Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Unique and meaningful Mother's Day gift ideas are plentiful to those who desire to find them. Celebrating mothers is a wonderful way to let women know they are honored, loved, and appreciated. The origins of Mother's Day can be traced back as far as the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Romans would honor the goddess, Cybele, who they believed to be the mother of all the gods. The Romans would present offerings in Cybele's honor. The Greeks had a similar pattern as they would dedicate spring festivals to their goddess, Rhea, who much like the Romans goddess, was the mother of several other gods. The act of honoring mother figures spread throughout the world as Christians honored Mary, the mother of Jesus, on the fourth Sunday which occurred during the observance of Lent.

The act of honoring mothers soon came to America by way of a woman named Anna Jarvis. Jarvis had a desire to better her community and as a means of doing so, instigated 'Mother's Work Day', as a time to celebrate mothers who had to work in order to provide the means of taking care of their families. After Jarvis' death, her daughter, also bearing the name Anna, carried on her mother's work. Jarvis' daughter sought to further the steps her mother had laid out and campaigned in an effort to honor the life of the elder Jarvis. Resulting from this, by 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed a bill that instated Mother's Day as an official holiday, and one to be recognized by the nation. Now, every year on the second Sunday in May, sons, daughters, and husbands, across the country honor the special women in their lives.

Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity to let moms know that all their love, hard work, and self sacrifice pays off, and letting them know they are appreciated and valued, is of great importance. Many times a mother's love can be overlooked or taken for granted by being viewed as something which is always available at a moment's notice. Mother's Day gift ideas are plentiful and can be as unique as the woman in question. Some of the most common ways of showing appreciation is by gifting a mother with a dinner at a nice restaurant, allowing her a break from cooking and a reprieve from the kitchen if only for one day. Breakfast in bed is always appreciated as are flowers, cards and candy. In recent years Mothers Day gift baskets have been coming into vogue, as they allow the recipient to be bestowed with a variety of items put together in lovely way.

There is no better way of letting a tired mom know she is appreciated than bestowing upon her a relaxing trip to a spa where she can take the time to enjoy a massage or makeover. Even one day of relaxation can do wonders, especially considering the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year that a mom spends cooking, cleaning, and working, all just to take care of homes, children and families. Mother's Day gift ideas also include a wide variety of useful items. For example, working women can be surprised with tailored office supplies or personalized stationary. Many websites and office supply stores offer unique selections in coordinated, personalized accessories for home or even business offices. Mothers Day gift baskets can even serve to brighten up potentially dreary cubicles. Those who enjoy cooking would gladly appreciate new, unique cookware. Many manufactures produce serving and baking dishes, supplies and more in unique colors, patterns and styles. Brightly colored appliances, cutting boards and dishes are all excellent ways of brightening up an already cheerful kitchen illuminated by a mother's love.

Flowers and photos are common Mother's Day gift ideas. A bouquet of blooms can be even more special if the flowers are handcrafted out of paper, metal, or other unexpected materials. A happy bouquet that never dies can be a symbol of the love and appreciation that continually abound. For those who love real flowers and sipping tea, a delicate china teapot can double as a vase for a flower arrangement and make for a lovely gift. Gardening supplies make a unique gift, especially since the holiday occurs during the planting season. For the woman who loves to garden, herb gardens are ideal. Many come in pretty pots small enough to fit on a windowsill. Serve several purposes, aesthetic by providing a bit of nature indoors, helpful for adding that extra spice to a special dish, or provides soothing fragrances that can carry on throughout a room. Rooms touched with the scent of herbs and blossoms can also be made more inviting by the creative arrangement of family photos. Advancements in technology have enabled photo companies and inspired software programs that allow for the placement of family photographs on everything from calendars to living room throws.

Mothers Day gift baskets are usually themed. Baskets, buckets, or bags can be filled with anything from flowers and chocolates, wine and cheeses, soaps and candles. Such gifts are versatile and easily tailored to the specific wants and interests of every woman. The internet provides easy access to several different companies that specialize in Mothers Day gift baskets. Those who visit such websites have the ability to view picture after picture of beautiful and unique arrangements including everything from ideas for mothers who love drinking tea, to those who enjoy spending time on golf courses. Lovely ladies with a sweet tooth can be delighted with an arrangement of chocolates and cookies, or for those with more discriminating tastes, wines and cheeses. There are enough gifts available that are sure to please even the pickiest of women, even those who say they already have everything. Hundreds of women desire to "... be a joyful mother of children" (Psalm 113:9). Setting aside a day every year to honor such women is a wonderful way of letting them know how much appreciation is due them.

Mother's Day Gifts

Selecting the right Mothers Day gifts can be tricky, but by carefully considering Mom's individual tastes and unique personality, the choices can be narrowed. Traditionally celebrated in the United States on the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day is an opportunity to honor those special women who brought us into the world, showering them with gifts, flowers, or expressions of love penned on a card. Every Mother wants to be remembered on that special day, but no one likes to receive a cookie cutter gift, one of those prepackaged, machine stamped generic boxes that are labeled, "For Mom." But a unique item, carefully picked with a deserving woman in mind, will bring lots of smiles and tears of joy. Honoring Mothers is one of the Ten Commandments and the first commandment which promises long life. "Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee" (Exodus 20:12). On Mother's Day, even the hardest criminal seeks to honor the woman he lovingly calls, Mom.

When shopping for Mothers day gifts, think color, size, and style. If Mom's favorite color is lavender, apparel in the light purple family is sure to please. But size and style will determine whether to plunk down cash on a large or small pantsuit or a delicate Sunday dress. Snooping around in Mom's closet will provide some clues about just the right style or size. Shoppers can jot down shoe, dress, and hat sizes in a notebook and take them to the department to help ease the selection process. Depending on the cost and quality of clothing, some sizes vary in price. More expensive clothing tends to be cut larger but may carry a smaller sized dress tag; while less costly items may require as much as one size larger for the best fit. When unsure of the correct fit, opt for gifts in Mom's favorite color, but a non-specific size. One-size-fits-all caftans and accessories, such as scarves, hats, pins, handbags, or capes make great gifts that won't have to be exchanged.

Ideally, it's a woman's individual panache that determines which Mother's Day gifts are more appropriate. Women like choices; and the best choice for the perfect gift is to leave the selection process up to Mom. A gift card gives the lady of the house total control over what she wants or needs, whether it's apparel, jewelry, or an afternoon at the spa! Most women love to shop till they drop and gifting Mom with some mad money can work wonders. But there is a fine line between giving a gift card and being too lazy to come up with Mothers Day gifts. Smart shoppers will give serious thought to selecting a one-of-a-kind present (no matter how large or small), along with that carte blanche gift or charge card. The former says, "I took time to carefully make the right selection;" while the latter gift says, "But I want you to have what you really desire." It's a win-win situation.

Aside from clothing, accessories, or gift cards, Mother's Day jewelry has a magical appeal for women of every age. Diamonds, pearls, sapphires, precious rubies, garnets, and even cubic zirconium all have the power to bring mist to Mom's eyes. There's something about the sparkle and permanence of diamonds that endears the giver for decades to come; but Mother's rings featuring different birthstones of each child have long been a favorite with women of all ages and ethnicities. Wearing the ring is a constant reminder of each child and rekindles the joy of motherhood at every glance. While diamond rings delight, diamond infinity necklaces have the power to dazzle! Dropping like liquid ice from a single chain, infinity necklaces give any woman ample reason to love Dad and the kids for an eternity.

New Dads can begin a tradition of giving brand new Moms Mother's Day jewelry to commemorate each year of motherhood. Start with a single pearl on a 14 carat gold chain and add progressively larger pearls to the strand each year. The necklace grows as the marriage endures, and each pearl will come to hold special significance in a lasting and loving relationship. For women who love wearing multiple rings, choices for Mothers Day gifts could include adding simple silver or jewel studded rings each year to make an indelible memory. Heirloom broaches handed down from generation to generation make exquisite gifts to bring years of pleasure as treasured keepsakes. Instead of wearing heirloom Mother's Day jewelry on a regular basis, valued pieces can be worn only for special events and anniversaries as a time honored tradition.

While diamonds are a girl's best friend, Mother's Day jewelry doesn't have to be costly. Youngsters can make a special project of handcrafting jewelry from clay, pipe cleaners, seashells, bottle caps, or buttons strung on sturdy string or wire. Just as sentimental as the finest diamond ring, Mom will treasure handmade jewelry crafted with little hands for decades. A necklace or earrings made from baby's first silver spoon is another unique gift idea for old and new Moms. Artistically crafted wearable art makes mothers feel special every day of the year. Whether shoppers choose to give a gift of clothing, candy, flowers or Mother's Day jewelry, the important thing is to give Mothers Day gifts that are unique, creative, and memorable. Moms will most treasure those gifts that clearly demonstrate the enduring love both husband and children have for the most significant woman in the world.

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