Send Easter Flowers

Planning to send Easter flowers to loved ones during the holidays? As noted in Song of Solomon 2:12, "...the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth..." Lilies, daffodils, and tulips are popular for bouquets, but nearly any type of flower is available for customers today. Other favorite items include ceramic gifts and crosses made of palm. Instead, a person may prefer to put together some Easter gift basket ideas into a homemade gift. A bit of forethought will yield a unique and interesting present which will be greatly appreciated. There are a multitude of options for both types of Easter giving.

It is often taken for granted, but Easter flowers can be ordered and delivered to nearly anywhere in the world these days. Prices may vary, and it certainly is wise to shop around by means of an online search. Some florists will drop the service charge usually tacked on to delivering flowers, which can save the buyer around $12-15 immediately. Also, there is often a significant difference in price between various flower services. Taking the time to shop around before ordering can save an additional $15-20 on what appear to be identical quality items. At times, due to overstock or other conditions, online stores can offer special deals on particular floral items and accessories. Repeat customers can take advantage of incentive programs or specials designed for loyal buyers at certain sites.

Many online floral services request that customers order early (ideally a month ahead) when they plan to send Easter flowers. This helps to ensure that the customer will receive exactly the flowers desired, and also allows the store to plan its inventory more precisely. (It can also give one a great deal of satisfaction to know that, for this time at least, a holiday gift has been purchased without the habitual last minute rush!) If a person is intending to send Easter flowers, he or she should keep in mind that many stores do not deliver on a Sunday or major holiday. Be sure to plan ahead so that the gift will arrive for delivery the day before.

For unique Easter gift basket ideas, try ordering a variety of perennial bulbs for garden enthusiasts. They will appreciate bulbs for crocuses, lilies, tulips and daffodils, and each is available in a spectrum of colors and varieties. Or include a gift certificate to a garden center or online supplier so that they can choose their own plants or bulbs. Tuck in some sturdy gardening tools and a book or magazine related to their favorite gardening subject. Visit a garden center for other ideas of small items to include in the basket. This thoughtful gift will keep on giving and increasing as the bulbs rebloom and spread year by year.

Gourmet food baskets can be ordered which include pancake or waffle mixes, biscuits and jams, along with coffee, muffins and even slices of ham for a complete Easter breakfast. Boxed tiers of candy, cookies, muffins or other baked goods may also be ordered. A person could make up a homemade basket filled with a loved one's favorite food items. Easter gift basket ideas are not limited only to food. Films, make-up and small accessory items, electronic gadgets or tools, magazines -- the list could go on forever, limited only by imagination and budget. What unites these gift basket ideas is that each gives evidence of the love and planning which inspires them.

More tradtional Easter gift basket ideas include colored hard boiled eggs, chocolate eggs, crosses and bunnies, and of course, a bag of jelly beans. Tuck in small toys, or a book or DVD to complete the package. A jump rope, ball or other small sports item can be included to balance the sweet treats. Gift certificates to a zoo, museum, planetarium, movie, play, or local sports event may be appreciated by children who have interests in these areas. Cover the basket with colorful cellophane wrap to hold the items securely and give it a festive appearance. For those who wish to avoid too many sweets, some or all of the items mentioned in the ideas above can be replaced by healthy alternatives such as parcels of raisins, nuts, fresh or dried fruit, cheese sticks, pretzels and crackers. For a tiny bit of sweetness, banana or chocolate chip muffins can be added as a special treat. Some children enjoy flavored yogurt, which is available in individual cups or take-along foil packaging. Packets of granola or flavored oatmeal is another popular option. In addition, recipes for healthy bars or cookies may be found on the Internet. Small toys, packets of seeds or a tiny, easy-care plant may be included in the basket.

For parents who wish to emphasize the spiritual aspects of the holiday, try these Easter gift basket ideas. Find some chocolates in the shape of lambs or crosses to help illustrate the Lamb whose resurrection is celebrated on Easter morning. Tuck a DVD about the resurrection story into the basket, or a children's Bible or story book which includes Easter themes. Playsets can be purchased which illustrate Bible stories. For Easter, these sets include Bible figures such as Jesus, Roman soldiers, disciples, and a cross and tomb. Other sets are available which illustrate stories from the lives of biblical figures such as Moses, David or Joshua. Coloring books may be found which feature Bible stories. Be sure to include a fresh pack of crayons or colored pencils to complete the present. Whether one wishes to send Easter flowers or gift baskets, send along a personal note or greeting card to focus attention upon the true reason for the holiday.

Send Valentine's Day Flowers

Did you ever want to send Valentines Day flowers, yet wondered what was the best way to go about this? Many people may be slightly wary of dealing face to face with a florist. Not that they aren't extremely helpful. In fact, that is part of the problem. Most are all too willing to help someone pick out an appropriate selection. The only trouble is, discussing matters of price is always very awkward. How can a person receive the best deal without sounding like a cheapskate?

Theoretically, one could set a price range and a florist would be able to work out something within that range. Most florists are happy to work within such boundaries. However, it is a business, after all, and some florists can't resist supplying a client with what can politely be called 'alternatives'. This probably has happened to everyone. Finally, an attractive, reasonably-priced bouquet has been selected and the customer reaches for his wallet with a sigh of genuine relief. Then the florist leans across the counter and with the lowered voice of a conspirator lets the customer know that for just a few dollars more he can provide an additional sprig or two of some exotic bloom that will be sure to please. With a quick calculation, the buyer realizes that he can not afford the difference, even though he does believe that "As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters." (Song of Solomon 2:2)

Still, it is embarrassing for a person to sound as though price is the main consideration, or to ask for discount Valentine's Day flowers -- 'nothing but the very best discount bouquets for my honey!'. At that point he has little choice but to either stick to his budget and feel like a cheapskate, or submit to the additional purchase and feel like he has been taken advantage of in some way. Thankfully, there is an alternative method for someone who wants to send Valentines Day flowers without breaking the bank or sounding like a cheapskate. Online florists can provide a way to send discount Valentine's Day flowers which are indistinguishable from their more expensive cousins from retail stores.

Using an online floral service can be quick and easy. An Internet search will reveal a great number of possible contacts. Look for some familiar names of established businesses, or take a byway to explore some new candidates for the job. Most sites will offer color photographs of the bouquets offered, with helpful suggestions and prices clearly outlined. At that point, it is a simple matter to click on the desired item and then provide credit card information to pay for the purchase. Done -- and no driving, negotiating, or embarrassment required.

In fact, the experience of trying to send Valentines Day flowers was so easy that one might be tempted to explore other regions of the florist site. Many websites have helpful articles which give information about various flowers or suggest appropriate selections for specific occasions. Some articles reveal meanings behind the giving of certain types of flowers or the significance behind giving a person certain colors of roses. (However, a person should note that these 'meanings' seem to change slightly with each writer, so do not get too carried away with the supposed significance.) Beyond red roses for true love and white ones for purity, most people do not agree about such lore anyway. Concentrate instead on selecting items which reflect your loved one's preferences of type, color and fragrance (or lack thereof). Some people have allergies to certain flowers; this is best to discover before, as opposed to after, you send Valentines Day flowers!

Most floral service websites have a variety of other gift items besides fresh flowers. Dish gardens, silk arrangements, dried floral bouquets, gift baskets, chocolate and jewelry are some of the items supplied by these businesses. Also, most florists have special packages for those who wish to send Valentine's Day flowers along with candles, candy and stuffed bears for an all-in-one surprise. If a person wishes to stick to a more traditional Valentine's gift, namely a dozen long-stemmed red roses, be sure to shop around for discount Valentine's Day flowers. Even in a cursory search for such items, a customer may realize that he can find a $20-30 difference in prices. That makes doing a bit of research worthwhile.

In a move that seemed to defy reason, some websites offered discount Valentine's Day flowers within their own website. Nearly the same item was offered at $10-20 less on the discount page of the site. At first this author suspected that these bouquets were of lesser quality, but assurances were given that they were less expensive, yet high quality items. This statement was backed up by a week-long guarantee. Perhaps this was a matter of supply and demand, or of making customers think that they had discovered a bargain. Whatever the reason, this underscores the point that it is nearly always productive to shop around, even within a website! Another site offered a link to the grower's site. Apparently if one did not mind the flowers being delivered in a box rather than in a vase, a customer could realize significant savings. Again, it was puzzling as to how this could benefit the florist, but many believe that a person should never argue with suppliers of discount Valentine's Day flowers. After all, one has one's pride!

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