When Is Labor Day Weekend

The question, when is Labor Day weekend can be answered by doing a search on the Internet. Labor Day is a holiday that originated around 1882 to honor those who work. It became an official Federal holiday in 1894 and is observed on the first Monday of September of every year. Labor Day celebrations include parades, festivals, picnics, barbecues, and firework displays. Other events often include family reunions, water sports, traveling, and weekend parties. The holiday marks the ending of summer as school begins and the weather begins to get cooler. In addition, the holiday is celebrated to honor all of the contributions made by workers for helping the prosperity of the country. Christians may choose to have fellowship with other Christians to celebrate the holiday. Those who do should remember the importance of putting God first in everything. "But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin" (1 John 1:6-8).

The American worker is honored every year because the worker has worked to raise the standard of living that has led to a strong economy and democracy. For anyone who wants to know, when is Labor Day weekend all they have to do is listen to the news or read the newspaper or look at a current year calendar. The holiday's widely celebrated all across the nation as people start the weekend before the first Monday of September to plan to attend the local parade or festival, travel, see firework displays, plan a picnic or a barbecue, and some people even use this time for participating in a family reunion. This celebration includes all people throughout the land even those who are young that work in the home to help Mom and Dad. All workers, young, middle aged and those who are older are all celebrated.

The diversities of workers are vast in America. There are industries of all kinds that provide jobs for workers. These industries that should wholeheartedly be a part of Labor Day celebrations include mining, farming, manufacturing, refining, service industries, medicine, research and development, railroad, merchants, textiles, building and construction, and agriculture, among many others. Workers are also consumers and the consumer's a huge part of the grand contribution that helps to build the economy of a thriving nation. A nation is only as great as the workers who are within its borders.

The industrial revolution was a time in history that helped to bring about huge changes in the nation. The development of factories changed society. Workers were needed for assembly lines to manufacture and ship all kinds of goods. Some of the goods included weapons, clothing, sundries, and food. No worker should need to ask, when is Labor Day weekend because every worker should be aware of a celebration that includes everyone. Even a woman who stays home and raises the children who will be future workers are celebrated as she works in her home and contributes to society in many ways. She's a consumer and a laborer so that her family can thrive and be a part of a large thriving economy. Children who do chores at home are laborers of their nation and contribute to the family unit which in turn contributes to both professions and communities.

The technological revolution is now upon the people that live today and the Internet has opened up new ways of communicating that assist companies to thrive through this new age. The way people work is gradually changing and more companies allow workers to conduct business at home in front of their own computer. International business has become much easier to conduct because of the ease of communication. Workers of technology need to realize their importance and wholeheartedly participate in Labor Day celebrations. Companies that offer services are thriving in today's technological world. Those who are employed in all kinds of organizations contribute by working because they are producing goods or servicing others.

Occupations that include laborers in today's world are teachers, farmers, taxi drivers, firefighters, pharmacists, roofers, hairdressers, musicians, tax preparers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, and consultants, among many others. Labor Day celebrations are for all of these people who contribute in some way to society and a thriving economy. People from all walks of life who do all different kinds of things can celebrate the holiday by looking for local festivals or community events. Local celebrations can be found by doing a search online. Some celebrations not listed online can be found listed in the local newspaper.

Recreation is a large part of the Labor Day holiday as friends and family gather together to celebrate. Those who ask, when is Labor day weekend want to know so they can make plans to enjoy the entire weekend. Those who choose to grill or barbecue outside should remember to use safety while doing so. Those who go to the beach or the lake should remember to wear sunscreen and use caution while in the water. The weather will affect what participants ultimately plan to do. Those who live in warmer climates may need to take precautions not to suffer from heat exhaustion. Those who live in cooler climates may not choose to participate in outdoor activities but may choose to be inside close to the fireplace roasting marshmallows and engaging in conversation. This is a holiday that a person can celebrate his or her life and be thankful for what God has provided.

Free Labor Day Greeting Cards

Anyone can send Labor Day greeting ecards absolutely free; and the Internet and electronic mail make sending and receiving cards by any other method just plain obsolete. Before email, posting birthday, anniversary, or Labor Day cards to friends and family was a laborious process. After poring over hundreds of colorfully printed salutations, a card was selected, usually not quite what the sender had in mind, but close. The next step in the process involved planning and executing a trek to the local post office for the correct amount of postage. After standing in line behind the lady with the huge cardboard box and two screaming kids, one would finally reach the counter to buy a stamp. The precious card would then begin the first leg of a two- to three-day journey across town by mail carriers or out of town by truck or airplane. If the sender was fortunate enough to complete the first steps in the process, the recipient would receive the card by postal service, hopefully before the holiday, birthday, or special occasion ended.

And the old-fashioned way of mailing greeting cards was not infallible. Several events could occur which might prevent the sender's card from reaching a destination: (1) the sender could forget to mail the greeting, only to discover the card three weeks later tucked inside a note which read, "Don't forget to mail card;" (2) the Post Office could deliver the card on time, but to the wrong address; only to have the mail rerouted and stamped "Return to Sender;" or (3) the recipient could ultimately receive the card, but forget to open the envelope because it looked like junk mail. But thanks to the advent of email, individuals can almost guarantee with certainty the swift and accurate delivery of an electronic greeting, or ecard. Whether an ecard is for someone's birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or Labor Day, the process is a breeze with the Internet.

Not the most common, Labor Day greeting ecards are, perhaps, the most versatile. Almost anyone is a great recipient for a card to commemorate this national holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. On the job, coworkers are a natural choice to get a playful ecard. Send one to the boss, the plant manager, or anyone on the corporate email list. The card will add a little levity and make them forget all about the labor part of the holiday. Setting aside a day to take a break from working follows a Biblical principle. After creating the earth in six days, God rested from all of His labors and expects men to do the same, especially on the Sabbath. "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made" (Genesis 2:2-3). Those who work 24/7 to help make life easier for others: hairstylists, babysitters, teachers, pastors, and janitors deserve time off and would love receiving free Labor day greeting cards.

The advantage of electronically mailing ecards versus using the postal service is obvious: email simply saves time and money; and ecards are appropriate for every occasion. Imagine the cost of mailing traditional printed cards to every coworker in a medium sized company of 50 to 100 people! Multiplying the cost of the cards plus postage amounts to a small fortune. Most printed cards cost an average of $2 each, and first class postage in the United States is currently 41 cents. One hundred printed cards, stamped and mailed, would cost a whopping $241! Compared to a zero expense for sending 100 free Labor Day greeting cards via email, the electronic solution is a no-brainer. Even recipients without home or office PCs can still get email. Search engines offer free addresses; and anyone who can spell their name, come up with an Internet address, and pick a password can get a free electronic mailbox. Most public libraries, schools, and colleges have computers available to the public. Ecard recipients can log onto a PC and access email and ecards from anywhere in the whole wide world on the worldwide web.

Electronic greeting card websites carry thousands of free Labor Day greeting cards from whimsical and funny, to sweet and sentimental. Some are animated with GIF or flash images that add movement to a message and make it more memorable. Ecards are not only perfect for coworkers and those in the job force, but they make great "thinking of you" greetings for sweethearts and significant others who toil to make relationships work. Sending free Labor Day greeting cards might be a cute way of thanking Moms and wives for the rigorous hours spent in childbearing so many years ago. Postal workers, librarians, school cafeteria cooks, hotel clerks, subway attendants, working Dads, working Moms, and working singles are all deserving recipients of Labor Day greetings.

To get an online account and start sending ecards, individuals can simply log onto ecard company websites and fill in the forms. Most offer registration free of charge or secured with a credit card. Ecard companies provide thousands of free online greeting cards ready for downloading, or allow senders to create or customize them online using free graphics and text templates. Senders can leisurely browse through card selections from the comfort of an easy chair or desk at home or at the office. Individuals can compile email listings of recipients and categorize them by groups: coworkers, family, friends, business associates, or church members. The next step is to copy the email list into the greeting card order from and click! Coworkers, friends, family and business associates can all receive Labor Day greeting ecards at the same time, in minutes and not days, and absolutely free of charge. Ecards not only save time and money, but they are the most environmentally-friendly way of letting family and friends know that someone cares. No postage, no paper, no glue, no fuel, no green gas emissions, and no cost. Since the advent of email, sending free Labor Day greeting ecards is simply the best way to communicate best wishes for a happy labor-free holiday.

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