reward to living a Godly and moral lifestyle. Christian health insurances coverage is considered a not-for-profit ministry, and it encourages stewardship.

Plans of this nature are designed for the self-employed, unemployed, pastors, those employed with no benefits, or a Christian priced out of health care. The claim of Christian health insurance coverage is a bill-sharing cooperative that will provide nearly all coverage of claims after paying a minimal deductible. The monthly cost is very competitive with the cost of normal insurance, sometimes equaling about one-half of the normal cost. The strength of tens of thousands of Christians has made Christian health insurances coverage very affordable and it also provides a communications network that brings emotional support to those who file claims. The example of the Early Church in Acts is a primary reason that this service has become an acceptable means of insurance. "all that believed were together and had all things common; ... and they, continuing daily in one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did...with singleness of heart." (Acts 2:44-46)

The goal of a Christian health insurance company is to strive to reduce both excess demand for health care services and the costs to members by the doctors and other medical providers. These Christian health insurance companies seek to improve members' knowledge of healthful living and rethink health-related decisions. They accept and share medical care provisions only with members who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and live biblical lifestyles described in their mission and guidelines.

These medical groups claim that their membership is much healthier than the national population when compared. Christian health insurance companies limit membership to only those who are not extremely overweight, do not use tobacco products, do not use and abuse alcohol and other drugs, or do not engage in high-risk sexual activities. Therefore the Christian health insurance company files claims for fewer medical bills.

Organizations of this nature also claim that tens of thousands of Christians are saving millions of dollars through their healthcare alternative. A Christian health insurance company claims that the members experience not only a blessing of lower cost and more inclusive coverage, but they note that there is a blessing of helping others and a peace of mind that comes from knowing brothers and sisters in Christ will be there for each other. There are at least 5 or more plans of this kind, especially popular in the South. However, all three of the largest companies are headquartered in Barberton, Ohio. Carriers impose strict limits on treatment, restrictions that would be illegal under conventional insurance regulations.

Many organizations offering these so-called "church plans," are both economic and religious in goal and function with the monthly cost being roughly half that of conventional premiums. Christian health insurance companies plan appeals to those who have difficulty getting coverage. Although these plans differ, their basic premise is that members send a monthly check or premium from $200 to $400, either to the plan or directly to the plan members with medical bills. The Christian health insurance company also asks members to agree to send cards and letters or to pray for those in need. Sometimes these needy cases are published in a monthly newsletter.

Health groups based around Christianity have many of the characteristics of most other insurance companies -- deductibles, an advisory board, negotiating discounts from hospitals and a requirement that non-emergency treatment be approved. The concept of these Christian health insurance companies is to mediate a voluntary arrangement between like-minded people to share medical expenses according to rules fulfilling the New Testament exhortation that Christians "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." (Galatians 6:2)

Christian Medical Insurance

Christian health insurance options are growing as the need for affordable coverage escalates among the nation's families and believers feel compelled to support companies that stand for the same values they hold dear. A popular option among many Christians, a Christian medical insurance plan is available from a wide variety of companies that operate from Christian based philosophies of care and support. Most companies target the broad evangelical community throughout the country who wish to participate in an insurance coverage option apart from the typical insurer. Some insurers offer their services through staff that are evangelicals and committed to operate upon biblical principles.

Other insurers that still commit to biblical business principles, may not guarantee that their staff or affiliates are professing believers. Each Christian health insurance company will state its operating policies for consumer information. There are many different Christian medical insurance companies that offer a wide variety of benefits and options. Some insurers may not operate exactly as other insurers by selling policies and charging typical premiums. Many operate on a share concept that provides a plan for families to receive health care coverage through a partnership with its many members. Such plans need to be compared in order for the family to determine what is most affordable and what meets their needs.

This type of coverage partnership is offered to qualified members who are approved according to each company's requirements. Many Christian medical insurance companies of this sort require that the member be an evangelical believer, a non-participant in unbiblical activities that can have adverse health consequences and many other stipulations. Most Christian health insurance companies claim lower premiums than their secular counterpart because they do not subsidize a large constituent of policyholders who may cause an undue rise in costs because of poor, personal choices.

A Christian insurer that operates on this share concept of community support can offer thousands of dollars in savings to its members in comparison to traditional health coverage. Depending on the type of Christian health insurance needed, the amount one can afford and their current health condition, they will need to compare among insurers. Many Christian medical insurance companies will offer free online quotes and provide consumers with comprehensive information regarding their packages. "For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us." (Psalm 103:11-12)

Those who compare health insurances will invariably gather pertinent information that will better equip them to make the best decisions. Consumers can compare health insurance and find that there is a broad range of policies and premiums available through many reputable sources. Those in the market for coverage will want to carefully look at various rates because health insurance should be calculated into any family's financial budget. When an employer is not offering a coverage program, then individuals should seek out coverage that can be purchased in case of medical emergencies and to provide proper health maintenance.

Consumers will find that costs for insurance have increased, making it sometimes quite expensive to receive a decent policy. However, there are companies that make insurance financially manageable for many people that must limit their budget. Consumers who are searching for a good policy will need to take the time to research and compare among the various agencies. Various policies offer different options for families and individuals. Consumers can first make a list of the important areas that they want a policy to cover when considering the needs of their families. When researching to compare health insurance companies, those who are seriously interested in a certain policy should investigate the company under consideration.

Interested customers are also encouraged to thoroughly read the policy that interests them in order to make sure what is actually covered and what is not covered. There is more to comparing the various coverage options than merely considering the cost of the premiums. When a consumer begins to compare health insurance for their families, they must make sure that they are comparing the same coverage options that are offered by different companies. Consumers that compare health insurances for both rates and options are more likely to find the policy that most meets their financial and physical needs. "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)

When there is an active effort to carefully research and compare the different insurance options, consumers are actually taking control of their health, finances and futures. Taking some extra time to receive accurate information always leads to better decision making, it saves valuable time and and conserves energy in the long-term. In order to compare health insurance today, browse the many different coverage options through several companies that are available online. Consumers will find that the market is quite competitive and is ready to do business with serious customers. Compare health insurances and get informed!

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