Easter Lily Bouquets

Easter lily bouquets symbolize the resurrection of Christ, as well as beauty and purity. They are often ordered for weddings, Easter season, and even for funerals. Some sources say that the legend of the Easter lily includes the story of how the flower sprang from the tears of Eve when she learned that she was pregnant. Other sources claim that planting lilies in a garden will protect it from evil spirits. While stories and legends often include many different types of flowers most people purchase them for their beauty and fragrance. The popularity of lilies during the Easter season is largely around Christians who see them as a symbol of the resurrection. This reminds Christians of the sacrifice that Christ made for all people everywhere. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16).

Sources say that the flowers were native to Japan but around the 1940's Americans became interested in growing them. Easter lily bouquets can normally be purchased in the spring and summer. Lilies do better in moderately cool temperatures and in indirect sunlight. They will not do well in standing water and should only be watered every other day. The flowers will continue blooming throughout the year if in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse. When the stalk turns yellow it is time to trim off the old growth to allow for the new buds.

When a Florist's does a bouquet with different springtime or summer flowers lilies are often included. Pairing the flowers with other types of lilies can make a very colorful arrangement. Other types include Tigers, Asiatic's, Aurelia's, Calla Lilly, Trumpets, Orientals, and Stargazers. Florist's have information on how to take care of the arrangement so that it will last up to 14 days. Most Florists' know all of the stories and legends associated with different types of plants and flowers. The legend of the Easter lily includes the story of how the flower was growing in the Garden of Gethsemane where Judas had betrayed Jesus. Stories and legends can add some intriguing details that make the flowers more mysterious and attractive.

Christ mentioned the lilies in the Sermon on the Mount and compared them to Solomon's attire with the flowers being much more beautiful. "Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these" (Luke 12:27). Easter lily bouquets are often found in church services and family gatherings around Easter time. Some of the colors of these gems include yellow, white, orange, red, ivory, green, pink, purple, peach, and deep purple. Some of them are more than one color and their smell is very fragrant. Just one flower can perfume an entire room and a bouquet can perfume an entire home.

Mother's Day is a holiday that often includes giving and receiving Easter lilies. The flowers bloom early spring and throughout the summer and Mother's Day in May is at the peak of the season. According to some sources Mary is an important figure when it comes to giving and receiving beautiful flowers. The legend of the Easter lily includes stories of how the Archangel Gabriel is seen in religious paintings extending lilies to the Virgin Mary.

Spring is a reminder of new life and the flowers remind us of the hope we have in Christ through the resurrection. Easter lily bouquets are included in gift baskets and beautiful arrangements to remind people of hope and life. The florists is a good place to purchase beautiful blooms but once the blooms die a person can replant the flowers in their own garden and have them come up the following spring. To grow the flowers, bulbs should be planted at least 12 inches apart so the bulbs will have plenty of room to grow. After planting a bulb it should be watered thoroughly. Lilies should be placed at least three inches below ground level. Using mulch will help the plants to retain moisture and keep the blooms safe from frost in the winter months.

Sentiments of love and friendship are often included when sending a gift of flowers to others. Associated meaningful stories with a gift can make the gift have even more meaning than just by doing the act itself. The legend of the Easter lily includes the story of how the lilies sprang up when Jesus was praying in the Garden when his sweat and tears fell to the ground right before His crucifixion. When these sentiments are included with a bouquet at Easter time, a person receiving this beautiful gift could become very moved when thinking of Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Holidays include cherished traditions that are fondly thought of at special times during the year. Easter is one of those holidays that hold great meaning for many people especially for Christians. The elegant white flowers bring to mind scriptures in the Bible and are associated with the resurrection so it seems fitting that they are plentiful around this time of the year. Christians who attend church service will more than likely enter into a sanctuary that is fragrant with Easter lily bouquets. Some sources say that these beautiful flowers are also known as white-robed apostles of hope as they remind people everywhere of the hope of life everlasting.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Unique holiday gift ideas are geared towards those who desire to bestow upon family or friends something from the heart that will both surprise and delight. Unusual present ideas are helpful when trying to find that certain something for someone who seems to have everything. Those who are hard to please need not always receive generic money cards, or a gift receipt along with their present. Instead they can be given a parcel that is unique and perhaps even created with them in mind. Unusual and or personalized holiday gifts are sure to bring a smile to the faces of even the pickiest people.

The act of gift giving began in ancient Rome when people bestowed presents upon the current Emperor. The presents could be as simple as branches from a sacred tree or portions of food. This practice carried on even into Christianity. Leaders of early churches were against the giving of presents and attempted to ban people from the act, however, eventually even church leaders had to acknowledge that when the baby Jesus was born He received presents from the Magi. In a similar fashion one can even view Jesus as a gift to the world, His Father sending Him so that people would have the chance to be forgiven. The giving of presents has transcended throughout the years. The Victorian era brought about the wrapping of parcels in shiny paper, tying them up with pretty bows and exchanging the parcels among family and friends.

Unique holiday gift ideas and personalized holiday gifts abound. Handmade presents are always sure to please and can be quite simple to make, and can include such objects as custom-made tee shirts and ornaments. Those who desire to can choose to have personal photos printed on clothing, mugs, key chains, living room throws, or into calendars, puzzles, address books, the possibilities are endless. People can select a photo of their choice and have a frame customized with a message or name etched into the border. Photo albums or frames that have the ability to record personal messages and them play them back as one flips through the album. Digital frames that can have several photos uploaded and then cycle from picture to picture in a timely manner, allowing for an ever changing display.

Christmas tree ornaments can be bought or handmade and can be given as personalized holiday gifts in a number of ways. Many people like to collect decorations for trees considering that ornaments can come to hold great noteworthy value. Such decorations work well as unique holiday gift ideas by the very nature of the object or by being tailored to an individual by the addition of a humorous photo or witty saying. Many enjoy inscribing ornaments with an important date, like the first Christmas a couple spends together, or a baby's first holiday. A small ornament can be made more unique by doubling as a pin or broach that can be worn throughout the year, or placed in a special place in one's home for display purposes.

Great unique holiday gift ideas for kids include interactive plush animals, from traditional dogs and cats, to more exotic creatures such as monkeys and parrots. Advancements in technology have provided ways for plush toys to 'become alive'. Sensors placed strategically in certain toys enable them to detect when someone is nearby and will respond with sound, movement, or both in some cases. Children are delighted to receive a plush animal that can move in a similar fashion to live creatures. The surprise and delight an interactive plush toy can be young children, or those young at heart, is a wonder to behold. For older people unusual gifts can include a USB turntable, allows user to convert old, possibly obsolete vinyl record albums to digital recordings able to be transferred to CDs. Or better yet, devices that can take cassette tapes and easily convert them to MP3. No matter how old or young people are, finding an unusual present is not that difficult.

For those who want untraditional holiday ideas that will benefit those in need, many websites sell products like travel mugs, umbrellas, poster frames and so on, and during the holiday season and throughout the year, a portion of what one spends on products is given as a donation to organizations for impoverished children. There are a several organizations accessible through the Internet that are intended to help poor children and families. Personalized holiday gifts include donating money so that a needy family in a third world country could have a goat or medical supplies. Some gifts of donations can go towards shelters for children in need, or even help suffering poverty stricken children receive the medical help they need by way of surgery. Such donations can provide families modern medical supplies and treatments.

Finding that special something for friends and family who are hard to please does not have to be a difficult task. For example, unique holiday presents for the environmentally conscious are easy as Eco-friendly ideas include jewelry made out of Recycled metal, and grow-your-own- tree kits, include varieties such as Redwoods, apple, and Ginkgo trees. Bags made out of hemp come in many varieties as do stuffed toys made from organic cotton. Presents for those who are health conscious can include exercise equipment, and for the elderly perhaps a magnifying desk lamp A little thought and effort can help to guarantee that the one receiving the personalized holiday gift will be pleased, especially as "A gift [is as] a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth" (Proverbs 17:8).

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