Free President's Day Ecards

In a search for President's Day greeting cards, a person may find more than he or she expected. There are a multitude of websites that list free Presidents Day ecards among their other offerings. Many of the cards are quite clever, utilizing the latest in animated technology to convey their message. Images zoom in and refocus upon various aspects of the greeting card. Music tracks add to the presentation, and those who choose to sign up for free membership status are often offered additional choices regarding changing the default music or other parameters. Even without signing up for membership, an individual is usually able to customize the President's Day greeting cards to some extent. For example, a person may be able to choose the background color of the card, or the color of ink in which the text of the enclosed message will be written.

Often, the sites offering free Presidents Day ecards will allow the sender to compose a message of unlimited length. This is quite different from the days when one had to squeeze a message into the ten or less words which were allowed! Some sites allow the uploading of images, and the printing of President's Day greeting cards for personal use. Of course ecards and greeting cards are available for other holidays as well. Some sites offer reminder services to their members, so that there is never an excuse to forget an important holiday or significant event. Even if an individual never sends an ecard or prints President's Day greeting cards, this service may be a useful tool to avoid overlooking significant dates or deadlines. If a reminder is sent to oneself a week or two in advance of the date or deadline, a person will still have enough time to obtain a present or other necessities, or to put the finishing touches upon an incomplete assignment. (Never forgetting your spouse's birthday or an anniversary? Priceless.)

Other services offered by sites include the ability to print more than President's Day greeting cards, or cards for other holidays and celebrations. A person may also design and print candy bar wrappers to use as a part of gifts or special promotions. Sometimes these personalized wrappers announce the birth of a child. Other times, they may be used as wedding favors, or for other special occasions. Gift tags and personalized gift card holders may also be created.

Putting the focus back upon President's Day, this is the common name for a federal holiday which is still officially designated as Washington's Birthday. Celebrated on the third Monday of February, it was originally intended to honor the man who is referred to as The Father of His Country. George Washington's leadership in the founding of the United States of America led to the unanimous decision for him to be chosen as its first president. He set an example of leadership and unity for the new country which is still recognized over two centuries later. Originally, the holiday was celebrated on February 22nd, Washington's actual birthday. In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act caused it to be shifted to the third Monday in February. If memory serves, energy concerns were touted as a reason for having federal holidays moved to the nearest Monday. The reasoning went that by making this change, businesses would save energy and money by not having to turn office heating or air-conditioning systems on and off several times in weeks where holidays fell in the middle of the week.

Do you realize that a draft edition of the Uniform Holidays Bill of 1968 sought to change the name of the holiday known as Washington's Birthday, but that this bill failed in committee? Therefore the bill, when voted on in 1971, only moved Washington's birthday, instead of changing the name of the holiday to honor both Lincoln and Washington. An advertising push in the 1980s sought to accomplish the same purpose by promoting the holiday as Presidents Day. Even though many saw the move as merely a business-promoting vehicle, several states have officially renamed Washington's Birthday to a similar title.

Who knew things could be so complicated? All this writer wanted to do was to send some free Presidents Day ecards. There is even somewhat of a controversy about the spelling of the holiday's name. Those who would honor Washington prefer to call it Washington's Birthday (its official designation). Others who seek to honor all men who have held the office prefer the plural designation of Presidents (rather than President's) Day. What a difference a mere apostrophe can make!

Despite the controversy, about which it is probably best to be blissfully unaware, it is a good thing to be concerned about honoring those who have been fine examples of leadership. Whether people send free Presidents Day ecards to celebrate President's Day (with the focus upon Washington), or print greeting cards to acknowledge Presidents Day (which also seeks to honor Lincoln and other Presidents), hopefully the emphasis will be upon the accomplishments of these men and not mere convenience or business concerns. Beyond this, an additional course of action is suggested. In I Timothy 2:1-2, the apostle Paul urges that ...first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour... That is one course of action with which few Christians could disagree. As honorable as it is to recognize the accomplishments of past leaders, it is also necessary to pray for and honor those who are continuing to struggle to be godly leaders in their positions of authority today. Pray, and next year, perhaps the President would enjoy receiving free Presidents Day ecards of his own. Spread the word -- but please don't mention the part about the apostrophes.

Funny Holiday Cards

Funny holiday cards can provide a way for inciting extra cheer and merriment into an already cheerful season. A witty saying or humorous drawing can serve to make a specific salutation memorable and stand out from all the rest. Humor is not usually the norm around the Christmas holidays as wishes of peace, love and joy abound, such salutations are most commonly of the serious variety. The Christmas holidays to some, are held in a sense of reverence, occasionally even awe. People can easily lose themselves, becoming caught up in the commercialism to the point where they lose sight of the real reason for season. Small doses of humor given by a funny holiday cards can be just what some need to grab attention and help to bring about a jolly state of mind.

Humor originated many years ago as a celebration of the Greek god, Dionysus, the god of mischief. Throughout the passage of time, elements of comedy have grown to include that of love and the tensions of love denied. Eventually some forms of comedy turned into more tragedy genres, and modern humor includes elements from love tragedies to mundane day to day events. Comedy has made inroads into nearly every aspect of life holding no topic sacred, and has paved the way for products such as humorous holiday cards.

The ancient Chinese began the act of exchanging cheerful tidings to one another as part of celebrations for the New Year, and even further back, Egyptians sent messages to one another by writing them on scrolls of papyrus. Traditional paper greetings used today were first created in the 1400's as handmade papers were being made in Europe. Mass production was made possible in the 1960's and the business took off. Funny holiday cards came into vogue during the early 1950's. Companies began to hire artists and designer to create unique and comical sayings and illustrations. Among the first humorous cards were Studio cards. These were caustic in nature, and Studio cards were taller and narrower than the average greeting card.

Production for comedic cardboard greetings began in the 1940's mainly by a company known as Panda Prints. After several years major companies got in on the act and the popularity of the humorous greetings took off. The most prolific years for Studio cards were the 1980's, then following a peak in popularity, they were generally included in regular productions of mass produced paper greetings. Production agencies invited students fresh out of design schools to work for them. Quite a few comic strip creators got their start by working with such companies, and have since become well known in the comic strip world.

Varieties of humorous holiday cards abound, from simple drawings of stick figures to photos of fuzzy animals, and are good for any festive occasion such as office parties, gift exchanges, or sending to simply wish friends and family good tidings for the season and the New Year to come. The plethora of greetings available help people with the ease of illustrating, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace..." (Jeremiah 29:11). There are companies that offer custom printing or designs, which can add in making holiday cards memorable and personal. Humorous holiday cards are for those who are tired of the same standard greetings and desire a more unconventional approach. The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of year so many desire to add some levity and liven up humdrum events with jokes or witty sayings.

Many websites provide numerous cards and can be bought in bulk and are sold at reasonable prices, this makes spreading holiday cheer easy and affordable. For those who always seem to be tied to a computer, hundreds of websites include major card companies, provide e-cards. There is a huge market as more and more people are taking advantage of the simplicity of sending an electronic greeting, fast, easy and free. Electronic cards are unique by not being limited to a single image, but can also be mini animated cartoons, complete with catchy tunes and sound effects. Send a friend a funny little leprechaun dancing a jig for Saint Patrick's Day, or a smiling, singing flower at springtime to let a loved one know someone's thoughts are with them. Possibilities are virtually endless with advancements of the virtual world.

Paper greetings can be used for all occasions as a way of expressing thanks, letting someone know that they are thought of or missed, or sending good tidings. There are witty greetings available for every holiday throughout the year, but are most popular during the Christmas season. The Christmas holidays are that special time of year where families get together and friends gather all to celebrate love, happiness and the meaning of the season. Those interested in humorous holiday cards need to be careful as unfortunately there are as many untactful greetings as there are good tidings of comfort and joy. Around this time of year many enjoy spending time with family and making handmade greetings can be a fun activity. There are hundreds of options with handwritten messages and personal photos. Comedic greetings do not have to be regulated to what is on the current market, as not everyone sees the humor of cats donning red and white hats, and babies dressed like candy canes. Most importantly, those who share funny holiday cards should keep in mind the true meaning behind Christmas while attempting to chase humbugs away from Scrooges.

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