Personalized Holiday Greeting Card

A personalized holiday greeting card can be found on the Internet as there are many sites that offer this type of service. Normally the costs are higher for personalization and the time is extended as to when the card will ship compared with orders that do not require extra services. Some sites have design templates with logo's and graphics to choose from. Custom holiday greeting cards are possible with sources that offer this service. Many sites will allow a customer to upload their own design for customization but the cost will vary depending upon the amount of work involved in the preparation. A company might want their own logo included on the cards so that their clients and customers will immediately recognize who the greeting is from. Most sites that offer this service are skilled at designing and customizing a special order. They also have their own design studio that offers a multitude of design choices.

Companies on the Internet that offer services to design a personalized holiday greeting card include an online design studio where a client can click his or her way through some screens and menus that make ordering simple and easy. The higher number ordered usually means the overall price will be cheaper and some companies give significant higher quantity discounts. Printing services oftentimes include other types of offerings that may include business cards, holiday letters, personalized stationery and envelopes, and other types of desktop publishing services. Other services may also include designing a logo for a company and providing marketing tools and products that are customized.

Some of the choices include rich colors, embossing, foils, images, motifs, symbols, themes, and silhouettes. Custom holiday greeting cards can be a combination of company logo's and designs that are placed on foils which includes a specific scene or silhouette that can be chosen from the choices available on a company's website. Paper stock that holds photos are also available from most printing companies. Many offer the service of allowing the customer the capability of uploading photos and files that are combined and customized according to the customer's preferences. Or if the company prefers the printing service will design around the uploaded photos and send a draft to be approved before printing additional copies.

Preferences for Christmas might include angels, scripture verses, wreaths, a nativity scene, stockings, Christmas tree, wrapped packages, reindeer, a winter scene, holly, snowmen, or poinsettias. Many companies that offer printing services have a multitude of templates and designs to choose from. To make choices a catalog or website will include pictures and instructions on how to customize. A client or customer that chooses a personalized holiday greeting card may want to choose a theme or a design to add to the order to give it the specific holiday theme.

A Thanksgiving card sent to clients and customers are very appropriate and can be used as a personal thank you. Custom holiday greeting cards that say thank you will no doubt be much appreciated by clients and customers as well as business partners and vendors. A Thanksgiving sentiment will help to remind the recipients that they are important. Sometimes Thanksgiving is a holiday that gets rushed through and quickly forgotten compared to Christmas. Being thankful is one way to show others that they will not quickly be forgotten. "And when ye will offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving unto the LORD, offer it at your own will" (Leviticus 22:29).

Other choices for a company to consider when choosing a greeting to customers are the size of the card, whether they are one sheet or fold over, and whether the fold will be horizontal or vertical. Some of the popular finishes include heavier paper stock and either glossy or elegant linen finishes. A personalized holiday greeting card can be done on heavier stock and with either types of finishes along with the holiday theme and the company information. The heavier paper stock is more expensive than standard stock. The heavier stock gives a more expensive feel to the greeting.

Customization will include the front of the stock, the inside, and the back if it is folded. The postcards or one sheet choices will mean less room for design but will cost less as well. Custom holiday greeting cards include a choice of text size and type as well as graphics and colors. A company may wish to send marketing materials along with the greeting just to say thanks. Some of the choices include magnets, hats, t-shirts, and pens. Promotional giveaways include note pads, sticky notes, and calendars. For special customers a company might want to send something a little more special along with a holiday greeting. Some good ideas might include discounts on products and services or a gift card at a local restaurant. The holidays are a good time to show clients and customers that their business is an important contributor to company success.

An individual may want to consider using print services online for their own personal greetings. A personalized holiday greeting card shows that some thought went into the sentiment especially when accompanied with a photo of the family. Using a printing company for individualized greetings allows a person to write and design their own greeting giving the offering a more personal touch that tells others they are appreciated and loved as well as thought of at special times of the year whether it be for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, or a special occasion.

Business Holiday Greeting Cards

Many positive results arise from making business holiday greeting cards a part of business priorities. Sending cards does not have to entail a major undertaking, but it yields much in the way of establishing and maintaining business contacts. Cards can be an effective advertising agent, bringing the business and its aims right into the homes of prospective clients. In these busy times, taking the time to spread a little holiday cheer can reflect positively upon a company's image in the eyes of its community. Ties with established or hesitant clients can be reaffirmed and developed, and employees reminded of their own significance in the company's mission.

Finding unique corporate holiday cards is not difficult. An Internet search can uncover many businesses which specialize in corporate greetings. Depending upon the message which a company wants to send, appropriate cards may be selected from the catalog or website. A wide variety is available, with types ranging from traditional to humorous. Nature scenes vie for selection against comic cartoon-like creatures or bold geometric patterns. In fact, the most time-consuming aspect of picking out business holiday greeting cards is the fact that one will most likely be sidetracked into checking into the other assortments that are being sold. Business-related greetings are designed not only for holidays, but other occasions as well. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries with the company, and significant achievements.

Some companies offer profession-specific cards. These are often humorous and, because of this, more memorable. Christmas trees decked with toothbrushes and various other dental tools may form the background to cartoon teeth characters trading observations in a card arriving from the dentist. A team of reindeer struggling to push an overweight Santa up onto a rooftop while threatening a lawsuit may be sent from a new lawyer in town. People seem to enjoy these unique corporate holiday cards and may even show them to others, expanding the card's usefulness as a tool for advertising.

Other business holiday greeting cards may arrive in the form of calendars. Calendars can be designed with greetings and a portrait of the business or its staff as the main photograph, with tear away pages for each month. In this way, the business (along with its address, phone number, and website) is displayed year-round. Or, if finances permit, different monthly photographs of how the business serves its customers throughout the year may be appropriate. For example, a landscaping company could display its flower arrangements in spring plantings and summer wedding scenes, and employees engaged in raking leaves, snow removal or decorating with festive wreaths in fall and winter scenes. These calendars thus do double duty as they showcase the achievements and capabilities of the company while extending holiday greetings into a year-long advertisement.

Some websites offer templates on their sites so that businesses can design their own unique corporate holiday cards. Various ink colors and paper stock choices help personalize the greetilng card chosen. Even such a small thing as the choice of script style can convey information about the company: elegant, casual, modern, offbeat. Different types of paper finishes, such as glossy, matte, linen or paper made from recycled content can be obtained, in order to fit with the 'feel' of the business and the message it is trying to send. Sleek, glossy cards may suggest a modern, updated attitude, while recycled materials may suggest a concern for the environment or a down-to-earth business perspective. Often there are a selection of verses to choose from to convey the desired sentiment.

Designers are also available at many card companies who will work with a customer to design unique corporate holiday cards. (This may require the puechase of a certain minimal number of items.) A photograph of the business, or its staff, may be uploaded in order to construct a one-of-a-kind item. The company's logo or another appropriate image may also be selected (or specially designed) to become part of these business holiday greeting cards. Companies may select from suggested verses, or may choose to craft their own message. Foil accents and matching envelopes are also an option and may usually be designed to a company's specificatons.

In Proverbs 25:11, it says: A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Although this reference may seem a bit obscure, it seems to speak of things like beauty, contrast and value, as well as the use of appropriate words to encourage others. Business holiday greeting cards can provide an opportunity to deliver in each of these areas. Taking the time to send a sincerely written message to employees or customers during the holiday season is taking advantage of a rare chance to reconnect with what is truly important. Although this article has spoken of the business advantages of sending unique corporate holiday cards as a tool for advertisement and as an opportunity to display the products or abilities of a company, they may also be used to encourage others and remind them of the meaning behind holidays that have become so familiar that they may lose their true significance. Also, during holiday seasons, people may feel their own losses even more keenly. A beautiful holiday card can serve as a reminder that they are loved and important, not only as an employee, but also as a person. This can do much to lift troubled spirits and dispel feelings of loss and loneliness. Such greetings are a word fitly spoken, indeed.

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