Father's Day Gift Ideas

At a loss for Fathers Day gift ideas? Why not shower Dad with an intangible present that can't be wrapped but is sure to please? This Father's Day, give the gift of time. Instead of presenting Dad with yet another tie or dress shirt, Moms, sons and daughters can give quality time. Most busy blue and white collar workers either don't make or take time for leisurely activities. Handmade coupons redeemable for one hour, two hours, or an entire weekend of fun in the sun or a shady hammock are unique presents that keep on giving. Dad can use the coupons for whatever he wants: an extra hour sleeping in on the weekends, a whole eight hours to go fishing, or three or four hours to take Mom out for a romantic dinner. But in order to make the timely coupons work, kids need to volunteer to do Dad's chores around the house. Busy Dads will love redeeming kids' coupons for cutting the grass, taking out the trash, or washing the car, all without asking.

Traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday in June, Father's Day is a perfect way to say, I love you. Contrary to New Age ideology, men play a significant role in the traditional family unit. While Moms may nurture and coddle, Dads help children develop into mentally and emotionally secure young adults. The guidance and instruction Dads give is invaluable in helping children become wholesome, well adjusted and productive members of society. Proverbs 4:1-4 shares insight about the value of a father's guidance: "Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. For I was my father's son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother. He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live." Fathers Day gift ideas offer unique ways to express appreciation for Dads who invest time, love and effort in helping to raise children.

Unique Fathers Day gift ideas can go from practical to quirky; but for gentlemen who already have plenty of leisure time, tickets to sporting events are second to none. Men are really big boys who never outgrow the love of competitive sports. Front row seats or a season pass to watch a favorite basketball or football team with the guys will go a long way in showing a father how much Mom and the kids really care. In addition to season tickets, most guys love wearing sweatshirts, ball caps, and jackets emblazoned with a favorite team logo, or even mugs and banners anything to keep up the team spirit. And for a man, the next best thing to a team favorite is a great home cooked meal. An old adage says, "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." When it comes to gifting, most men love the idea of wives, daughters, and sons preparing a favorite home cooked meal or dessert. Dads who frequently travel and are forced to eat takeout will love a meal fit for a king. Fathers day gift ideas could include homemade meals featuring Mom's slow-cooked, savory roast beef and gravy, fresh-picked homemade apple pie, or made-from-scratch turkey and dressing. Whatever tickles Dads taste buds is sure to satisfy.

If Mom and the kids are still at a loss for great ideas, the local shopping mall, online catalog, or gourmet boutique may offer some suggestions. Fathers Day gift baskets are popular and can be customized to suit any taste or hobby. Baskets for avid golfers could include portable items such as tees, balls, golf shirts, or gloves. Tossing in a golfing book or prepaid green fee will hit a home run with Dad. Fishermen will love unusual baskets made from tackle boxes filled to the brim with fishing lures, sinkers, or artificial bait. The important thing is to make sure that Fathers Day gift baskets reflect Dad's personality. Most men love the idea that someone actually took time to fill a basket with usable items that mirror who they are as individuals. Dads on the go and frequent-flying fathers will delight in custom baskets that travel. Small leather toiletry cases can be attractively assembled with designer shaving creams and lotions; monogrammed silver or chrome manicure sets, hair brushes or combs; or Dad's favorite travel-sized cologne in a large leather bound wicker basket for a masculine touch. Two airline tickets to an exotic Hawaiian island or seaside resort tucked inside the basket is sure to wow both Mom and Dad!

With a little creativity and patience, constructing Fathers Day gift baskets is a breeze. Make sure to buy a sturdy basket or durable container and fill it with a few of Dad's favorite things. Select five to seven larger items with smaller ones thrown in for good balance. Empty spaces can be filled in with dried raffia or natural grasses. Once the basket is filled and pleasing to the eye, the container and contents can be shrink-wrapped to hold their shape and appearance. Novelty shops may offer shrink-wrapping services, and local craft stores usually carry material which shrinks with a hot blow dryer. For those who are not so handy, shopping malls, boutiques, gourmet food stores and online designer basket companies will assemble and ship Fathers Day gift baskets almost anywhere in the world. The cost of the basket will depend largely on the cost of its contents, its size and construction. Smaller baskets cost $20, while larger custom ones can range $150 to $200 or more. No matter what Mom and the kids decide to give Dad for Fathers Day, make sure it's wrapped up in lots of love.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate holiday gift baskets are a perfect way to say "thank you" to those important vendors who do business all year long with the company. There are very few people who do not enjoy opening a basket to sample the wonderful contents inside, all the while thinking about the company that presented it to them. When thinking about what kind of basket to purchase for those special vendors, keep in mind those with whom business is done on a regular basis, their likes, dislikes, etc. Be sure to send a nice card along as well.

Some corporate holiday gift ideas would be a basket of coffees with biscuits, cookies and crackers, along with a few mugs tucked inside. Hot beverage gifts always go over well during the cold winter months. Perhaps a basket of assorted chocolates with fruit would go over well, or assorted meats and cheeses to nibble on during breaks and lunch time. There are many different combinations that can suit almost any holiday occasion and will always be well received at any business. A basket doesn't even have to be used. Creatively pack a painted aluminum ice bucket with assorted refreshing bottled beverages, cups, and gourmet items for someone who may be a bit more discriminating.

Corporate holiday gift ideas do not have to be expensive, but can range anywhere from $15 up to $400-$500 dollars! Is the vendor a construction team who might appreciate miniature tool sets to use at home, or are those business relationships on the executive level, who may gladly receive presents for the desk and office? Perhaps a call to the secretary of the particular business of interest would enable the giver to glean many more ideas to ensure that the corporate holiday gift baskets are appropriate and well received. There are many themes to choose such as gifts for golfers that have golf towels, golf balls and tee sets. Business card holders are available made from nice teak wood, maple or even sterling silver. Computer accessories would be a great gift for the business person on the go quite a bit of the time. How about sending that person a flash drive or a CD holder?

Younger people coming into the working world may appreciate something that creates a serene mood in the office. Purchase corporate holiday gift baskets that contain scented oils with reed diffusers that slowly add fragrance to a room, and can last for months on end. Those who are into healthy eating may enjoy a basket of herbal teas complete with tea diffusers and cups. Healthy dessert bars would be a wonderful touch for this gift idea. Another idea would be to gather together scented hand lotions for both men and women, with hand-held massage tools (non-electric) to sooth an aching back that has been slumped over the computer keyboard for too long. An unexpected touch here would be to include a certificate for a one hour massage for that favored vendor the business would like to have come back again and again.

Business people love to plan all activities and business appointments. A helpful idea for these folks would be a basket with pens, pencils, calendars, note pads, daily planners and perhaps some folders. Include some colorful post-it notes and magic markers for highlighting important information as it is written down. Also appreciated are personal care gift sets for the busy traveler. Who wouldnt appreciate having everything at ones fingertips on a trip like tweezers, clippers, nail files and even some sample bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner? In the Bible, it says that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning". (James 1:17 KJV).

Luggage tags are available in almost any shape, color, style and material. There are even baggage handle pads to make toting around those large pieces of luggage from gate to gate much more comfortable. Dont forget those travel alarms, which come in handy little kits that fit nicely into the suit case. There are shoe care kits with buffers, brushes and polish for any color shoe that is a must for executives. If using a concierge service isnt convenient, there are personal clothing steamers available that travel nicely, which can be taken out, plugged in and in minutes the wrinkles will be steamed out of those cotton shirts, leaving them freshened and crisp.

Corporate holiday gift ideas can delve into various food categories, and not just snacks and sweets. If the business associate enjoys staying in a suite while on business, the opportunity may arise to prepare a meal or two. In that case, prepare a package with Italian meal items such as various types of pasta, herbed sauces and pestos along with sharp cheddar and Pecorino Romano cheeses. These may have to be refrigerated so this present will need to be given as soon as possible. Another food idea would be some gourmet soups with soup crackers and sandwich spreads, complete with a bowl, spoon and knife for the spreads. Some restaurant gift certificates would be appreciated, since no one wants to cook every night they are away!

Just doing a little research by making phone calls and talking to those who work with the people the gifts are being bought for goes a long way towards making those corporate holiday gift ideas and corporate holiday gift baskets the perfect ones that keep those business associates doing business with the company for many years to come. Giving corporate gift baskets shows that the business relationship is an important one, and is appreciated. Plan ahead before one knows it, the holidays will be here again!

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