4th Of July Decorations

4th of July decorations simply make this, the most historic of American holidays more festive. Decorations can be indoors, outdoors, for schools, work places, churches or wherever anyone is gathering to celebrate the occasion. Not only are the decorations important, but so are the tasty and colorful array of foods from main dishes to desserts and drinks. Then after all the days parades, fun runs, family gatherings and eating are finished, everyone heads out to the fairgrounds or parks to end the day with spectacular displays of 4th of July fireworks! Even though this is a yearly event, few people ever tire of all the patriotic festivities. The holiday provides everyone the opportunity to gather together with friends and family to have a good time, and recall the stories of how this great country was founded.

There are myriads of different 4th of July decorations one can purchase or even create at home. Certainly begin with putting up the American flag, because that is what the holiday is all about. Then, take the colors from the flag and add them to the picnic table. Perhaps spread a tablecloth on the table with red, white and blue stars, fireworks patterns or any other patriotic theme. Use colorful plastic place settings, add streamers and colorful napkins. Even colorful refreshing drinks could round out the theme for the day. Desserts also reflect the colors of the 4th of July. Cakes could show 4th of July decorations and 4th of July fireworks on the icing, and even the cake itself could be multicolored. Gelatin desserts are famous for their variability in how they are served, using more than one color of gelatin and then topping with whipped topping and red, white and blue sprinkles. Ice creams have many different colors that can be added to the dessert list too. No matter what the dessert, everyone will enjoy them that much more with the colorful presentations.

If the children are involved in a 4th of July parade, their bicycles can be dressed up in 4th of July decorations such as red, white and blue streamer paper, weaving it in between the spokes of their bicycle wheels. Plastic colorful streamers can be added to the handle bar grips too. Since children love to get their faces painted, this would be another fun and easy way to get them into the patriotic and festive spirit for the parade. Hats can be added, and then the clothing can be coordinated with the 4th of July theme. Kids everywhere enjoy getting into the spirit of this wonderful holiday, so ask them for their ideas when figuring out how to go about decorating for the holiday. Some fresh and new ideas may be forthcoming. Oh, and don't forget to purchase those red, white and blue rocket pops children love so much!

4th of July fireworks are held everywhere throughout the United States of America each year. They could be as tame as waving a few sparklers between family members in the back yard, to attending a huge display in Washington D.C. or Boston, complete with food and music. If the family does decide to attend an all-out 4th of July bash, be sure to make reservations early. These events are almost always crowded but entertaining. Along with the fireworks, and previous to them, are many kinds of activities sponsored by area businesses. There are booths with clowns, games, face painting, and informational booths for adults about the businesses in the area and what can be provided. There are singers and bands also featuring many types of music, perhaps from around the world.

4th of July fireworks are spectacular. It seems the displays just keep getting better every year. Most displays show explosions of color in the shapes of giant circles, some that leave rocket-type trails in the sky, or some which simply make loud noises. The fireworks are meant to mimic the explosions which may have occurred during the war of independence when our country was born. The patriotic anthems have words that are a testament to this, such as "And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air..". All of the celebration is meant to inspire Americans and make them proud of the sacrifices the founding fathers made on behalf of everyone living here today. And so it should be. Many parades have people dressed up in colonial military garb and playing early marching music like "Yankee Doodle" to the tune of a fife and drum.

There are 4th of July fireworks that look like spider legs coming out from the center of the explosion. Others look like fire raining out of the sky and then sputter out with many sparkles and flashes. In order to make the displays really impressive, toward the end the fireworks are shot into the sky in rapid succession, so that they explode one right after the other to create an enormous display of colorful explosions in the sky that make everyone say "Oooh and aaahhh". A wonderful reflective effect is created when fireworks displays are located on a body of water such as a lake or a river. The water creates a mirror effect which enhances the experience for the audience. Just as the fireworks light up the sky at night, so our Lord lights up our hearts with the light of His word. "We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts" (2 Peter 1:19 KJV).

The largest displays of fireworks can usually be found in historical areas of the country such as Williamsburg, Virginia, Washington D.C., Boston or Pennsylvania. However, nothing beats a home cooked meal or cookout with the family and friends in the backyard. Make sure there are plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks on hand to make the celebration a tasty one! Happy July 4th!

Independence Day History

American Independence Day is celebrated each year on July 4th. This day is a remembrance of when the United States of America, or the Colonies, was declared as a separate nation from Great Britain. People came from Great Britain because of oppression by a tyrannist government under King George III. The reprehensible actions of this king are outlined in the Declaration, the draft of which was written by Thomas Jefferson, and edited by three others in the Second Continental Congress. Among those actions thrust upon the people of Great Britain under this king was taxation of the people without representation. This is why we have Senators from each state, whose job it is to represent the people of this United States of America to guard against the government taxing the people without representing the interests of the people. Also, it is the responsibility of the representatives to ensure the government does not become too strong, so that everyone in the country has a voice on how the country is run. There are many other listed actions by the tyrannist king listed in the Declaration of Independence which should be read, understood and remembered by the American people so that when unconstitutional actions are prevalent, they will be seen and done away with by our representatives in Congress. This is why Independence Day history is so very important. The idea of freedom is scriptural,and Jesus stated the following about how He can free those who come to Him: "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" (John 8:36 KJV).

Independence Day history began in the Pennsylvania statehouse, now called Independence Hall. A person by the name of Richard Henry Lee from Virginia wrote these words: "Resolved: that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved". These were the words Thomas Jefferson used as a basis to write the Declaration, and became the thoughts of those who represented the colonies in the Continental Congress when the drafts were written. In 1775, after these words of Declaration were written and sent to King George III, the king declared that the colonies were rebellious, and that the ships of the Americans were to be treated as an enemy. Therefore, gradually the congress began to pass resolutions to begin to build armies in order to fight enemies within and without this nation to engender its freedom. After several revisions by some members of congress, specifically Adams and Franklin, the final version of the Declaration was adopted on July 1, 1776. It was signed on the 4th of July, hence our independence day from Britain. The States did not actually ratify it until much later. The first person to sign the document was John Hancock, the president of the Congress, followed by the other members.

American Independence Day should be a time to recall the sacrifice our founding fathers made on our behalf to create this great nation, and to understand just what dangers were experienced to do so. Independence Day history tells of our founding fathers in the Continental Congress, and how these men met fairly regularly to discuss the important issues of independence from Great Britain, and some heated discussion ensued from representatives from each state. This kind of debate is healthy in a country where the voice of the people is important to balanced government. At that time, there were no political parties, but only the colonies. Thomas Jefferson was the first person to form a Republican Party, and then the Democratic Party was formed even later. The Republican Party was to represent the new republic of the United States of America. If one takes the time to read some biographies of our famous founding fathers, a great understanding of the ideals and convictions will be obtained which underlay the foundation of this great country.

Americans, who wish to gain a greater understanding of Independence Day history and of how this country was founded, should visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There a tour is given to visitors which presents a wonderful history of what when on in that building and why. Visiting historical sites in this city gives one a good appreciation for those who worked for the freedom of this nation. One also begins to understand just how large our government has grown since those early days over two hundred years ago. In 2001, on American Independence Day, President George W. Bush stated that the Declaration is the standard to which the government should hold itself. Keeping a close watch on today's political news will help anyone to understand the actions our representatives in Washington are performing on behalf of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, to truly represent the people. It is the highest standard to which all people in government should hold themselves.

American Independence Day is celebrated by parades, picnics, fireworks and all manner of festivities all across this nation each year. Families use this day to gather with families and friends for cook outs and to remember. Vacations are sometimes used to visit those historical sites that have importance to the founding of this country, so that the children will learn how this country was founded and where the historical events took place. This is something everyone can do from time to time to keep these events alive in the minds of people from generation to generation. American Independence Day is one of the greatest historical holidays a country can celebrate.

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